Easy Things To Draw: These 5 Doodle Ideas Can Lead To Exquisite Art, Experts Say

Thinking about taking art lessons, but don’t know where to begin? Need a good stress reliever? Bored? Picking up a pencil, pastel, or paintbrush and putting it paper may be just what the doctor ordered in any of these cases. There are plenty of reasons to give doodling a try — after all, art is one of the oldest activities in human history. That said, you may not know where to begin. Or perhaps you’ve got a child eager to give drawing a try, but they’re looking for something simple to get started. StudyFinds turned to the experts for suggestions on easy things to draw, and we hope our takeaway list will motivate you to give it a go.

Humans have been doodling for a long time. In fact, since prehistoric times! A cave painting of a pig was discovered in Indonesia that is at least 45,500 years old. This is the oldest depiction of an animal ever discovered, but 10,000 years later, mammoths, lions and rhinos were drawn on rocks in southeastern France. And those are the drawings we know about … there could certainly be more out there.

That begs the question: Are human brains hardwired to create and enjoy art? Art therapists think so. Traditional art therapy (not adult coloring books) left a quarter of participants feeling more positive after a session. Although coloring books were found to be relaxing, they limited creative expression because of the whole draw-inside-the-lines thing. 

You may benefit from picking up a pencil or pen, or marker, etc. and putting it to the paper though. Whether you’re zoned out and just want to doodle, or want to learn how to draw as a new hobby, we have you covered. We went on a search for the top five easiest things to draw. according to pros. 

Below is the list we compiled based on what 10 art experts and websites most recommend for bored or budding artists. And you don’t even need a cave wall to get started! Just read on for some inspiration. 

The List: 5 Easy Things To Draw, According To Art Experts

1. Animals

Drawing animals may sound complex, but it’s actually as simple as just molding basic shapes into our favorite creatures. “A fun but simple drawing idea is to start off by drawing some circles and then make animal faces out of them,” Shihori Obata writes.

Another way to make animals extra cute on paper is to draw them in stuffed form! Squishmallows turn into pretty adorable doodles.

Color Made Happy suggests drawing a cute cow: “Cows are so much fun to draw. You can draw a cute cow sitting or one standing. Add some grass and flowers for extra details on your cow doodle.” 

Drawing animals really comes down to first sketching simple shapes and transforming them into a creature's face and body.
Drawing animals really comes down to first sketching simple shapes and transforming them into a creature’s face and body. (Photo by MESSALA CIULLA on Pexels)

2. Spirals

In this case when you say, “I’m spiraling,” it’s a good thing. 

It’s amazing how a few swiveled lines can create a beautiful image. Create your own rendition of this pattern with your own colors. This image can go on and on, so if you’re bored for a long time, draw these wave patterns and add to them for months to create something truly breathtaking,” Displate writes.

Artful Haven says, “You can always take a black pen and do some doodles. With doodling, there’s no right or wrong, you just go with the flow. Play with lines, circles, dots … or spirals.” 

It might sound mundane to sketch spirals, but you'd be amazed how quickly they can turn into beautiful pieces of art.
It might sound mundane to sketch spirals, but you’d be amazed how quickly they can turn into beautiful pieces of art. (Image by Bianca Van Dijk from Pixabay)

3. Flowers & Trees

Roses are red, violets are blue? Make them any color you want! Here are some expert tips on drawing flowers and trees.

“Flowers can be a subject for easy doodles, but to really capture a rose, break the plant down into its basic parts. Then break those parts down into their basic shapes. Stems are cylindrical, petals are shaped like hearts or tears, and leaves tend to be serrated. Create a layer of those basic shapes, and then start with the center of the flower and begin adding petals,” Adobe writes.

Tips for trees: “Sketch the outline of a tree you can see from where you are. If its branches are bare, see if you can capture the angles and curves of each major branch. If they’re not bare, you can still get the overall shape of the tree using smooth and jagged lines,” Live Bold and Bloom suggests.

Drawing flowers or plants is a great way to feed that desire to create simple art.
Drawing flowers or plants is a great way to feed that desire to create simple art. (Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash)

4. Shapes

It may sound boring or stupid, but don’t glaze past this one just yet. You can shape up your art skills by practicing the basics, experts say.

“You may be thinking shapes are too easy, even for new artists. But if you’re looking for easy things to draw, start with shapes, not just because they’re easy, but because they’re the basis of all types of visual art. Being able to draw shapes is essential, especially as you progress to more difficult and complex pieces. Simply sketch different shapes of various proportions until you feel like the motions are second nature,” Skillshare says.

“A good place to start is with basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Experiment with different line weights and fill options to create interesting effects,” DavidCharlesFox.com writes.

Drawing simple shapes and then adding more lines and shapes to them can lead to some fantastic spontaneous artwork
Drawing simple shapes and then adding more lines and shapes to them can lead to some fantastic spontaneous artwork. (Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels)

5. Sweets

The next expert recommendation is a stack of donuts! You could also choose to create a single donut and transition straight from No. 4’s shape drawings. Big circle, smaller circle in the middle, then done!

LifeFamilyFun.com says, “If you’re a beginner artist, it can be best to start out easy before attempting your hand at more complicated sketches. Let’s start with something sweet. [A] donut stack … will jump right off the page — just try not to lick it!”

Child drawing and eating candy
(Photo credit: Unsplash+ in collaboration with Getty Images)

Brightful recommends cupcakes: “Cupcakes are fun to draw, especially when you use some of your favorite colors. Add a little frosting or sprinkles for added fun!”

What a sweet way to end the list of the easiest things to doodle! Feel free to drop us a comment and let us know what you’re going to draw. 

“Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination.” —Tim Burton


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