Most Energetic Dog Breeds: Top 5 Hyper Hounds For Active Pet Parents

When it comes to energy and enthusiasm, certain dog breeds stand out from the rest. High-octane canines possess an unparalleled zest for life, thriving on physical activity and mental stimulation. They’re always ready to embark on new adventures, making them perfect companions for those with an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a pup that can keep up, read on to discover canine experts’ top picks for the most energetic dog breeds.

For hyper hounds, music may soothe their souls. In a study conducted by the Scottish SPCA, researchers explored the impact of different music genres on dogs’ behavior. Surprisingly, reggae music and soft rock emerged as having the most significant positive effects. While classical music has long been known for its calming influence, this study shed new light on the subject, highlighting the potential of various music genres to create a soothing environment for our furry friends. This opens up exciting possibilities for using music to enhance the well-being of dogs.

Do owners really tend to look like their dogs? That verdict is still out, but there is science backing that they act like them! A study by Michigan State University revealed that dogs’ moods and personality traits can be influenced by their owners. The research found a strong connection between owners’ personalities, emotional states and their pets’ behavior. Happier owners tended to have more active and excitable dogs, while those with higher negative emotions had dogs that were more fearful and less responsive to training. Extroverted owners were more likely to have active dogs, while agreeable owners had dogs that displayed less fear and aggression. These findings emphasize the complex relationship between human and canine behavior, underscoring the importance of creating a positive environment for both.

Regardless of environment, hyperactivity may be a result of “nature.” The University of Helsinki conducted a study which found that dogs can exhibit behavioral conditions similar to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in humans. Factors such as gender, age, breed and the level of attention provided by owners play a role in the development of this condition in dogs. Puppies and male dogs were found to be more prone to ADHD-like behavior. Additionally, an owner’s behavior, lack of attention, extended periods of solitude and inadequate exercise, contributed to behavioral changes in dogs. Understanding and meeting the needs of energetic dogs is crucial to promote their well-being and prevent the onset of ADHD-like symptoms.

Overall, owning an energetic dog breed can be a highly rewarding experience for those who can match their energy levels and provide the necessary physical and mental stimulation. These dogs form deep and enduring bonds with their owners, bringing unmatched joy, playfulness and companionship. So, if you’re an active individual or a family seeking a lively addition to your household, one of the top five most energetic dog breeds might be the perfect fit for you. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed one!

The List: Most Energetic Dog Breeds, According to Canine Experts

1. Border Collie

Border Collies are widely recognized as the most active dog breed, renowned for their unparalleled energy levels and exceptional agility. Proud Dog Mom advises against letting them get bored: “Border Collies were originally bred as working dogs and certainly have the energy level to prove it! While they make good family pets, make sure to get them exercise. Without exercise, Border Collies will get bored. That’s not good for the dog’s mental health or your couch!” 

black and white border collie
Border collie (Photo by Will Gardiner on Unsplash)

One way to protect your couch? Run with them! “The Border Collie is intelligent with a high drive and tons of energy. They make great running partners,” says Modern Dog Magazine.

BetterPet recommends they do agility training, writing, “Border collies are among the smartest, most athletic dogs out there. Originating from sheepdogs, their natural instinct is to chase and herd. Their strong work drive makes them fast learners and easily trainable. They do especially well with agility training.

2. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their highly active nature, making them one of the most energetic dog breeds. With their boundless energy and tireless enthusiasm, Jack Russell Terriers are always up for any adventure.

Cute dog
Jack Russell Terrier (Photo by Victor Grabarczyk for on Unsplash)

Ultimate Pet Nutrition sheds some light on the breed: “Originally a hunting dog, these pups love to run. And, they’re the perfect size to share some high energy playtime with young kids.” 

VetStreet definitely digs this dog: “The JRT, also known in AKC circles as the Parson Russell Terrier, can be wildly intelligent and extremely active. He was bred for active work, and if left without a full-time job (like hunting rats or competing in earthdog trials and terrier races), well, he’ll find something to do. Something like excavate your garden, since digging is one of his favorite pastimes.” 

“These active dogs are always up for anything. Intelligent and spunky, these canines will find something destructive to do if they are not given something to do,” warns TopDogTips


3. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, are not just the stars of the kids’ TV show “Bluey”, but they’re incredibly high-energy dogs, reflecting their working heritage. With their alertness, reliability and tenacity, Australian Cattle Dogs thrive in active environments and make excellent adventure companions.

Australian Cattle Dog in a meadow of flowers
Australian Cattle Dog in a meadow of flowers (Photo by Iryna Dobrovynska on Shutterstock)

PureWow highlights, “Australian Cattle Dogs were bred centuries ago in Australia using DNA from the wild Dingoes of the outback. So, yes. They are high energy. Get ready to party (run around and solve puzzles) when you have an Australian Cattle Dog.” 

“These canines are about as rough and tumble as they look! Alert, reliable and tenacious, they were bred to withstand a hostile landscape as they helped drive beef cattle across thousands of square miles of Outback territory,” says The Pioneer Woman.

“‘High-energy’ is an understatement when it comes to the Australian Cattle Dog. They’ll enthusiastically follow you to the ends of the Earth. You can expect a super loyal adventure buddy from this breed,” raves Pets Love to Know.

4. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are renowned for their exceptional energy levels and athleticism. These intelligent and versatile dogs excel in various activities but require ample physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them engaged and content.

black white and brown long coated dog
Australian Shepherd (Photo by Ilona Frey on Unsplash)

According to Wag!, “When you bring an Australian Shepherd home, be prepared to take care of a smart pup who is bound to make a bit of mischief when they have a lot of energy. These pups mostly worked as farm hands, and although they are easy to train and adapt well to their surroundings, they need to run and play, too!”

IHeartDogs recommends them for highly active homes: “This herding breed is also still used to work stock on ranches and farms, and even those bred to be pets maintain the energy necessary to do the job. Therefore, they need regular exercise to make sure they stay happy and healthy while living in your home.”

DogPack calls them, “One of the most versatile dog breeds that exist today.” Then goes on to say, “The high energy and working mentality of the Australian Shepherd allow them to excel in competitive dog sports, police-related work and even thrive as guidance dogs.”

5. Weimaraner

Weimaraners are a breed known for their impressive energy levels and need for regular exercise. With their sleek and elegant appearance, these active dogs thrive on physical activity and mental stimulation, making them ideal companions for active individuals or families.

Weimaraner (Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez)

The Spruce Pets states, “The Weimaraner was bred for hunting and continues to have that drive to be on the move, running long distances. These dogs tend to be friendly and affectionate, though some can be hyperactive. Without structured training and a tremendous amount of exercise each day, Weimaraners can become stressed or destructive.”

Insider cuts right to the point that this breed is VERY active, as in: “Active an average of 90.32 minutes a day.” 

“The Weimaraner (named after the Court of Weimar) was originally used by noblemen in Germany during the 1800s to hunt bears, wolves and mountain lions, but as these became more rare, they hunted birds, rabbits and foxes. The breed needs lots of exercise and proper training so it is better suited to experienced owners. They do not like to be left alone and can suffer from anxiety if they are,” writes PetsRadar


If you lead an active lifestyle, one of these breeds could be your new best friend! 

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