Best Cat Halloween Costumes: Top 5 Kitty Outfits Most Recommended By Experts

Cats have a deeply rooted link to Halloween and the paranormal. Worshiped in ancient Egypt and reviled in Western Europe during the medieval period, cats have always projected a certain mystique that makes them somehow more emotionally and psychologically complex than other animals. Thus, when people bond with their pet cats, it can seem natural to want to include them during holidays. Halloween is prime time in the U.S.A. to dress up your kitty and take some hilarious photos to enjoy for years to come. Our list of the top five best cat Halloween costumes aims to inform our readers about some of this year’s most popular picks.

Cats have always been the subject of assumptions and misconceptions due in part to their remarkable feline senses, reflexes, and abilities. Cats cannot fly, shape-shift into witches, or see in total darkness. Ninety-two percent of pet parents still fall for myths about their furry friends, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners looked at some of the most common pet-related myths people still believe, with 42 percent of cat parents incorrectly believe that their feline friends can see in complete darkness. While cats can see in very low light, they cannot see in total darkness.

Another common myth is that cats always land on their feet, which 41 percent of cat parents believe to be true, even though a cat’s ability to land on four paws can be contingent on its overall health and wellness. Many cat parents were also under the impression that cats shouldn’t eat any human food (30%). However, there are some human foods that cats can safely eat. Another common misconception is that cats enjoy milk (29%), but plenty of cats are actually lactose intolerant.

One thing that is not a myth about cats is that there is no reason they can’t participate in Halloween fun! Our sources helped us rank the best cat Halloween costumes to celebrate with your best feline friend. Let us know your favorite cat costumes in the comments below!

Black cat in bat costume on gray textile
Black cat in a bat costume (Photo by Nika Benedictova on Unsplash)

The List: Best Cat Halloween Costumes, Per Pet Owners


1. Puoyis Bat Wings Halloween Costume for Cats

This simple costume doesn’t have too many parts and is comfortable enough that your cat will hopefully tolerate wearing it. Apart from that, this cutie pie costume will transform Mr. Kitty into Mr. Cat Bat just in time for Halloween. Hepper Blog raves, “No matter what color your kitty is, we think you’ll adore the simplicity of the Puoyis Pet Cat Bat Wings. It’s completely darling—plus, it’s the best Halloween costume for cats for the money. The material is a very soft, velvety felt cloth.”

Pet Cat Bat Wings for Halloween Party Decoration, Puppy Collar Leads Cosplay Bat Costume,Cute Puppy Cat Dress Up Accessories
Pet Cat Bat Wings for Halloween

Reader’s Digest praises this costume. Why? “If you’re patient enough to get a cat costume on your pet this Halloween (we know their behavior can be temperamental, at best, when getting a costume on) … This is one of the more versatile cat costumes. With these wings, you can dress your kitty up as a bat, Batman, Batwoman or a vampire.”

The Pioneer Woman exclaims, “Why not get our adorable, whiskered companions to join in on the festive fun, too? This year, when you’re planning your family Halloween costumes, you might also consider the best Halloween costumes for cats… We’re going absolutely batty for this cute costume! The wings are adjustable around the neck and chest so it should fit most cats.”

2. Frisco Front Walking Granny Cat Costume

Seeing a precious kitty cat dressed up as a granny is laughable. It will be difficult to avoid smiling nonstop with your kitty dressed like this. Be Chewy says, “This top-rated cat Halloween costume turns your kitty into a little old lady. For this ‘front walking’ style costume, you step your pet’s front legs into the costume and then attach the fasteners around their neck. Top it off with the little white wig.”

Frisco Front Walking Granny Dog & Cat Costume on
Frisco Front Walking Granny Dog & Cat Costume (

The Spruce Pets describes, “Black cats are a quintessential part of Halloween and are consistently one of the most popular Halloween costumes for people of all ages. This year, we think all the black cats should coordinate dressing up like the human of their choice. The Granny is our top pick, but there are several front-walking styles to choose from like the Workout Fanatic, the Cowboy, and the Doctor.”

“This Frisco Front Walking Granny Costume is adorable and hilarious. It comes with a lightweight outfit and a headpiece. It’s secured by a hook and loop fastener around the neck and is one of the more challenging costumes to get your cat into, but definitely worth the effort,” elaborates Excited Cats.

3. Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume for Cats

There are droves of different pumpkin costumes to choose from, but the Bolbove Pumpkin Costume for Cats is favored by our sources. Some cats don’t like wearing hats, but those that don’t mind will look fabulous. Pets Radar comments, “You might not get to see a happy face as you dress your pet puss in this cute costume, but there is no doubt they will look adorable. You get a two-piece outfit that comes in the ubiquitous pumpkin colors at Halloween – orange and green. There is a bodysuit and a neat little hat to top off the holiday pumpkin look.”

Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume for Cats & Small Dogs Party Halloween Cosplay Free Size Orange (Hat+Clothes)
Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume

The Pioneer Woman adds, “Is there anything cuter than a cat in a costume? We don’t think so… Who’s the cutest pumpkin in the patch? Definitely your cat when they’re wearing this jack-o’-lantern costume complete with a little orange outfit and hat covered in shiny green leaves.”

Hepper Blog details, “If you have a sweet little pumpkin, get a costume that matches their personality, like the Bolbove Pet Pumpkin Costume… You even get an adorable keychain with your purchase. What more could you want? There is a Velcro strap along the underbelly to fasten the coat as needed.”

4. WaffleStash Meowbucks Apron

This unique costume is hand-crafted and sold only on Etsy. As such availability may be limited, however your cat will look amazing in this adorable mini apron. People explains, “This barista only serves glasses of milk. This is adorable. Etsy always comes through with unique picks, and this cat costume is no exception. If your cat needs this outfit, order it now, since shipping takes a few extra days.”

Meowbucks Apron (Classic Green) by WaffleStash on Etsy
Meowbucks Apron (Classic Green) by WaffleStash on Etsy

The Pioneer Woman offers this punny opinion: “They’ll be serving up nothing but cuteness while wearing this adorable Meowbucks apron. Okay, maybe a few catpuccinos, too! This one comes in three different sizes.”

HGTV states, “When in doubt, put your favorite feline to work as the world’s cutest (or grumpiest) barista. This cheeky ‘Meowbucks’ apron slides right over their neck and ties in the back. And yep! There’s an equally cute costume for Dunkin‘ lovers.”

5. OMG Adorables Lion Costume for Cats

Transforming the house cat into a fierce savannah predator is as easy as adorning this mane from OMG Adorables. Even small kitties can strut tall with this funny costume on. Family Handyman claims, “This cat costume from Amazon comes in one size but fits well on cats and small dogs. It secures with a hook-and-loop strap so you can adjust the grip based on your cat’s head. This is another easy costume you can put on your cat without having to worry about too many straps and uncomfortable materials. When you answer the door for trick-or-treaters, they’ll be thrilled to see your little lion.”

OMG Adorables - Lion Mane Costume for Cats
OMG Adorables – Lion Mane Costume for Cats

“Celebrate your cat’s inner king of the jungle with the OMG Adorables Lion Costume for Cat. They might fool all their kitty friends, as well as your company, into thinking they are a wildcat on the prowl… The material is both polyester and cotton and is breathable to boot. It fits over the head area to mimic a wig, giving them a majestic lion’s mane,” relates Hepper Blog.

Reader’s Digest reviews this product, “When it comes to cat costumes for Halloween, this one is a given. No one will dare cross your cat with this fearsome, yet still adorable, lion mane. It also makes a great accessory for a lion and lion tamer DIY costume.”

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