Anti-Aging Elixir on the Horizon? Revolutionary Cell Therapy Works with One Treatment

COLD SPRING HARBOR, N.Y. — Aging is a natural process that we all go through, but what if we could slow it down or even reverse some of its effects? A groundbreaking study might be paving the way to do just that. Researchers in New York have developed a new therapy using specialized immune cells, known as CAR T-cells, to target and eliminate old, worn-out cells in the body that contribute to age-related decline. This exciting development could lead to significant advancements in treating age-related diseases and improving the quality of life as we age.

As we get older, our bodies accumulate senescent cells. These cells have stopped dividing and secrete harmful substances that can cause inflammation and damage surrounding tissues. They’re like the bad neighbors of the cellular world, causing trouble in the neighborhood (our bodies). Over time, this can lead to various age-related diseases, from diabetes to decreased physical fitness.

Enter CAR T-cells, a type of therapy initially developed for cancer treatment. These cells are engineered to seek out and destroy specific targets. In this case, the target is a protein called uPAR, found on the surface of senescent cells. By targeting uPAR, these CAR T-cells can effectively locate and eliminate senescent cells.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this therapy is its long-term effectiveness. Traditional treatments often require continuous administration, but in this case, a single dose of CAR T-cells continues to work over time. This is a significant advantage, as it could potentially reduce the cost and inconvenience of frequent treatments.

Senescent cells (blue) accumulate as we age. CAR T cells can be programmed to seek them out and destroy them. The image above shows healthy pancreatic tissue samples from an old mouse treated with CAR T cells as a young pup.
Senescent cells (blue) accumulate as we age. CAR T cells can be programmed to seek them out and destroy them. The image above shows healthy pancreatic tissue samples from an old mouse treated with CAR T cells as a young pup. (Credit: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

While it’s tempting to think of this therapy as just a way to extend lifespan, its implications go much deeper. By eliminating senescent cells, the therapy has the potential to improve metabolic function, like better glucose tolerance and increased exercise capacity. This means we’re not just talking about living longer but living healthier and more active lives in our later years.

In studies with mice, this therapy showed significant promise. Treated mice exhibited improved physical and metabolic health without any noticeable side-effects. This is crucial, as it suggests the therapy can be both effective and safe.

“If we give it to aged mice, they rejuvenate. If we give it to young mice, they age slower. No other therapy right now can do this,” says Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Assistant Professor Corina Amor Vegas in a media release.

The potential of this therapy is immense. Imagine a future where a single treatment could help mitigate the effects of aging, leading to a healthier, more vibrant older population. It could revolutionize how we think about aging and the treatment of age-related diseases.

“T cells have the ability to develop memory and persist in your body for really long periods, which is very different from a chemical drug. With CAR T cells, you have the potential of getting this one treatment, and then that’s it. For chronic pathologies, that’s a huge advantage. Think about patients who need treatment multiple times per day versus you get an infusion, and then you’re good to go for multiple years,” Amor Vegas concludes.

While the results are promising, more research is necessary before this therapy can be available for humans. However, the path is clear: targeting senescent cells could be a key to unlocking healthier, more active aging. This research isn’t just about adding years to life; it’s about adding life to those years.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Aging.

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  1. This will not ever reach the general public, and a select few will hoard it and choose who gets it. So why get our hopes up for something that we can never obtain? Or you could do something different and just give it to people by income, giving the people with the lowest income access first and making the wealthiest wait like we always do. With the crap that’s about to hit the fan no one will ever get it anyway. You will have decades of testing held up by the AMA thieves and the Rockefeller foundation, while they all use it for themselves.

    1. Longevity research is happening worldwide. Nobody will bottle up any secrets for long. I like the work of David Sinclair at Harvard University best. He is very comprehensive in his take on longevity and has had excellent research ongoing for over 20 years. He seems to have made longevity real for himself if you see a picture of him. His lab’s research is much more complex than just treating senescent cells. Sinclair believes that there’s an original template for all of our cells within the cell itself. It’s something like a CD that can be read to produce initial instructions for perfect Cells each of us had at birth. have.
      I highly recommend Sinclair‘s book “lifespan, why we age and why we don’t have to.”

    2. I think that Joe Biden could use some. He has trouble walking up stairs and speaking. Kamala has trouble keeping a serious face and not cackling.

  2. This reads like an ad .. if it is true then thegovernment is keeping it from people who are dying by the millions every day and have nothing to lose from trying it.

    So what precisely is going on?

    1. These are preliminary results from a novel study published in one of the world’s most prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. It will be years before such technologies are available for humans, so be patient and don’t allege conspiracies where they don’t exist.

      1. And yet we can get a vivid vaccine out in a year. It’s amazing how fast something can be developed when there is a financial incentive. I don’t see where that is with this.

    2. There may be senescent cells in the human body that are vital for survival. Let them learn more and do more testing.

  3. Just what we need: something to make people live longer. (Not!) Unless the birth rate drops significantly, using this therapy en masse will cause the population to explode. People were meant to age and die. If they didn’t, things would never change, cultures would never evolve. We would be living in the tyranny of the aged. BTW, I am 76, in case you are wondering.

    1. We need many times more intelligent, healthy, robust and decent people. We need many times less low IQ, unhealthy, criminal low lifes around. Nature used to take care of this for us but mankind has been busy encouraging the opposite of what we need. Government subsidies and a hundred other factors, encourage the demise of humanity. Farmers know this or they would not be successful. When it comes to encouraging better humans though, there is no common sense. It is all reversed and getting worse. WW II made the world safe for decline.

  4. Even if true ( and I wouldn’t bet on it), do you think the planet could withstand the population growth that would come with it? Or will it only be available to the rich and powerful ? ( awonderful recipe for social stability,for sure)

  5. IF this ever gets approved it will likely be another 15 years. How many “exciting new therapies” are never heard from again?

  6. CAR-T cell therapy has already been in use successfully for cancer treatment such as leukemia where first line therapy has failed. It will be amazing if this treatment can be utilized for other concerns too, although the aging piece and population growth is definitely a concern.Time will tell.

  7. Healthy lifestyle choices. Your a product of your choices, choose wisely. The antichrist promises eternal life with a corrupt nature, good luck with that. Stick with NMN, resveratrol and DHA and EPA from fish oil and most importantly Jesus as the author and finisher of life!

  8. There seems to be a lot of doubting Thomases in this group. I, for one, welcome this news. I have been part of a group working on longevity for several years, and this looks like just a little more progress. I don’t want to live forever like some people suggest, but I want to live a disease-free life, and I want the same for everyone. I don’t want to spend my later years in a nursing home, and this type of progress is one more step in that direction.

    As for filling the world with older adults, people need to note that many young people, for whatever reason, are opting not to have children. China is now trying to pay women to have children, and the birth rate in the US is below the rate needed to sustain the population.

    For more information on what you can do now, Check out the Life Extension website (LEF.COM) or visit the annual RAADFEST conference ( and look up the medications Rapamycin and Metformin. I have been on both medications for four years, and I am doing quite well for my age.

    As for what to eat, I look to the Weston A Price way of eating ( and ignore what much of the government, food industry, and the medical community says. Their advice is what made many of us overweight and sick.

    Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in any of the above products or companies. I am only relating what I am already doing. I look forward to future developments like this where I don’t need to keep working to rejuvenate my cells and avoid illnesses of old age..

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