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A home security system comprises electronic components that protect our property from invaders. It may include safety locks, danger detectors, cameras, alarms, and many other elements that aid a user’s security. Usually, these systems are all linked together to create a seamlessly safe environment to live in. That being said, choosing one of the best home security systems is the way to go. 

It works on an operating system like most other electronic devices. Nowadays, it’s necessary to install a home security system in houses because burglary crimes have significantly increased. These systems also protect people’s lives in calamities and fire disasters.  A study revealed that 52 percent of people fear they’re in danger daily — even at home! So, a home security system is the top safety measure Americans take in their homes, followed by getting a dog and installing cameras or motion lights.

Speaking of security cameras, they see everything. In fact, a new study reveals one in four people admit to using their cameras to peek at what their neighbors are up to. Maybe don’t join in one those spying habits, but hey, to each their own.

All that said, in our search for the best home security systems, we reviewed 10 expert websites and sought the most suggested safety packages. We also considered where these products ranked on their list. Of course, you may entirely disagree with this — and that’s fine! Let us know what your favorite home security system in the comments is below. Not interested in investing in the whole package? We’ve also researched the best home security cameras, don’t worry.

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The List: Best Home Security Systems, According to the Experts

1. Vivint 

Safewise ranks it at the top and says, “If you’re on the hunt for a smart home security system that doesn’t require you to lift a finger, Vivint is the best of the bunch. Vivint’s high-end equipment with pro installation, 24/7 monitoring, smart home features, and state-of-the-art security tech make it the best wireless security system available.”

This Old House rates it 4.7 out of 5 and mentions, “Vivint has more than 20 years of experience, with an emphasis on smart-home integration and automation. It’s ideal for homeowners who want to integrate their security system with existing smart-home technology gadgets. Vivint’s system easily integrates with popular smart-home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and the company can provide assistance with features like smart air control and smart lighting.”

“Vivint is a seamless, whole-home solution that’s easy to use, and the technology does a lot of the work for the customer. The system uses Z-Wave technology to enable security and automation devices to work together seamlessly. Vivint’s best home security camera is the 4K Outdoor Camera Pro—it uses Smart Deter technology, which keeps a lookout on certain areas the customer deems as important, and then sounds an alarm and illuminates the LED ring if someone hangs around that designated area for too long,” explains Bob Vila

2. Simplisafe

“SimpliSafe is another easy-to-use DIY security system, with add-ons such as indoor and outdoor video cameras, a doorbell camera, a smart lock, and smoke and other sensors. Its 24/7 professional monitoring fees are competitive with those of other DIY systems, though all of their kits also offer a self-monitoring option. Unfortunately, outside of smart speakers, the only non-SimpliSafe devices it’s compatible with are August locks. Still, for anyone who wants a reliable system that’s easy to use, works with voice-control systems, and offers a good selection of add-ons, the SimpliSafe setup is still a great choice,” Wirecutter adds.

CNET mentions, “We’ve tested the SimpliSafe system several times and most recently gave it a review score of 8.5 out of 10. If you’re looking for home security — without all the extra Wi-Fi and smart home integrations of the Ring Alarm Pro — SimpliSafe’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use DIY system is a great option. It offers a comprehensive set of features, including equipment like security cameras and a very good mix of battery-powered motion detection sensors, all of which performed reliably well in our tests.”

“Simplisafe is a great DIY product. Setup was simple and getting sensors online didn’t take all that long. We found the app to be a little clunky in comparison to Ring’s as you need to dig around for some settings. Simplisafe also plays nice with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And if you’re willing to spend more, you can really get every sensor your home deserves,” says CNN Underscored. “We also like that they make smoke and Co2 detectors that integrate directly with the system, so if you ever run into an issue and have 24/7 monitoring, those agents can act on it to keep you safe.”

“Ease of use, affordability, and flexible configuration and monitoring options make the SimpliSafe Home Security System one of our top choices for a DIY home security system. We love that SimpliSafe offers preconfigured packages for homes of all sizes and that plenty of low-cost components are available for DIY setups. This system was easy to install and worked as intended, plus offers professional monitoring at a reasonable cost, should you require it,” concludes PC Magazine. 

