5 Best Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors, Ranked

Calling all chicken wing aficionados! Whether you crave fiery heat, tangy sauces, or classic bone-in bliss, the quest for the perfect wing can be a delicious adventure. Fear not, fellow foodies! We’ve embarked on a mission to uncover the absolute best Buffalo Wild Wings across the land. From hidden gems with secret sauces to flavor bombs, we’ll delve into the crispy exteriors, juicy interiors, and mouthwatering sauces that define wing greatness. So, grab your napkins, prepare to drool, and join us on a journey to discover the Buffalo Wild Wings that will knock your socks (and taste buds) off! 

Speaking of sports, a recent study investigating favorite gameday snacks by state shows that wings are only the sixth most popular Super Bowl food across the nation. However, in the survey of nearly 1,000 people, commissioned by Bid-On-Equipment, two in five Americans still plan to eat them on Super Bowl Sunday. Specifically, wings are still the most popular football food in seven states: Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Whether you’re eating wings at one of their establishments, or making them at home, chicken wings are Americans’ favorite spicy barbecue food, according to research. Ready to pack on the spice? You’re in for a good time as you devour both flats and drums, while simultaneously turning your face into a colorful palate of sauces. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.  

There’s debate on what flavor takes the cake at Buffalo Wild Wings is, and it may vary from person to person. StudyFinds set out to do the research for you, visiting 10 expert websites to put together this list of the best Buffalo Wild Wings flavors on the menu. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

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Chicken wings
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The List: Best Buffalo Wild Wings, According to Foodies

1. Asian Zing

Buffalo Wild Wings’ foray into Asian flavors with their “Asian Zing” sauce sparks mixed reactions among reviewers. Some, like Urban Matter, praise its ability to capture the essence of spicy Chinese food, perfectly complementing the crispy wings. They describe it as a go-to option for anyone craving an “Americanized Asian-style” experience.

However, not everyone is convinced. Cheapism finds the sauce overly sweet and lacking in distinct flavor, questioning its authenticity and dismissing it as an uninspired attempt at Asian fusion.

Thrillist offers a more moderate perspective, acknowledging the sauce’s deviation from traditional expectations while appreciating its unique character. They describe it as “vaguely Asian-inspired” with a focus on its soy sauce base and suggest using it as a versatile condiment beyond wings.

Overall, Buffalo Wild Wings’ Asian Zing sauce appears to be a polarizing option. If you’re curious about a sweet and savory, vaguely Asian-influenced wing sauce, it might be worth a try. But if you’re seeking a truly authentic Asian flavor experience, Buffalo Wild Wings is probably not where I would look first anyways.

2. Honey BBQ

Honey BBQ emerges as the second-favorite choice among experts for Buffalo Wild Wings, but its sweetness sparks contrasting opinions. From what we gathered from our sources, those who love sweet wings will find this flavor to be right up their alley. Uiargonaut praises the combination of honey mustard and BBQ, offering a familiar, slightly sweet flavor perfect for those averse to intense spice. They see it as a safe bet for wider audiences.

Similarly, Thrillist finds it more sugary than smoky. While appreciating the rich color and smoky notes in the sauce, they criticize the excessive sweetness that dominates the flavor profile, pushing it down their “wildness scale.” They imply the focus leans heavily on the “honey” part, neglecting the promised BBQ balance.

UrbanMatter admits the sauce leans sweet, but views it as an enjoyable indulgence if you’re open to a primal and slightly spicy experience. They suggest trying it on boneless wings for maximum flavor impact.

3. Thai Curry

Thai Curry takes the third spot on the expert-recommended best Buffalo Wild Wings sauces, but its reception is far from unanimous. Urban Matter hails it as a flavorful revolution, viewing Thai Curry as a game-changer that elevates wings beyond typical BBQ and Buffalo sauces. They praise its complex blend of chilies, coconut milk, and curry, even suggesting dipping dry-rubbed wings for an extra flavor boost.

Warning: Your mouth may begin to water. According to Thrillist,  the sauce is “extremely flavorful, spicy, and gritty,” offering a multi-dimensional taste experience with sweet chilies, coconut, and unexpected nuances. They clearly see it as a next-level flavor option.

Cheapism, a self-proclaimed Thai food enthusiast, finds the sauce lacks the complex punch expected from authentic Thai cuisine. While appreciating the creamy coconut and heat, they criticize the missing elements like Thai basil and fish sauce. However, they acknowledge it might still appeal to less discerning palates.

4. Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper takes the fourth spot on the expert-recommended best Buffalo Wild Wings flavors, garnering praise for its unique taste and versatility. Thrillist appreciates the Atlanta and Rick Ross influence, crediting them for popularizing the seasoning. They praise Buffalo Wild Wings’ version for its intense flavor and the bonus of pairing well with almost any sauce on the menu.

The Daily Meal hails it as the top dry seasoning and an all-around hit, highlighting the seasoning’s origins in India and its rise to nationwide popularity. They describe its delicious citrus base, sharp pepper kick, and ability to complement both bone-in and boneless wings, as well as various sauces.

According to Cheapism, this is the best sauce B-Dubs offers. A self-proclaimed citrus lover, they are blown away by the tangy lemon flavor and surprising peppery kick. They see it as a revelation, urging fans of the dry rub to try the sauce for an extra punch.

5. Nashville Hot

Nashville Hot ignites a spicy debate in the world of Buffalo Wild Wings. Uiargonaut loves its smoky kick. They appreciate the sauce’s spiciness and smokiness, noting its limited-time run before becoming permanent.

Cheapism is pleasantly surprised by the sauce’s resemblance to the real deal, finding it closer than many other attempts outside of Tennessee. They acknowledge the difference in wet sauce versus oil and spice paste but appreciate the unmistakable cayenne flavor. While wishing for more heat, the subtle creaminess balances the spice, making it a delicious choice to order up.

While a favorite among many customers, The Daily Meal criticizes the sauce’s attempt to capture the nuanced and varied experience of authentic Nashville Hot chicken. They point out the inherent difficulty in replicating that specific regional style and find the Buffalo Wild Wings’ version falls short, lacking depth and failing to meet expectations of those familiar with the original.

Which flavor profile should BWW explore next? Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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