Corn on pizza? The most ordered topping is…

NEW YORK — Pizza is a crowd-pleaser around the world, but what people put on top of their pies is another story. While a recent poll finds pepperoni continues to reign as the most popular pizza topping, the topping taking third place might shock you — it’s sweet corn!

Roast chicken and the always controversial pineapple are also among the most-ordered pizza toppings, according to 2,000 people in the United Kingdom. The survey, commissioned by Domino’s, found that there were a staggering 8,062,682 requests for extra pepperoni and 6,641,509 for roast chicken at the chain’s 1,200-plus outlets in the U.K. alone. Despite the fierce debate about pineapple on pizza, there were 3,633,505 orders for more of it, making it more popular than extra cheese and jalapenos.

Researchers also found there remains a firm divide as to whether pineapple belongs on the Italian delicacy. Nearly half (48%) said the exotic fruit does have a place on a pizza – with 30 percent disagreeing and the remaining 22 percent indifferent to the debate.

“Unboxing the UK’s pizza preferences has been as delightful and exciting as opening the lid on your favorite meal,” says Sam Wilson of Domino’s in a statement.

“Not only have we uncovered the country’s favorite pizza choices, but we might finally have an answer to the question that pizza fans have argued over for decades – does pineapple belong on pizza? Whether it’s pineapple or no pineapple, pepperoni or plain old cheese and tomato, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy your pizza.”

“If anything, the research highlights there’s more ways than ever to enjoy a slice of the action,” Wilson continues. “As a proven mood booster on match days or satisfying the weird and wonderful tastes of the nation, it can’t be denied pizza is the ultimate crowd pleaser.”

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The OnePoll figures reveal that close to a billion slices of pizza have been devoured this year from Domino’s stores alone.

The survey also finds some would be willing to try more unusual toppings, such as smoked salmon and cream cheese (22%), beetroot and goat’s cheese (20%), and macaroni and cheese (19%). During the holidays, 15 percent even said they wouldn’t mind a bit of reindeer meat adorning the doughy goodness.

Strange pizza habits included scrapping the toppings off and eating them separately from the rest of the dish, eating pizza followed by a scoop of ice cream, and turning the leftovers into soup.

“Whatever’s on your slice – whether it’s sweetcorn, pineapple, or even tuna – we love to see our fans make it their own,” Wilson says.

Domino’s Most Requested Toppings (in the U.K.):

  1. Pepperoni – 8,062,682 additions
  2. Roast chicken – 6,641,509 additions
  3. Sweet corn – 5,481,032 additions
  4. Ham – 4,558,847 additions
  5. Mushrooms – 4,326,733 additions
  6. Pineapple – 3,633,505 additions
  7. Onions – 3,573,558 additions
  8. Cheese – 3,330,375 additions
  9. Green jalapenos – 3,104,084 additions
  10. Green and red peppers – 3,007,032 additions

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South West News Service writer Charlie Bayliss contributed to this report.

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