3. Frontpoint

Security.org gives this model an 8.9 out of 10. “Frontpoint offers home security systems with DIY setup and professional monitoring that we found impressive. We liked the DIY approach, and also the fact that each system supports burglary prevention, environmental protection, and home automation. Another great thing about Frontpoint is that you can order a system hassle-free online or by phone, and Frontpoint’s sales agents were refreshingly low pressure in our experience. The cheapest package costs $129, and they even pointed us in the direction of the online deals they were running at the time.”

“While Frontpoint has a relatively limited wireless equipment selection compared to others in the industry, it does offer a variety of different equipment solutions for different levels of security needs—and customers have the option of building their own packages if the preselected ones don’t suit their needs. Frontpoint is also compatible with security devices from other companies, so users with their own security equipment can still opt for Frontpoint’s services. Finally, Frontpoint performs hourly automatic system checks, which ensures that customers’ devices don’t die or get disconnected for extended periods,” Bob Vila explains.

“Frontpoint is a mix of a build-your-own DIY company and a comprehensive, professionally monitored, service company. They offer no professional installation and allow you to build your own security product package if none of their package deals excite you. However, there are no self-monitoring options to choose from. Monitored services start at $34.99 per month, and options are available for month-to-month, one-year and three-year contracts, or no contract at all. Frontpoint’s sufficient product selection is all backed by a three-year warranty and 30-day money-back policy. Their products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home voice assistant devices and a small selection of smart home products,” states Forbes

4. ADT

Security.org ranks this security system at the top of its website. “ADT revolutionized telegraphed security alerts over a hundred years ago, and even today, the company continues to innovate home security systems. Beyond home security, ADT systems offer home automation features through a platform called ADT Control, which enables voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. Beyond voice control, we also conveniently controlled ADT through our smartphones. In fact, the ADT Control app served as our mobile control panel, giving us complete access to the system at home and outside. The system guarded against burglaries, gave environmental alerts, and automated our home, all from the smartphone app.”

Out of all the websites, Forbes rates it 4.5 out of 5 stars and writes, “ADT takes our second place spot by offering the best professional home security monitoring services. Starting as low as $19.99 per month, if you already own compatible equipment, up to a little over $82 per month for top-of-the-line equipment financing plus professional monitoring. They also offer a DIY setup option that allows you to enjoy their services for about $20 per month. Their professional installation cost starts at just $99. Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ grade, rated at 4.8 stars on both the App Store and Play Store and having served their clients for over 140 years, means that ADT’s excellent reputation isn’t accidental. Contract lengths range from 24 months in California to 36 and 60 months elsewhere.”

“As the largest residential security company in the United States, ADT staffs twelve monitoring call centers nationwide and runs hundreds of local offices and dealers. This could make ADT significantly more reliable than small or local security companies, especially regarding customer service, professional installation, and monitoring,” says U.S. News. “ADT also authorizes local, independently-owned dealers to sell and install ADT products. Keep in mind both customer service and installation can vary significantly depending on location and provider.”

5. Brinks Home Security

Security.org says, “Not only do we love DIY installation because it’s free, but with Brinks, we got help over the phone anyway, without having to pay. Plus, if we had signed up for the Smart Security Ultimate Package, we could’ve gotten professional installation for free! But we digress. When we set up our Brinks security system, we talked on the phone with an installation expert who helped us every step of the way. After we set the system up, we did a test medical alarm call (with the guidance of the support agent we were on the phone with) and talked more about how the system worked. The entire process took us 35 minutes and was actually, dare we say, pleasant, as far as home security installation goes.”

Forbes adds that Brinks has millions of customers. “BBB accredited with an A grade, Brinks offers more than 119 security products. Some are a bit less sophisticated than what their competitors may offer, but they’re more affordable than many and are easy to install and simple to operate.”

“Brinks Home Security offers professional monitoring only, but gives you the option for user-friendly DIY installation. Professional reviewers have stated that the company offers excellent phone support for self-installers – which garnered kudos from us as the Simple DIY System With Great Customer Service – as well as professional installation services. Everything runs through the Brinks Home Hub, a wall-mounted touch-screen panel that doubles as a glass-break sensor,” mentions U.S. News. 


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