Fastest Dog Breeds: Top 5 Speedy Pups Most Recommended By Experts

 Not only does owning a fast dog breed provide excitement and entertainment, but it also helps promote an active lifestyle. Regular exercise is crucial for these breeds to burn off their energy, and getting involved with your four-legged friend in a more athletic life may be just what you two need. Whether it’s vigorous runs through the woods or an agile race around the track, these breeds are sure to give you a real run for your money. But what are some of the fastest dog breeds in the world? 

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or looking to add a new member to the family, being prepared for what’s to come with your pup is important. Of course, the task of training a puppy can be daunting, and with that may come some wear and tear to your home and furniture, but the payoff in the end is more than worth it. With their wagging tails, slobbery kisses, and unconditional cuddles, our beloved best friends are dedicated to making us feel like top dogs. 

Our fuzzy canine friends aren’t only making us feel good and safe; they even have the power to make even the grumpiest of people more sociable. A recent study from Switzerland says seeing, feeling, and touching a dog boosts neurons in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that helps regulate emotional interactions. Dogs often help people cope with stress and depression, so shedding light on the phenomenon could lead to the development of better treatments. The study’s results emphasize the unique bond between humans and dogs, highlighting the potential therapeutic benefits of owning a pet.

Are you interested in some of the speediest canines? Well, luckily, we at StudyFinds have researched across multiple expert sources to bring you the top five fastest dog breeds in the world. Don’t agree with our list? We would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Now, onto the list! 

Two Greyhounds running
Two Greyhounds running (Photo by Natallia Yaumenenka on Shutterstock)

The List: Fastest Dog Breeds, According to Canine Experts

1. Greyhound

First on our list is the Greyhound! These pooches are so fast that they named a transport service after them. “Originally bred to be hunting dogs, Greyhounds are widely accepted to be the fastest dog breed. A highly energetic breed, it comes as no surprise that their legs can carry them as fast as 45 miles per hour. Thanks to their speed, they made a name for themselves as racing dogs,” says Highland Canine.

a brown and white dog sitting on top of a white floor
Greyhound (Photo by S J on Unsplash)

“Taking the top honor for the fastest dog is the Greyhound! They are spectacularly good movers, and their tall stature makes for a beautiful picture as they speed by. They are one of the most gentle breeds ever and are just as happy in pursuit of their favorite small animal as they are lounging by your side,” adds Wag! 

The Greyhound is “thought to have originated in Egypt and has been prized among royalty for thousands of years. Greyhounds are sprinters, not endurance runners, and they’re quite happy to spend much of their time napping. They’ve been nicknamed the ’40 mph couch potato‘ and will do well in an apartment with a few walks a day and the occasional sprint at the dog park,” explains iHeartDogs.

2. Saluki

The next spot goes to the Saluki. Topping out at 42 mph, “running is what they have been doing for thousands of years. This sighthound was bred to chase rabbits, but they are happy to just be a family pet as well. Take them for a run or a swim. Either way, they are happy to be the best companion ever,” describes Wag!

short-coated brown dog
Saluki (Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash)

“It’s no wonder the Saluki is the second-fastest dog breed in the world. Just one glance at the Saluki, and anyone can tell it’s made for speed. After all, they are built similarly to Greyhounds. Saluki males are generally anywhere from 23 to 28 inches high and weigh between 40 to 65 pounds,” notes ParadePets.

“Along with the Greyhound, the Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds. According to Dogtime, ‘known as the Persian Greyhound or the Gazelle Hound, the Saluki has long been considered one of the most ancient of breeds. Scientists speculate that Salukis and other ancient breeds descended from the first dogs and made their way through the world with their nomadic owners. Depictions of dogs resembling Salukis—with a Greyhoundlike body and feathering on the ears, tail, and legs—appear on Egyptian tombs dating to 2100 B.C.E., some 4,000 years ago,'” comments iHeartDogs.

3. Afghan Hound

Third place goes to the Afghan Hound. Though they may look like dainty show dogs, this breed can actually reach top speeds and is “most notable for their long, flowing coats. Amazingly, however, they can also reach upwards of 40 MPH, making them one of the fastest dog breeds! A bit aloof at times, these canines are incredibly loyal to those who earn their trust. As one might expect, adult Afghan Hounds require regular grooming and should be bathed more often than other dog breeds,” reports My Dog’s Name.

adult long-coated yellow dog
Afghan Hound (Photo by Arve Kern on Unsplash)

“An Afghan hound, native to Afghanistan, was also the first-choice hunting hound for Asian and English nobility for his ability to track game over long distances. His handsome good looks require a regular grooming schedule, and he also needs diligent training. Although he may be free-spirited, he’s smart and bonds closely with single pet owners who keep him mentally and physically engaged,” writes Daily Paws.

