Smartest Dog Breeds: Top 5 Clever Canines, According To Experts

Many dogs are perfectly content to just hang out with you. But maybe you enjoy teaching your pup elaborate tricks or even need them to perform a job. In that case, you need a highly intelligent, trainable dog. While intelligence is an individual trait and not always easy to measure, some breeds perform better at certain tasks or are more trainable than the average canine — earning them the label “smart” from humans. But which pooches prove to be the brainiest? StudyFinds consulted the experts to find the top five smartest dog breeds. Keep reading to find out whether your doggo made the list!

As mentioned earlier, intelligence isn’t easy to measure and researchers employ different ways to do so. A team of Hungarian researchers, for instance, first examined two exceptionally talented dogs: border collie Whisky and Yorkshire terrier Vicky Nina. “We wanted to know under which conditions the gifted dogs may learn novel words. To test this, we exposed Whisky and Vicky Nina to the new words in two different conditions,” explained Claudia Fugazza, first author of the study. The researchers reported both dogs successfully learned a new toy’s name by playing with it, even after only hearing the word four times. The study then examined how well 20 other dogs remember new words using the same tests. Unlike Whisky and Vicky Nina, this group could not learn the new words after hearing them only four times. Whisky and Vicky Nina were much smarter than the average dog.

But even “average” dogs can learn plenty of new words and phrases with enough repetitions. Researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada discovered that the average canine appears to know around 89 words and phrases. While this is impressive, highly intelligent dogs respond to more than twice as many: over 200 words that their owners say. The researchers stated that the most responsive dog breeds included the Australian shepherd, border collie, German shepherd, bichon frise, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and chihuahua.

Did any of those breeds make our list? The answer is yes — one of them is the first and another lands third place. For our research, StudyFinds compared lists of the smartest dog breeds across ten expert websites and created our top five list based on the results. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it in the comments below!

adult black pug
Smart dog (Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash)

The List: Smartest Dog Breeds, According to Experts

1. Border Collie

The border collie is the smartest dog breed according to nine out of ten sources. “The Border Collie is a popular breed known for being the most intelligent dog breed worldwide,” states Canine Journal.

black and white border collie
Border collie (Photo by Will Gardiner on Unsplash)

A little bit of breed history by Daily Paws further explains why these dogs are so bright. “These brilliant herding dogs have kept flocks of sheep safe throughout Scotland and Wales for centuries, and shepherds often refer to them as ‘the perfect shepherding dog.’ In addition to learning cues quickly, these dogs are smart enough to learn and understand routines, and they can be trained to handle daily tasks without much supervision.”

Be warned, however, these dogs may be too smart and energetic to be mere companion dogs, depending on your lifestyle. “These pups are superstars in agility and obedience competitions, and they have exceptional problem-solving skills. The uber-trainable Border Collie is part of the herding group, so they are happiest when they have a job to do,” writes PetMD. “Their boundless energy means they can work for extended periods without tiring, so they’re excellent companions for farmers and ranchers. Puzzles and energy outlets like dog sports will help them live fulfilling lives if they’re not rounding up sheep on the farm.”

2. Poodle

Never mind the sometimes over-the-top hairstyles — poodles have much more to offer than looks! “Poodles have the reputation for being the prima donnas of the dog world, but they rank second in the first tier of dog intelligence,” knows HowStuffWorks. “Poodles were first bred in Germany as hunting dogs, but they’re much more versatile than border collies when it comes to being a pet. While they’re sporty and easily trainable, they also love human attention and family life.”

black poodle on green grass during daytime
Standard poodle (Photo by Hans Ole Benonisen on Unsplash)

And would you have guessed that poodles once were war heroes? “They’ve also been employed during wartime to deliver supplies to soldiers on the battlefield,” shares Reader’s Digest. “The job required obedience, steadfast focus, and clear-headed decision-making, and quick-learning poodles became the obvious choice.” The more you know!

“The Poodle is a dog breed that’s very dignified and proud – rightfully so,” says TheSmartCanine. “They are exceptionally quick learners and have been used to track down, hunt and retrieve a variety of game. Some Poodles are even bred to retrieve objects from the water. […] With such a high intelligence, it’s no surprise why Poodle mixes (like the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle) are super smart too.”

