Best Spas In America: Top 5 Resorts For Relaxation, According To Experts

Looking for a little R & R? Sure, you could sign up for the yoga class at your gym, or even book a massage at the day spa nearest you. But nothing comes close to an overnight stay at a luxurious spa resort. Luckily you don’t have to travel far for some of the best spas in the U.S.!

Spa resorts are comparable to the extravagant, wealthy relative who is determined to spoil the kids for a while before they return home. In contrast to day spas, they provide services like exquisite dining and activities meant to reduce tension and revitalize the body and mind. Given that Americans only experience true relaxation for about 40 minutes per day, spas, particularly spa resorts that promote longer visits, can teach us how to take care of ourselves!

A recent survey revealed that respondents’ top self-care routines include treating themselves to workouts (36%), listening to music (35%), and going for walks (33%), all of which are included in America’s best spa resorts. Additionally, 32 percent like to take a long shower and embark on a skincare routine or sink into the couch to watch their favorite TV show or movie. Meanwhile, three in 10 respondents enjoy indulging in a hot bath or picking up a good book. Others prefer meditating (28%), listening to a podcast (27%), or journaling (23%). Sounds like a spa resort!

To create a more peaceful atmosphere, some resorts err on the side of minimal technology. However, we’re betting a hot-stone massage, some time in an outdoor sauna, and an organic chef-made meal will take your mind off of it! 

Moreover, many of America’s most lavish resorts are only for adults, making them ideal for stress-free weekends with that significant other! According to a recent study, a vacation-for-two can also help to rekindle the flame and strengthen the bond in a relationship. This study shows that approximately “42 percent of Americans have fallen back in love with a partner after going on vacation together.” Based on the survey of 2,000 adults, nearly 77 percent feel that vacations are ideal for couples who want to maintain or rekindle their romantic flame!

And given that Americans invest more than 200 hours a year in self-care, why not enlist the help of self-care experts and ignite those romantic sparks at an all-inclusive spa resort? We did the work for you! In our search for the best spas in the U.S., we examined 10 expert websites and sought out the most suggested spots. We also considered where these locations ranked on their list. So, go get your chill on. Let us know which one is your favorite resort or the one that is on your bucket list in the comments below!

The List: Best Spas in the U.S. According to Experts

1. The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania

The garden-to-table mouth-watering cuisine and lavish rooms with private verandas make The Lodge at Woodloch easily one of America’s best spa resorts! In addition to the peaceful location, the resort’s five-star staff creates a dreamy oasis, perfect for enhancing that relaxing atmosphere we all need to experience from time to time. 

Body massage at the Lodge at Woodloch
Body massage at the Lodge at Woodloch

Travel & Leisure says, “In the Northeast, the Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania, captured readers’ hearts for its excellent bedding and impressive list of activities, including hikes, aerobics, meditation, and yoga. [It] also earned praise for its instructors’ patience and careful attention: ‘They are absolutely experts in their various disciplines, and they all will listen to you and modify to help you along.’ One guest reported staying there 15 times.”

If you’re worried about kids ruining your rejuvenating weekend, worry no more! According to Vacation Idea, “The property only allows guests aged 16 and above, which is great for those looking to unwind without the distraction of children. The resort has all-inclusive packages that include three daily meals at their farm-to-table restaurant as well as fitness and health facilities and creative workshops. The Lodge at Woodloch is a perfectly appointed spa prepared to encourage a restful and rejuvenating spa retreat experience.”

What makes this resort number one? This resort uses natural ingredients from ginger root to botanical infused oils, like citrus and spruce, for full body and mind relaxation. Acupressure and reflexology are also offered as therapeutic treatments for inflammation, energy, and toxin removal, among other benefits. 

“Frazzled urbanites flock to this Poconos hideaway to soak away their stress under the Aqua Garden’s HydroMassage waterwalls, nap by the fireplace or veg in the aptly named Whisper Lounge. Treatments are top-notch, ranging from massages and wraps to facials; some take their inspiration from the resort’s prime woodland location. And if choosing among them fills you with angst, simply call upon the customization skills of the spa concierge,” adds Timeout.

2. Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas

As the name indicates, this resort is nestled on the hillside of Lake Austin. Like many spa resorts, Lake Austin offers yoga sessions and various spa treatments to help visitors relax. Unlike other resorts, several water sports activities are offered, making this an ideal retreat for anyone!

Yoga by the water at Lake Austin Spa Resort
Yoga by the water at Lake Austin Spa Resort

“Luxury Lakeview rooms have a cottage feel with a covered back patio that looks out onto the water. Walls in some of the rooms are painted a soft blue or yellow and the headboards have a pretty wildflower pattern, while artwork mimics the Austin landscape. One of the pools is housed inside a barn—it’s a striking setting. And the spa treatments use products grown on the grounds (wildflower and organic honey are used in the facial scrubs) and some treatments take place in semi-open settings,” adds CN Traveler.

The organic spa products combined with the dreamy location make this resort a perfect selection for couples looking for a romantic getawayHGTV adds: “Couples wanting to take the day off and unwind together should head to the LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort for luxurious herbal and botanical treatments like the Fresh Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub or aromatherapy massage. The spa’s elegant Blue Room is the perfect spot to cozy up with a cup of tea or just take a cat nap.”

As an additional perk, all meals are included in the room rates. Like the products used in their spa treatments, these nutritional meals are made with ingredients grown on the grounds. Guests receive breakfast, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, and dinner.

“If you’re a gal who likes options, this southern spa is for you. Not only will you have more than 100 different spa treatments to choose from, but you’ll also feast on culinary treats featuring organic herbs and veggies harvested daily from the spa’s garden. Up for some activity? Choose from 20 daily classes, such as hydro-biking and cooking classes. Don’t miss ‘The Gifts Of Our Garden’ signature spa treatment. It exfoliates, bathes, massages, and wraps you in therapeutic herbs for a full 100 minutes,” says Prevention.

3. Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona

The exotic Mii Amo spa-hotel is tucked away in a red-rock ravine that was once honored by Native Americans. Serving as a haven of tranquility for tired travelers, visitors come here from all over the globe in search of a genuinely meaningful experience that will heal their mind, body, and spirit!

“Housed within the larger Enchantment Resort, the spa offers all-inclusive package experiences, with three-, four-, and seven-day ‘Journeys’ designed to heal and recharge. Guests work with a Journey Guide to customize an itinerary, which includes overnight stays in gorgeous adobe casitas as well as locally-crafted treatments and health-minded dining,” says Forbes.

From the beautiful scenery to the unique treatments, this place is anything but ordinary! Mii Amo encourages visitors to take a spiritual journey, interact with the environment, and put their health first. Mii amo is renowned for its exceptional capacity to promote deep wellness. “Here, you’ll want to take the time to relax and unwind, and you may want to take advantage of their concept of ‘slow well-being,’ where treatments are extended for longer if you wish,” says Prime Women.

“In the unlikely event Mii amo’s breathtaking setting—the ruddy buttes of Boynton Canyon, within Sedona’s Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness—doesn’t immediately captivate you, its exhaustive treatment menu should. Part of the Enchantment resort, the 24,000-square-foot spa draws extensively on its surroundings, from its name (which means ‘one’s path or journey’ in the Yuman language) to its services, many of which feature local, indigenous plants and flowers,” adds Timeout.

This resort offers various wellness activities and experiences, including an ancient form of therapy known as Past Life Regression. Town & Country Magazine adds: “Those in search of balance, mental clarity, and a hefty dose of pampering will find all three at this Mii Amo, a red rock country resort located amongst the towering rock formations and mystical ‘vortexes” of Boynton Canyon. These storied spots have such swirling, powerful energy that they’re said to help people take huge leaps with spiritual development. But even if you don’t buy into all that, you’ll love the 16 meticulously appointed rooms, and the menu of more than 100 weekly activities—from hiking and biking, to indulging in the prickly pear butter wrap at the spa.”

4. Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California

This Tuscan-style villa is truly reminiscent of a French chateau. Complete with vineyards, rolling fields of lavender, and a picturesque hillside, this resort will make you feel as though you are staying at a remote cottage in the French countryside!

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa
Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

According to Town & Country Magazine: “You may be in a quiet suburb just north of San Diego, but the aesthetic of Cal-a-Vie, at least in terms of décor, is all French country chic. That’s no accident, since the entire 30-year-old resort is designed to look and feel like a quaint Provençal village. And as befitting the French, the Cal-a-Vie way is gracious and relaxed, with an occasional hit of intensity. Start your day at 6am by hiking through the canyon right in the resort’s 440-acre backyard, then indulge in a vinothérapie-based spa treatment—massages, wraps, and scrubs with body products made from resort-grown grapes.”

Lounge in a hot tub, join a fitness class, or select from the long list of spa treatments … There is no shortage of activities or amenities. “The day starts with an optional morning hike followed by fitness classes; spa treatments take place in the afternoon; and dinner is a healthy meal made with ingredients from the on-site organic garden. There are almost too many spa treatments to choose from. Look for their Vinothérapie options, which incorporate Cal-a-Vie’s organic wine grape seeds, skins, and pulp extracts,” adds CN Traveler.

Though the rates may be a bit pricey, this resort is determined to make it well worth it. A simple three-night vacay will earn you six spa sessions!

Goop says, “ In addition to hiking, tennis, yoga, and an incredibly comprehensive, seasonal food and nutrition program, the spa has over 150 treatments—some of which you’d expect (detox wraps, rejuvenating facials) and some of which you couldn’t possibly (Hydrorider, say, or Piloxing). The focus here is on wellness—and visits are organized into three-, four-, and seven-day packages. However long you stay, you’re basically guaranteed to leave feeling better than you did when you arrived.”

5. The Ranch Malibu in California

This beautiful, ranch-style resort has one goal in mind: to help visitors unplug and unwind. Technology is kept to a minimum, rooms are filled with quiet ambiance, and plant-based cuisine is sourced from local gardens and farms. 

CN Traveler writes: “Since 2010, owners Alex and Sue Glasscock have used this working ranch as a backdrop to run one of the country’s most exclusive wellness retreats, garnering a fabulous—and very discreet—global following of celebrities, high-powered business types, and wellness fanatics in the process. This isn’t the Malibu of beach babes and surfer dudes—this is the quieter, more exclusive side of Southern California, where those with cash to burn come for some serious R&R. It’s worth noting that there aren’t TV‘s in the rooms, and there is extremely limited cell and Wi-Fi service. The whole idea is that when you’re here, you’re unplugged.”

Set away from the hustle and bustle of LA, the resort was built with tranquility in mind. The peaceful view of the surrounding mountains gives the effect of being on an extravagant camping getaway. If you’re truly looking to unwind, this is the place!

“The Ranch Malibu is one of those handful-of-almonds programs—a luxury but no-messing-around boot camp for Type As and A-listers that only takes 18 guests a week, during which time you’ll forgo things like cellphones, coffee, soda, and email. The simple but beautiful private cottages come with a daily aphorism placed on pillows, and you’ll need all the shut-eye you can get. There’s hiking in the morning, followed by strength conditioning, yoga, or circuit training in the afternoon for a total of 8 hours of activity. Thankfully, a scheduled hour of nap time as well as daily restorative massages are also on the itinerary,” adds Town & Country Magazine.

Guests flock here for many reasons, but, the health and wellness amenities coupled with the incredible staff keep them coming back for more! According to Travel & Leisure, one guest said ‘The best week of my life — restorative, invigorating, and addictive.’ Guests boost their health through hours-long hikes, holistic meals, acupuncture, massages, chiropractic sessions, and many other therapeutic offerings. Another guest noted that they ‘felt challenged with daily training sessions, pampered by the daily massages, and nourished by the most amazing vegan meals.’ The supportive and knowledgeable staff is key to the resort’s success, according to readers,” says Travel & Leisure.

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