Best Cats For Mice: Top 7 Hunting Breeds, According To Feline Experts

Finding the ideal cat for mouse-chasing duties is the same as choosing a new life partner. These feline heroes are cute and cuddly, yet they have a mission to tackle those squeaky intruders with their natural hunting instincts. The best cats for mice serve as vigilant companions, always looking for any unexpected guests, and they’re happy to do it for a tasty reward.

By nature, cats are hunters. And they aren’t picky with their prey. A recent study shows that free-range cat diets consist of over 2,000 species. They will eat almost anything they catch. Of course, this is true for cats that don’t have a nice bowl of Fancy Feast presented to them each night. Still, it’s interesting to know that your kitty wouldn’t be picky if they were left to their own devices.

The best cats for finding mice turn the serious business of pest control into a game, making the whole ordeal entertaining. Watching these whiskered detectives on the case, stealthily stalking their prey through the house, peering into corners, eyes twitching at the slightest sound, it just as entertaining as a night of watching YouTube videos. Who knew pest control could be this amusing?

What’s truly delightful is witnessing their triumphs. When one of these furry hunters finally catches a mouse, there’s a sense of accomplishment in its four-legged swagger. It comes trotting in, the dead rodent hanging from its mouth, proudly showing off its catch. It’s a testament to the usefulness of having the right cat companion, which is why we aim to help you to figure out which are the best cats for mice. StudyFinds has reviewed all of the expert opinions, to bring you the ultimate list of cats to consider. What will you name your hunter kitty? Leave a comment to let us know!

The List: Best Cats for Mice, Per Experts

1. Maine Coon

First on our list of the best cats to catch mice is the Maine Coon. “When it comes to the best mice hunting cats, the Maine Coon tops the list. These cats were even professionally used for catching mice on docks and ships. The Maine Coon is one of the biggest cat breeds and can weigh up to a whopping 20 pounds. However, their large size does not mean that these cats are lazy or slow. They are one of the most agile hunters in the feline world. When they set their eyes on a mouse, they are unlikely to let it go easily. These cats are named after the area they originated from, which is Maine, USA. The Maine Coon is known to have been kept by sailors on ships and docks since they helped keep the mice population in these areas in check. Another thing that this cat is famous for is its water-resistant coat. This water-resistant capability probably made this cat so well-suited for staying on ports and ships. If you want to keep a hunter for mice in your house, then the Maine Coon should be your number one choice, provided that you can handle a large cat,” says iCat Blog.

A white outdoor Maine Coon cat
A white outdoor Maine Coon cat (Photo by Nils Jacobi on Shutterstock)

Cats that catch mice are practical little pest controllers at home, like the Maine Coon. “This breed has a strong natural hunting instinct and the ability to catch prey quickly. Physically, Maine Coons are perfect hunting machines. They are large and muscular, with sharp claws and teeth, making them effective at catching and killing their prey. They also have a playful nature, which helps them to practice their hunting skills and keep them sharp. That said, Maine Coon cats are expensive to buy, and I wouldn’t recommend taking a cat from a cushiony indoor life and let them free to go hunt mice in the great outdoors. If someone is looking for an outdoor cat to control mice, then I strongly encourage them to look at their local shelters for older cats that are accustomed being outdoors or find a farm with a litter of barn cats,” writes Hello Bark

The Maine Coon’s vigilant nature turns your living space into a protected zone. “One of the largest domestic cat breeds, the Maine Coon is an American-born breed that came about with the first settlers. The cats they brought across the ocean crossed with the native breeds and created the long-haired, hardy Maine Coon. Beloved for both its easy-going personality and its superior mousing abilities, the Maine Coon became a staple on farms and homesteads. Even today, they are still a favorite among pet owners. Weighing up to an impressive 25 pounds, the Maine Coon can handle rats and other large rodents that may be a problem. You can enjoy your home with peace of mind when a Maine Coon is by your side,” shares Catster.