3. German Shepherd

This is probably less of a surprise than the poodle for most readers. After all, these dogs are known for being employed as police and military dogs, although they can do other jobs as well. “German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs, seeing eye dogs, medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs, so it’s no surprise that consistent obedience comes standard with this breed,” states Good Housekeeping.

brown and black german shepherd on green grass field
German shepherd (Photo by Jana Ohajdova on Unsplash)

Also not surprising: The German shepherd is originally a herding dog. “The German Shepherd is a breed that dates back only as far as 1899 when it was a working dog in Germany. The German Shepherd’s original purpose was for herding sheep and guarding them to ensure that predators didn’t decimate flocks. The strength of these dogs alone makes them ideal for guardians of sheep flocks, but so does the dog’s ability to be easily trained. […] They can make great family dogs as long as they have enough exercise and mental stimulation,” says Canine Journal.

According to Daily Paws, German shepherds are “one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States for a reason. With perhaps the greatest combination of size, athleticism, and intelligence in the entire dog kingdom, the German shepherd is prized for everything from show competitions to military and police work. Deeply loyal and eager to please, well-trained German shepherds make excellent family pets as well. The first genuine canine movie star — Rin Tin Tin — was a German shepherd, and that’s not a coincidence. They learn and retain new skills with alarming speed and consistency, and they have the physical gifts to accomplish truly astonishing feats — in their younger years at least.”

4. Golden Retriever

Mostly known for being friendly (and fluffy), golden retrievers are also clever! “With training, Golden Retrievers can excel in various tasks such as hunting, retrieving, obedience, and even service and therapy work,” writes PetMD. “Their ability to learn quickly and respond well to commands means they’re relatively easy to train with a pocket full of treats to reward their food-motivated minds.”

golden retriever with black collar
Golden retriever (Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash)

According to TheSmartCanine, “Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America. They are almost perfect dogs for any type of owner, which explains their immense popularity. Obviously, they’re wicked smart and one of the most trainable dog breeds. […] Whatever task you hand their way, they will take to heart and perform to the best of their abilities. Goldens can do it all. Plus, they are the perfect feel-good family dog.”

Finally, Daily Paws summarizes that “in addition to being some of the friendliest dogs alive, [golden retrievers are] also among the smartest. It’s why they make excellent service and therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, hunting dogs, and champions in field and obedience competitions.”

5. Doberman Pinscher

The doberman is more than a guard dog, though he or she excels at the job. “The original intent in creating the Doberman breed was to combine intelligence, loyalty, speed, ferocity, strength, and endurance to result in a dog that would quickly and easily protect its master,” knows Canine Journal.

black and tan doberman pinscher
Doberman pinscher (Photo by Anna Kozakova on Unsplash)

“But as intimidating as this fierce-looking dog breed may appear, the breed is actually known for being quite gentle. That, and they’re among the dogs that take amazingly well to training,” explains Reader’s Digest.

“The Dobermann [original German spelling] has massive strength, size, speed and endurance. Like the German Shepherd, they’re fantastic police dogs. Because of all their amazing physical attributes, along with high intelligence, Dobermans are often called ‘war dogs.’ […] They served in the Second Battle of Guam in 1944 and many of them died for the country in that war. Still, Dobermans make great family dogs because of their intense devotion. If you’re looking for a dignified companion that will protect you and your family at all cost, you’ve found the dog,” adds TheSmartCanine.

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  1. I’ve had 3 Dobermans and can tell you they are the most loyal, loving, devoted, and intelligent dog you will ever know. This breed is for an active person with an active lifestyle, because they need to exercise for their physical and mental health. Otherwise, expect to come home to damage or to an unhappy dog who won’t listen to you. You need to spend time with this breed and train them correctly, which will also help you bond with him/her. Just my thoughts.

