HealthyLine Platinum Series

HealthyLine Platinum Series

As technology advances and more information is readily available, more people have the ability to take their health into their own hands. From adapting a more holistic approach to developing daily rituals for wellness, people are more empowered to make daily life better. This approach that’s growing in popularity is called biohacking, “also known as human augmentation or human enhancement, is do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions,” says Forbes. This can be anything from meditation, adapting new nutrition habits, breathing techniques to regulate the nervous system, and more. That’s where devices like PEMF mats come in. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. The best PEMF mats are said to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, repair muscles, promote better sleep, work to repair bones, and more. 

PEMF therapy works by sending electromagnetic fields into the body in order to stimulate cells in a non-invasive way. It is said that these magnetic fields help to increase ions and electrolytes in the body and rejuventaes cellular metabolism. “Experts believe that the waves influence the behavior of cells by provoking electrical shifts around and within them,” writes Medical News Today.

If you want to try PEMF therapy for yourself, it’s now possible to experience the same kind of treatment at home! The devices you can buy won’t have as strong of a dose of an electromagnetic field,  but you can still reap the same benefits. PEMF therapy is one way to reduce chronic pain and inflammation

Not sure where to start when it comes to electromagnetic therapy? Here at StudyFinds we did the work for you and rounded up the five best PEMF mats so you can see for yourself.  Have a PEMF device you recommend? Leave a comment below!

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The List: Best PEMF Mats, According to Experts


1. OMI Full Body Mat 

This mat is known to be comfortable and emit low intensity and low frequency. There is no heating or vibration with this mat. Health Mat Review rates the Intensity at 2.2 Gauss. Standing by the product, the company offers a 3-year warranty since it says that it can take a couple of months of use to experience the full results.

“Overall, customers say this device is comfortable enough for daily use, with some noting improvements in muscle and joint pain,” writes Healthine. Pro-tip: Healthine rates the OMI Pulsepad as “best for spot treatments.” 


OMI Full Body Mat
OMI Full Body Mat

2. Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave 

The The Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat was named 2022’s number one recommended PEMF mat according to Health Mat Review. “The Multi-Wave is my top PEMF mat recommendation based on its flexible and safe PEMF which can actually replicate PEMF used in research, for its unmatched warranty and return policies, and for including an additional 4 therapies,” the site continues.

Medical News Today lists it as “Best for infrared heating.”“This mat allows a person to adjust the wave type, frequency, pulse duration, and intensity, so it can adapt to most people’s needs,” Medical News Today writes in the review.

Far Infrared PEMF Mat Reviews gives it a 95% rating, saying “the Healthy Wave Pro Multi Wave PEMF Mat is for people who want to take control of their Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. By adjusting the exact frequencies, intensities, waveforms and drop off rates to best suit the PEMF that their bodies want. Everyone has different needs when it comes to PEMF Therapy. The best way to fulfill these needs is by custom tailoring your PEMF therapy to what your body wants,” the review continues.

Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave
Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave

3. HealthyLine Platinum Series

This gemstone mat has quite a few features: Hot Stone Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy, and Photon Light Therapy in addition to PEMF. According to the HealthyLine product description, it has 10 pre-set programs to help overall well-being from waking up easier to falling asleep faster.

PEMF Global cites the “mats are designed to improve your health and wellness using natural gemstone heat therapy.”

“HealthyLine Platinum model is a relative newcomer to high-end PEMF devices market, but its features are very difficult to beat,” writes PEMF Advisor.


HealthyLine Platinum Series
HealthyLine Platinum Series

4. HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat 

Health Mat Review describes HigherDose as “a relatively new brand, popularized through social media and their sauna blanket.” The company specializes in sauna blankets and the infrared mat in addition to red light, brick and mortar locations, and more.

It landed the “Expert’s Pick” spot via Mind Body Green. “As the name implies, this mat combines healing infrared heat and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy.” says the site. “The top layer of the HigherDose mat contains the PEMF energy.”

As for the bottom layer, it has 20 pounds of amethyst and tourmaline to enhance the benefits of the infrared heat and promote balance. The HigherDose website says the mat boosts mood, reduces stress, relieves Chronic Pain, and increases energy.

HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat
HigherDose Infrared PEMF Mat

5. PHYMAT Life 5-Gems Infrared Mat

This gem infused mat is packed with warm stones that naturally emit far infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deeply into the body when heated. This heat produces benefits, comfort, and pleasant feelings according to the product description on the website.

Mind Body Green lists it as “Best budget” saying, “This lower-priced mat is great for newbies who are interested in trying out an infrared mat but don’t need too many additional bells and whistles. The nine-layer design includes memory foam for heat preservation and comfort, and an aluminum foil layer for blocking EMF radiation,” the site continues.


PHYMAT Life 5-Gems Infrared Mat
PHYMAT Life 5-Gems Infrared Mat

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