2. Siamese

Another great household hunter is the Siamese cat. “While perhaps not the first breed that comes to mind when considering mousers, the Siamese cat possesses a strong prey drive and is extremely agile. Their slender bodies and sharp reflexes allow them to quickly pursue and catch mice, making them an excellent choice for rodent control,” writes Hello Bark.

brown and black cat on red textile
Siamese cat (Photo by Alexey Savchenko on Unsplash

“Siamese cats are one the fastest felines when it comes to catching mice. Siamese cats are extremely popular as pets because of their unique, black and white appearance. These cats love meowing and asking for their owner’s attention. While Siamese cats can become lazy and like napping, they can be very active when catching mice. Their strong and muscular body makes them ideal for following, trapping, and catching mice. If you want to get rid of the rodent problem in your house and keep a popular breed as a pet, then the Siamese should be your go-to option,” shares iCat Blog.

Siamese cats are practical hunters, always on the lookout for unexpected guests. “The Siamese cat was the first choice for the royal family in Thailand. This cat breed has long been regarded as a favorite for hunting down rats, mice, and other rodents. To this day, this royal cat breed is an excellent hunter with excellent hunting instincts for locating and ridding homes of pests such as rodents. The Siamese is known for their mouse hunting prowess across the globe,” says Hepper.

3. Siberian

Number three on our list of furry mice catchers is the Siberian. “A native of Russia, Siberians are strong and powerful cats. The breed was popular on local farms to keep the rodent population under control. Since they lived in such a cold climate, they have a thick heavy coat, that keeps them insulated against extreme weather. Even the inside of their ears is furry. Siberian cats are known for being very alert and playful, coupled with a sweet expression that their owners cannot resist. They have an even temperament and get along with children and other pets in the family,” writes How to get rid of Mice.

brown and black cat on white textile
Siberian Cat (Photo by Moderne Attraction on Unsplash)

Don’t let the big puffs of fluff fool you. “The Siberian cat breed originates from Russia and Siberia, which makes them perfect for owners looking for a cat that can handle colder climates. The Siberian may be large and fluffy, but they are very agile and swift hunters, which makes them ideal for catching mice and other large rodents like rats,” says Hepper.

In this case, their large size proves overpowering to even the most tough mouse. “Siberian cats are wonderful at dealing with mice and rats. With their larger size, they can easily take care of big rodents. Reaching up to 20 pounds, the Siberian sports a thick, rich coat that served it well in his home countries of Russia and Siberia. They are surprisingly graceful and quick to hunt down any uninvited guests. An appealing blend of intelligence and affection, Siberian cats love being close to people and make ideal pets. They are athletic and playful, comes in handy when the time comes to hunt,” shares Catster.

4. Turkish Angora

Number four on our list is the Turkish Angora. “The Turkish Angora breed of cat is smart, playful, and outgoing. They are welcoming to all in the household and are often reported to be the first to greet your guests. They have a dominant personality, so while they get along well with dogs and children, they will expect to be the alpha of the group. Turkish Angora cats have a silky coat and a graceful, but athletic body type. They are very active and have a finely tuned hunting instinct and will be happy to hunt mice if they happen to be near,” writes How to get rid of Mice.

Turkish Angora cat
Turkish Angora cat (Photo by engin akyur on Unsplash)

Want to watch your cat be graceful as it hunts? “The Turkish Angora cat breed is a Middle Eastern cat breed from Turkey. This is not a man-made cat breed through selective breeding, but instead a breed of cat that occurred naturally. These cats come domesticated with their hunting instincts still intact. Turkish Angora cats are graceful and lethal hunters that can catch their prey easily. Not only does this cat breed have the physical strength and speed to catch mice, but they’re highly intelligent animals,” says Hepper.

It’s more than a hunt for the Turkish Angora, it’s a game they love to play. “Originating in Turkey, the Turkish Angora breed developed naturally without any selective breeding. Because of this, they have a finely tuned hunting instinct, lightning speed, and sure-footed balance. With their high intelligence, Turkish Angoras can easily fit into your home and become a beloved pet. They bond well with their owners and love being in the middle of the action. But they will also make sure that no mouse will ever stay in your domain for long,” shares Catster.