“Afghan Hounds have a strong prey instinct and tend to chase down small animals. A similar breed to the Saluki, Afghan Hounds were selectively bred to hunt and withstand the cold mountains of Afghanistan. As mountain dogs, they were originally used for hunting large prey in the mountains and deserts. Underneath their silky coat, there is a very athletic and muscular body that enables them to run extremely quickly,” observes Highland Canine.

4. Vizsla

Ever heard of the Vizsla? This breed, which originated in Hungary, covets the next spot on our list. “Many people interested in the fastest dog breeds are surprised to learn about the mysterious Vizsla. Affectionate, sweet, and true, the ‘V’ also stands for ‘velcro dog‘ because her favorite place is by your side—and she’ll follow you everywhere. Experienced and energetic pet parents understand that she must run, sniff a lot, and learn fun activities such as agility and flyball to live her best life,” adds Yahoo! Finance

brown short coated dog on brown sand during daytime
Vizsla (Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash)

“How about looks, intelligence, and speed all rolled into one? The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog built like a rock. Very thin but full of muscles, this dog can point, retrieve, swim, or just be your best pal. Ask them anything, and they will gladly obey,” says Wag! 

“The Vizsla is a short-haired, medium-sized, and lean hunting dog. In the Hungarian language, the name of the breed translates literally to ‘tracker’. It is one of the oldest breeds in Europe and has actually faced extinction multiple times throughout history. Their muscular and lean bodies allow them to reach 40 miles per hour. Despite their high levels of energy, Vizslas are very gentle-mannered dogs. They are well-suited to families with children and tend to not shy away from strangers, but can take on the duties of a guard dog,” explains Highland Canine.

5. Ibizan Hound

Last but certainly not least is the Ibizan Hound. A speedy fellow who also makes a great family watchdog, “the Ibizan Hound aims to entertain its owner with hyperactive antics and endless energy, as they will often escape crates and jump high fences. The breed has a natural inclination to run when unbounded, so it is recommended owners keep a watchful eye when their dog is off its leash. Ibizan hounds are also protective and bark only when necessary—characteristics of a great guard dog,” describes Stacker.

Ibizan Hound
Ibizan Hound (Photo by Robert Schwarz on Unsplash)

“The Ibizan Hound originates from Ibiza, Spain, which is also where it gets its name. A member of the hound family, the Ibizan Hound is an agile, lean breed with serious speed. At its fastest, an Ibizan Hound can run up to 40 miles per hour. Known for their intelligence and engaging nature, Ibizan Hounds also love to entertain their owners. While they can act stubborn at times, they respond well to positive reinforcement,” notes A-Z Animals. 

“These bat-eared sweeties have the long, slim legs and bodies we’ve seen on the other fastest dog breeds, which explains their top speeds. Hailing from the Catalan region of Spain and France, Ibizan Hounds, or ‘Beezers,’ as their owners know them, were bred to hunt smaller game like rabbits. The smooth- or wire-coated red and white hounds are smart and playful, making good family dogs as long as they are properly socialized,” concludes Reader’s Digest.

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  1. Would like to let you know about dog breeds from Tamil Nadu in Southern India, called Chippiparai and Kanni which are probably the fastest dogs in India.

  2. Well the Anatolian @140lbs+ can reach speeds of 40mph.. or maintain 20 mpg for over 20mi…. so those spindle legged dogs are fast, but what happens when it’s time to throw down??! Anatolians have the entire package.. Speed, agility, power &tenacity!! Just sayin…you forgot one..

    1. You need to fact check yourself. Anatolians can not hold 20 mph for 20 miles. A Rhodesian Ridgeback can. Also most of the sight hound breeds especially a Borzoi or Scottish Deerhound would make short work of the comparatively slow Anatolian Sheppard. Anatolians are for guarding herds of animals, which they are great at doing. FYI Borzoi were bred to run down and catch wolves without getting hurt ,plus they have a jaw pressure that only Deerhounds and the Bully breeds surpass. Please don’t believe that YouTube/Discovery channel BS that Pits only bite with 230 psi. Lol. Who told you that Anatolians can run at 40 mph? First of all they can not. Except for the sight hound breeds all other dogs run with what is called ” single suspension rotary gallop”….. sight hound dogs run with ” double suspension rotary gallop” … In other words they run exactly like a cheetah ,just not as fast. Some Dobermans have this ability because Greyhounds were used in their development in the late 19th century when Herr Dobermann was developing a dog for the German army. Most dog breeds that are not sight hounds run in the 26 mph to 34 mph range usually for less than a hundred yards. The ultimate endurance canine is the wolf that can average 5 to 15 mph for up to 8 hours. The GPS tracking collars have confirmed this many times. Some have covered 100 miles in under 12 hours.

  3. Maybe you should have done the top 10, you left out a variety of sighthounds like the Whippets, Scottish Deerhound, Wolfhound, and many more.

  4. I have a mini Aussie doodle he just turned 1 years old on the 5th of this month of October his name is Max and he’s pretty damn fast for little guy he’s got some wheels on him

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