Best Theragun Alternatives: Top 5 Dupes Most Recommended By Experts

What do you do when you have a knot in your neck and back and no one’s around? Get yourself a massage gun! Theraguns are top-of-the-line massagers but can cost a pretty penny. That’s why StudyFinds has compiled a list of the top five best Theragun dupes most recommended by experts.

Many people use massage guns after working out, and a recent study reveals its health benefits. Scientists from Harvard say massages help muscles heal stronger and faster. The devices on our list can be a great staple to keep in your gym bag.

It also may not be a surprise that massages are helpful in relieving stress. Another study shows that getting a massage for only ten minutes can bring instant relief. Researchers from the University of Konstanz say a massage helps activate the body’s regenerative, stress-fighting state. And a massage gun can be a perfect way to alleviate that stress.

Are you in the market for a massage gun but don’t want to break the bank? Thanks to online experts, StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best Theragun dupes. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

A man using a massage gun
A man using a massage gun (Photo by Andrey_Popov on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Theragun Dupes, According to Experts


1. Hyperice Hypervolt Go

First on the list of the best Theragun alternatives is the Hyperice Hypervolt Go. “Like Therabody, Hyperice is a premium brand with prices to match,” says CNET. “And speaking of matching, the Hypervolt Go sells for around the same price as the Theragun Mini. But I like the former more, in part because it comes with two heads instead of one and has a more comfortable gun-style design.”

Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2
Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

“The smallest Hypervolt in Hyperice’s lineup, the Go weighs in at just a pound and a half, making it a nice option for travel, life on the go, or smaller users who don’t want the burden of a full-size device (it’s even TSA-approved as a carry-on),” writes Switchback Travel. “We appreciate the angled handle—in fact, the Go is the most innovative Hypervolt yet in terms of shape.”

The Good Body calls the Hypervolt Go 2 the best for the gym. “We were so impressed with the power of this tool, it delivers 3200 percussions per minute compared to the 2400 offered by the Theragun. The stroke depth is deeper, 14mm vs 12mm, plus you get two different heads to play around with.”

2. Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun made the cut because of its impressive features. “You get five interchangeable heads (most mini massagers come with just one or two) and there are five speed settings to flit between, giving you a whopping 25 massage combos to try,” says Men’s Health. “If you need some guidance, there’s a handy user manual, which provides step-by-step routines for warm-up, mobility and recovery. According to our tester, these were genuinely useful.”

Bob And Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun
Bob And Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

Esquire calls it the best mini massage gun. Why? “Designed by expert physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, the Mini Q2 makes big claims for such a little gadget. It boasts that it’s a top-quality muscle treatment and one of the most compact models on the market. In the lab, those claims proved well-founded, though. It’s powerful with five speed settings and moved smoothly over the skin. Despite its pocket-friendly size, it also has a generous selection of attachments – five in total, which is even more than some larger, leading competitors – and they all fit into a handy, lightweight carry case.”

Garage Gym Reviews writes, “The tiny Bob and Brad Q2 massage gun was designed by two physical therapists and is the little sibling to the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun. It weighs less than 1 pound and has five speeds, five attachments, and a 7-millimeter amplitude.”

3. Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini

Another popular Theragun alternative on the market is the Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini. “Mini massage guns aren’t the most powerful options on the market, but they definitely get the job done if you’re looking for basic relief,” says Verywell Fit. “This gun is both affordable and effective, generating up to 3,200 percussions per minute across four different speed settings to provide significant therapeutic relief. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, and we found that the ergonomic design makes it both easy and comfortable to hold.”

Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini
Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini

Garage Gym Reviews calls it the best budget massage gun under $100. “With the bullet attachment, the Recoverfun Mini became one of my favorite options for targeting tender trigger points without experiencing pain. The massager also comes with an aluminum alloy attachment that you can freeze, which makes for awesome cold therapy to reduce inflammation. One of the best features about the Recoverfun massage gun in my opinion is the portability: It weighs just 1.1 pounds and comes in a small drawstring bag to hold the device, charger, and attachments.”

CNET writes, “The gun offers four speed settings and Recoverfun supplies the ‘big four’ attachments: ball, bullet, fork and flat. The flat one is made of aluminum, which offers no clear advantage I can see but definitely looks cool. You also get a drawstring carrying case, though you’ll have to supply your own powered USB port for the USB-C charging cable.”

4. Ekrin Athletics B37

Fourth on the list is the Ekrin Athletics B37. “With a slightly angled handle and a decent dose of power, the Ekrin Athletics B37 delivers on comfort and force,” says The New York Times. “Its grippy handle—angled at about 15 degrees—made reaching for our upper back or calves a little easier. It features five speeds (from 1,400 ppm to 3,200 ppm) and a 12 mm amplitude.”

Ekrin Athletics B37
Ekrin Athletics B37S

“The B37 here has some impressive specs for its $230 MSRP, including a 56-pound stall force on the highest speed, 8-hour battery life, and decent 12-millimeter stroke length (anything above about 10mm meets our standards for percussive massage),” notes Switchback Travel. “To top it off, Ekrin offers industry-leading customer service (they responded in mere hours to our queries), and all of their products come with a lifetime warranty. By contrast, Theragun and Hypervolt’s offerings are guaranteed for just 1 year (or 2 years for the Pro).”

Verywell Fit calls it the best for everyday use. “Ekrin Athletic’s B37 Percussion Massager features eight hours of battery life, five speed settings, and four head attachments for an all-in-one compact and easy-to-use device. It’s ultra-quiet, lightweight, and has a convenient carry case for easy portability. We love the ergonomically designed 15-degree angled handle for a more comfortable reach. We also like that the device is quieter and has a longer battery life than many other massage guns on our list.”

5. RENPHO Mini Massage Gun

Rounding out the top five is the RENPHO Mini Massage Gun. “The Renpho Mini Massage Gun is your run-of-the-mill mini massager found on Amazon, as are the others in this section,” says Garage Gym Reviews. “It’s inexpensive, listed at about $80 and often on sale for $50 or $60, but decent. It features five speed levels, a 10-minute auto shutoff feature, and four interchangeable attachments.”

RENPHO Mini Massage Gun
RENPHO Mini Massage Gun

“At 0.9 pounds, RENPHO’s Mini Massage Gun is the lightest option on our list, making it easily portable with or without the included carrying case,” notes Verywell Fit. “We like that it can be gripped perfectly with the palm of your hand, making it comfortable and easy to use.”

Esquire calls it the best value for money massage gun. “The RENPHO Massage Gun comes with five interchangeable heads that move easily over muscles and provide a thorough massage. The handle does vibrate quite a lot, especially when it’s cranked up to the max speed setting, but that’s the extent of our gripes.”

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