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Ever wake up with a sore jaw and realize you’ve been clenching or grinding your teeth all night? It’s more common than you think. Some people grind at night, while others do it during the day. Many discover they have “bruxism” (the official term) through telltale signs such as tooth wear or from a partner who hears the grinding at night. The best mouthguards for grinding teeth are a great over-the-counter solution for those looking to protect their pearly whites at a lower cost.

Stress is one reason people grind their teeth. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a rising number of bruxism cases among women with young children. According to researchers, “We believe that our findings reflect the distress felt by the middle generation, who were cooped up at home with young children, without the usual help from grandparents.”

What’s the solution to teeth grinding? Wearing a mouthguard (also known as a night guard) on your upper teeth. Dentists say it’s the best way to relieve symptoms and protect your teeth. But custom guards, designed to fit your dental anatomy, can cost hundreds of dollars and are not always covered by insurance. While they tend to be more durable, dental experts say many over-the-counter solutions provide similar protection at a fraction of the cost.

Navigating the world of OTC mouthguards can be daunting with so many products on the market. But don’t worry! We’ve done the homework for you. Below, is our list of the top five best mouthguards for grinding teeth, according to dentists. Do you wear a guard that works great and isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

A mouthguard and tooth mold
A mouthguard and tooth mold (Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash)

The List: Best Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding, Per Dentists


1. Chomper Labs Hybrid Night Guard

This is a customizable mail-order mouthguard receiving rave reviews across the board. “Not all night guards are created equal, and that’s where Chomper Labs stands out,” writes “With a design focused on comfort and effectiveness, Chomper Labs’ night guards take the fight against bruxism to a new level. Their precision sets them apart – they’re custom-molded to your dental impressions, providing a level of comfort and security that generic guards often miss.”

Chomper Labs Hybrid Night Guard
Chomper Labs Hybrid Night Guard (

A “Best Overall Pick” by Very Well Health, “this device has a hard exterior” to protect you against heaving grinding and a “soft interior” to conform to your teeth. It’s a custom-mail order night guard — meaning the company sends you a free impression kit, you mail it back and they create the mouthguard.

Sleep Foundation loves this mouthguard because so “customizable.” The full-service lab can “adjust the thickness or use special materials to accommodate customers.”

2. The Pro Teeth Guard Hybrid Night Guard

This night guard is “the strong defense you need against heavy nighttime grinding and clenching,” writes Very Well Health. “Made from elasticized acrylic, this hard night guard is about 1.5 millimeters thick, so even though it’s tough on grinding, it’s not overly bulky or uncomfortable to wear while you sleep. We also like that the acrylic construction allows the night guard to be firm and protective but still somewhat flexible.”

The Pro Teeth Guard Hybrid Night Guard
The Pro Teeth Guard Hybrid Night Guard (

“The Pro Teeth Guard Hybrid Night Guard is one of the most comfortable models available,” says Sleep Foundation. “A soft inner layer helps ensure a comfortable fit, while the hard outer layer effectively prevents grinding. This guard is a great choice if you have moderate bruxism.

Dentaly touts the Hybrid Night Guard as a “crowd favorite” that is “perfect for those with moderate grinding.” The website says the device has over 500 five-star reviews and is rated “Most Comfortable” and “Best Overall” by many outlets.

3. Oral-B Nighttime Dental Guard with Scope

Named a “Best Value” by Livestrong! “This OTC night guard uses a “boil-and-bite” process,” notes Manhattan dentist Steve Davidowitz, D.D.S. “It offers a semi-custom fit that can help cut down on nighttime bruxism.” The dental guard is BPA and latex-free and the minty flavor “can last up to six months.”

Oral-B Nighttime Dental Guard with Scope
Oral-B Nighttime Dental Guard with Scope

Three top dentists recommended this microwaveable option to New York Magazine. When tested “it was very convenient to set up,” fit snugly, and had a “subtle mint flavor.”

Medical News Today calls this the “Best Boil and Bite” guard on the market. “It offers a semi-custom fit and is less expensive than custom options.”

4. Dentek Professional-Fit Dental Guard

Need a mouthguard immediately and don’t want to fuss with an impression kit you have to send back to the company? Very Well Health writes, “You can custom-fit a night guard for yourself right at home” with this kit. The website says the “boil and bite” option is both “affordable and convenient.” This one has a “slimmer profile” is less awkward than other brands.

Dentek Professional-Fit Dental Guard
Dentek Professional-Fit Dental Guard

Dentaly likes this mouthguard because it “features a cushioned upper layer for comfort and a ground shield on the bottom layer. There is also a forming tray to aid in custom-fitting it to your teeth.” The website says the instructions are easy to follow and with proper care, the device should last up to six months.

“This mouth guard is a few dollars cheaper than the Oral-B, and it doesn’t come with a microwave-specific container or that minty taste, but it will give you similar results,” according to New York Magazine. Dr. Sharon Huang, a holistic in Manhattan, recommends this guard for mild bruxers or as a very short-term solution.

5. Smile Brilliant Night Guard

Sleep Foundation calls this the “Most Comfortable” mouthguard balancing “softness and durability.” Another mail-away option, the company digitizes and saves your impression, so it’s easy to reorder.

“Smile Brilliant lets you choose your custom night guard package based on the severity of your bruxism,” according to Dentaly. The guards are “custom-made by dental lab technicians in the United States. They are designed for maximum comfort, are just 2 mm thick, and are latex- and BPA-free.”

Daily Mail agrees these guards “offer an easy fit thanks to their pliability.”  The company “makes it easy to ensure you get the perfect fit by sending you an impression kit to start.”

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