5. Manx

Next is a kitty with a unique name, the Manx. “This cat is known as the tailless cat and may have anywhere from a small rump to no tail at all. The breed originated on the Isle of Man and is found in several color variations including black and white, orange and white, seal point, or blue point coloration. The Manx has powerful hind legs and is very agile, jumping turning, and running at great speeds. They make excellent hunters and start practicing at a very young age stalking insects or other critters outdoors or toys if they are raised inside,” writes How to get rid of Mice.

Manx cat in a field
Manx cat in a field (Photo by NSC Photography on Shutterstock)

If you’re ever caught on a boat with rodents, the Manx is the perfect pet to have on board. “The Manx cat breed originates from a region located between England and Ireland known as the Isle of Man. This cat breed used to sail on sea vessels where they would take care of any mice infestations. They are a skilled hunter that has earned their title as a great mouse catcher. Farmers also relied on Manx cats to keep their farms free from rodents,” says Hepper.

Did you know that your Manx might be able to understand you when you talk? “The Manx established its reputation as an exceptional hunter long ago on ships. They come from the Isle of Man between England and Ireland and were a favorite among sailors and farmers alike. Their ability to keep mice populations down made them a valuable asset. Manx cats have long hind legs and no tails, due to a natural mutation. They are very social and like to stay close to their owners. They are also very intelligent and seem to understand spoken words better than other breeds. Known for their ability to take down larger prey, Manx cats are well-suited to protecting your home,” shares Catster.

6. American Shorthair

Number six on our list of the best cats to catch mice is the American Shorthair. “The American Short Hair is one of the most common breeds in American homes today. They have a muscular, stocky build and sweet, attentive nature. Not only do they make a loving companion for the family, but they are also great at catching mice. Brought over to America from Europe, the American shorthair cat was considered a working breed and commonly enlisted to cull the rat population on ships and in the cities. But they are not only good workers, but they also make great companions. If you want an easy, low-maintenance cat for the family and keep the rodent population down, the American Short Hair cat breed is a good choice” writes How to get rid of Mice.

American Shorthair Cat
American Shorthair Cat (Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash)

These cats actually helped save human lives with their hunting skills. “The American Shorthair, after originating in England, became American when crossing the ocean with the pilgrims. They were prized for their ability to decrease the mouse populations on ships, which were a serious health danger for all those aboard. American Shorthair cats are friendly, affectionate, and make ideal house pets. They possess the hunting instincts of their ancestors and will make sure that no mouse dares poke his nose into your home,” shares Catster.

Say goodbye to mice with this kitty. “The American Shorthair is one of the most popular pet cat breeds out there. However, these felines are also great at catching mice in addition to being lovable pets. These cats came to the United States with some of the earliest migrants from the United Kingdom. Researchers believe these cats were bred and raised as cats living on ships. Mice can wreak havoc on ships as they chew through walls, clothes, and the food stored for the passengers. This is why getting rid of mice on ships has always been a prime concern, and American Shorthairs are believed to have been specifically raised for this purpose,” shares iCat Blog.

7. Chartreux

Finally, at the end of our list is the Chartreux! “The Chartreux breed hails from France and can be easily identified by their wooly blue-colored coat. These cats are particularly good at catching mice because of their powerful broad shoulders, excellent climbing ability, and fast reflexes. EzoicThe Chartreux breed of cat lived with the monks, where they protected the grain used to make Charteuse liqueur from neighborhood rodents. They are also very intelligent and have been discussed in French literature as ‘being fine mousers,'” writes How to get rid of Mice.

Chartreux cat
Chartreux cat (Photo by ajlatan on Shutterstock)

“Dating back hundreds of years, the Chartreux is a French breed that is known as both a pleasant house pet and an intimidating predator. With an athletic build, it is fast and deadly when it comes to mice. In between the games they love to play, their strong prey instinct will send them stalking and pouncing on any invaders. They were a favorite on French farms and are still loved today for their friendly nature and knack for pest control,” shares Catster.

Yes, it has a sweet face and yes, it is equally as skilled at the kill. “The Chartreux is a cat breed that originates from France. They enjoy playing games and interacting with their owners, but they also have a more serious side, especially when it comes to hunting rodents. This cat breed has a natural hunting instinct. They are agile, muscular, and very fast which makes them the perfect cats to catch mice and other fast rodents,” says Hepper.

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