    1. I personally think you missed the mark buy abit by not adding the pitbull very intelligent 🧠

  2. Actually the Belgian Malinois was just tested and beat out the Border Collie for the #1 smartest dog….

    1. University of Helsinki did this study and it was more indepth than any previously. Anyone who has had a Malinois and one of these other 5 breeds can recognize how much smarter they are.

  3. In the twenty plus years of owning and working with Shiba Inus, especially the females, I have found them to be very intelligent, capable of learning large vocabularies and information. As these dogs were hunters sent out independently to find game, they developed problem solving skills. I have watched the Shibas be handed a problem and then go off to think about that problem and come back with a successful solution for the problem. This happens time after time. Shibas think on par with German Shepherds and Poodles and frankly having owned a Border Collie, my Shiba can problem solve as effectively as any of the named 5 breeds in the article. About time someone realized how very intelligent Shibas are.

  4. Good Day what about the Labrador Retriever should be there on your list as all Labradors are smart.

  5. I have an SFT bitch, now twelve. She was rendered deaf at a week old during a fight between her mother and another dog, as she was shaken like a rat. I rescued her from being put down , at 9 weeks. She is the smartest dog i have owned in a 75 year life with dogs. She readily learned all the hand signals, she learned to read my body language very quickly. Extraordinary dog also taught herself to mob my husband, who was a diabetic, when his sugars were wrong. She is still with me, and i pray for another year or more with her companionship.

  6. ALL dogs are smart, its the humans who are Stupid!!

    How are measuring “smartness?.


    A dog lover

  7. Whoever is doing this rating needs to take a look at a little known breed, the Kooikerhondje, a Dutch tolling dog. I had a series of Golden Retrievers over the years, but when I decide to downsize a bit I got a Kooikerhondje. She was the smartest dog I have ever had or even known. I’d put her up against any Border Collie and expect her to dominate.

  8. I had owned many different breeds of dogs in my years.I was always very particular in my selection,concerned mostly to thoroughly research a breed to make sure they were one of gentle temperment.My concern was for my fellow man above all else.
    The last dog I owned was a Landseer Newfoundland,Lavinia.Her intelligence was so remarkable that I nearly lost sight of the fact that she was not human.Her understanding of human language ( both English and Italian) at times was frightening.So much so that,like a human child,I would have to remove myself to another room to whisper any conversation I did not wish her to overhear.And her memory was sharper than any mortal I’ve ever encountered. With no such training whatsoever on my part,she learned to communicate her wants by tapping me on the knee and politely making me go through a litany of named items until I would ultimately mouth out the word for whatever it was she wanted from me. I was often so tired that I would find myself saying,”Oh for God’s sake,Baby Girl,quit fooling around and just speak. I know damned well you can”.
    But perhaps most remarkable was the range,the depth,and the expression of emotions we humans are only believed to be capable of. Joy,sadness,you name it.And jealousy. Lavinia didn’t just love me,she was IN LOVE with me.To quite an embarrassing degree at times.I couldn’t speak words of affection to anyone else without her interrupting to display her dismay.And God forbid I greet anyone with kisses reserved for her.She would let out a howl like a grizzly bear and would throw a tantrum.And then I would have to go through the embarassing scene of having to openly explain to the person with her in witness that I did not love them,I loved only my Lavinia,before she would stop snubbing me.Otherwise her sulking and her deliberate disobedience might go on for hours.My own wife had to tolerate years of getting her kiss secondly as I’d come home from work,otherwise there was no peace in the house until I’d grovel and formally apologize.Thankfully my wife was a real sport about it.Nothing worse than an unruly brat who weighed more than her.
    Lavinia was the life of every party and the most welcomed conversationalist to every neighbor’s ear.She was never motivated by food or treats,only human contact and meaningful discourse. And love and attention,of course.
    I was lucky enough to have her for twice the average lifespan of a Newfie,15 years. And,if there is a heaven and I make it there,I have little doubt that she’ll greet me at the gates.And I’ll finally get to learn what her human voice sounds like.I just hope it’s in English,her Italian was always better than mine anyway.🤣

  9. I have two Pitbulls, one AKC miniature poodle and AKC Havanese. All were quick learners and only barker is the Havanese. They are very lovable and sweet.

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