A drooling Dogue de Bordeaux

A drooling Dogue de Bordeaux (Photo by ElenaYakimova on Shutterstock)

Some dogs are uniquely gifted with gratuitous volumes of ample slobber. Cute, though, they may be, these darling drooling dogs could do with a bib, or at the very least a nice handkerchief. All jokes aside, StudyFinds has put together a list of the best seven dog breeds that slobber the most. Do they still deserve unconditional love? Absolutely! But, maybe bring a towel as well.

If you have ever cared for a pet dog, it is a sad truth that you are likely to outlive them. So, it’s no wonder that people may be asking how to increase their pet’s longevity following the news that a dog in Portugal lived longer than 30 years. The Guinness World Record Holder of the title of World’s Oldest Dog, Bobi, has recently died at the age of 31. This is an impressive age for any dog. Pups have amazing adaptability and resilience. The more fascinating details that science uncovers about the canine species, the more we should be impressed by the humble dog.

Do dogs see the world in the same way as humans? For some, the answer is a resounding yes! A recent study reveals that “smarter” canines process information similarly to people. Researchers from the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University studied how dogs interpret gestures, particularly pointing, compared to human toddlers. The phenomenon under investigation is known as “spatial bias,” which is the tendency to interpret information in relation to space, location, or distance, even when the same information could apply to an object.

Ready for a whole lot of slobber? We combed through 10 expert sources to compile a list of the dog breeds that drool the most. These trusty hounds can be great pets, but it does help to know that certain breeds drool a lot before deciding to adopt one. Let us know your favorite slobber machines in the comments below!

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The List: Top 7 Slobbering Doggies, According to Experts

1. Saint Bernard

white and brown dog on snow covered ground
Saint Bernard. (Photo by Beth Desrosiers on Unsplash)

As seen in the classic family film “Beethoven,” Saint Bernards are famous for their low hanging cheeks that tend to cause them to drool. These big dogs are fiercely loyal and exhibit deep care for their families. The Spruce Pets raves that these lovable canines are protective and fantastic with children. They’re better suited for cold climates and don’t handle warm weather very well. Saint Bernards drool even more when they’re hot while trying to stay cool.

The Scotsman notes Saint Bernards are well-known for daring mountain rescues and their copious amounts of drool. The drool was used to great comedic effect in the “Beethoven” movies.

Even though Saint Bernards are extremely lovable, they can leave behind a giant mess in the house, like fur, mud and dirt. Wag! says, despite this, these pups have incredible qualities that made them “one of the most beloved canines in the world.”

2. Basset Hound

brown and white short coated dog on green grass field during daytime
Basset Hound. (Photo by Casper Coomans on Unsplash)

The Basset Hound is another droopy-faced dog that is low to the ground. It may surprise you that the excessive drool may be a function of their advanced sniffing abilities as moisture has been seen to help sharpen the sense of smell in some dog breeds. According to My Brown Newfies, Basset Hounds are extremely powerful dogs and can be known for smearing drool over their family’s furniture.

Basset Hounds are popular the world over. Hepper Blog says this breed is “good-natured and easy-going.” On top of their excellent sense of smell, Basset Hounds have powerful little legs and massive paws.

iHeartDogs describes the Basset Hound as a shorter version of the Bloodhound. The Basset’s excess skin and wrinkles make them drool excessively. They’re also fantastic with children and make for great family companions.

3. Bloodhound

Bloodhound (Photo by Glikiri on Shutterstock)

Bloodhounds have amazing senses and tenacious tracking abilities. Ironically, these dogs can be very easy to track based on the long trails of drool that they leave on everything. The Animal Rescue Site says this breed is usually referred to as “slobberhounds.” They can leave a trail of slobber across clothes and furniture, along with their unwavering love.

Police departments and the U.S. military use Bloodhounds for search-and-rescue missions due to their incredible sense of smell, according to iHeartDogs. They’re also very affectionate pups with families.

Bloodhounds were initially bred for hunting and tracking deer and wild boar, notes Make Yourself Knowledgeable. Despite what they were first used for, Bloodhounds have turned into great family companions due to its personality and love of children.

4. Mastiff

Two Neapolitan Mastiffs
Two Neapolitan Mastiffs (Photo by Christian Mueller on Shutterstock)

The mastiff is a large breed dog. They have adapted to many different working roles in cities, farms, and even on the battlefield as ancient war dogs. Mastiffs drool a lot, especially after eating and drinking, says The Animal Rescue Site. Make sure to always have a towel around you.

These gentle giants are typically clean house dogs, outside of their drool, according to Wag! Mastiffs also make a great guard dog around the house.

Hepper Blog describes the Mastiff as a “colossus.” These dogs stand over 30 inches tall at the shoulder and can outweigh a grown adult. You also don’t want to run into a Mastiff while cutting through a neighbor’s yard.

5. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog
Newfoundland dog (Photo by David W. Leindecker on Shutterstock)

Newfoundland dogs are sweet and personable animals that seem to ingratiate themselves with just about anyone they meet. Because of this, many people are willing to overlook the copious amounts of spittle. According to The Animal Rescue Site, Newfoundland pups are not only intelligent and love people, they are also “champion droolers.” They drool at all times: eating, drinking, begging, excited, and when it’s hot.

Even though these canines drool an exceptional amount, they can get away with it because of how lovable they are, notes Alpha Paw. They are very devoted to their owner and will instantly become your BFF.

Dog Time adds that the Newfoundland breed have amazing personalities which make them sweet and loving.

6. Dogue de Bordeaux

Two Dogue de Bordeaux stting by a lake in the mountains
Two Dogue de Bordeaux stting by a lake in the mountains. (Photo by Vitaly Titov on Shutterstock)

This orange- or rust-colored dog originated in France but has become popular in the United States. The Dogue de Bordeaux are said to be calm, yet protective, dogs that love their families. According to Alpha Paw, Dogue de Bordeauxs are also referred to as French Mastiffs. Despite being playful and docile, they are very protective and need to be trained and socialized.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is an ancient French breed and became popular in the U.S. following the 1989 movie “Turner & Hooch,” starring Tom Hanks, says Wag!

My Brown Newfies notes that Dogue de Bordeauxs make great guard dogs, but can also remain calm and balanced.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

black white and brown bernese mountain dog lying on green grass field during daytime
Bernese Mountain Dog. (Photo by Jovana Askrabic on Unsplash)

The big Bernese Mountain Dog looks very similar to her cousin the Saint Bernard. Both of these powerful canines hail from the mountains of Switzerland and are well-suited for cold weather living. The Spruce Pets calls the Bernese Mountain Dog a “giant, fluffy breed with a gentle temperament and a tendency to drool.” They also make for great family pets and act as gentle protectors of children.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are black, white, and tan. Despite being large and sturdy, they’re very agile, according to DogTime. They were originally bred for navigating mountainous regions. Make sure to keep rags around for these lovable drooling pups.

Wag! says these dogs come “with a whole lotta love and a whole lotta saliva.” These fantastic family pets drool more when it’s hot outside, so come summertime, expect to find some drool puddles around the house.


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