Most Beautiful Dog Breeds: Top 5 Gorgeous Canines Most Recommended By Experts

If you are a dog lover, then you know that each dog has something special, no matter their breed. Some may even be funny looking, but you love them no matter what. You can’t deny that some breeds have majestic looks that make them stand out. If you want your pooch to turn heads, then check out our list of the most beautiful dog breeds. 

You love your dog, and you know your dog loves you, but have you ever wondered why your little fur buddy loves you? It’s in their blood, literally. Researchers have found a genetic difference between dogs and wolves that explains why man’s best friend is so full of love. Thousands of years ago, early humans tried to feed wild wolves to use them to hunt and for protection. Some of the wolves took the free food and became the ancestors of domesticated dogs. The wolves that spurned early humans’ food stayed wild. The study by animal scientists at Oregon State University sheds more light on the differences in behavior between wolves and dogs. It’s the first to use genetic and behavioral data to try and understand how the domestication of wolves affected their genetics and shaped dogs’ behavior on a molecular level. Pretty cool, right?

In addition to the love you receive from your dog, there are some other benefits. It turns out man’s best friend is taking a real bite out of crime! Researchers from The Ohio State University have found that neighborhoods that are home to more dogs also experience less crime — including murder and assault. A lot of this has to do with trust. Study authors found that, overall, communities are safer when people have more trust in their neighbors. However, crime dropped even further in neighborhoods with high levels of trust and more dogs. Researchers say you don’t have to have an actual “watchdog” to keep your streets safe. Their results suggest that more people walking their dogs puts more “eyes on the street,” which discourages criminals from committing both violent and non-violent crimes. Comforting to know!

We understand. If you are dog-obsessed, then you love all breeds. But isn’t it fun to admire the ones that always sweep the awards at dog shows? StudyFinds researched 10 expert websites to find five of the most beautiful dog breeds to gawk at. If you think your dog should be on this list, please let us know in the comments below.

four dogs on park
Dogs in the park (Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash)

The List: Most Beautiful Dog Breeds, According to Experts

1. Irish Setter

Irish Setters have a sleek build and luscious locks that match no other. Unlike other dog breeds that have frizzy or non-existent fur. “The Irish Setter is often referred to as the ‘rambunctious redhead,'” says Brorsen. “They are well known for being great with families, especially small children. Just remember—they require patience when training and have a gentle demeanor, so positive reinforcement is a must,” informs Yahoo.

Irish Setter
Irish Setter (Photo by Gary Sandoz on Unsplash)

If you aren’t into daily pet maintenance, you should pass on getting an Irish Setter. Its coat requires regular brushing to keep it mat-free. “These dogs get along with just about everyone. They can get along with smaller animals as long as they are introduced from a young age. Otherwise, they may see them as prey animals. This dog is extremely affectionate with their family and strangers alike. They are an active breed, so they require regular walks. They are trainable but can have selective hearing when they are paying attention to something else – like a wild animal or another dog,” boasts Pet Keen.

The Irish Setter’s moderately long coat comes in chestnut or red. They are stunning and smart all in one. “Easy to care for and easy to please are this pup’s endearing qualities. They are great family pets with enough love to go around to everyone, and they love to take all that energy and share it with you!” says Wag Walking.

2. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is easily considered to be one of the most beautiful dogs due to their unique, multicolored patterns. One innocent warning, they are herders. Hepper warns, “They have an innate need to herd anything and everything—including children, other dogs, and cars. This instinct makes them difficult to handle sometimes, mostly because their herding can sometimes involve nipping. They’re also very active pets and can be too much dog for the average, sedentary pet owner. They are also brilliant, which means you’ll have to keep them entertained.”

Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd (Photo by Iliya Jokic on Umsplash)

A physical attribute that sticks out most for the Australian Shepard is their eyes. “Their often crystal-clear blue eyes are one of the unique features that land them on the list of the most beautiful dog breeds. These canines can even have two different colored eyes,” boasts Top Dog Tips.

Despite the “herding” warning Australian Shepherds do love to play. They are friendly and cheerful and are great with kids and other animals, but keep them busy. “Australian Shepards are an active breed that is known to become destructive when not given enough exercise or if they get bored. Many Australian dogs are content to live in apartments in urban areas as long as they have access to outdoor space for running around and plenty of enrichment like puzzle feeders and inside dog toys. The perfect owner of an Australian shepherd is as committed to their pet as their pet is to them,” warns AZ Animals.  

3. Saluki

One of the oldest dog breeds idolized for years, the Saluki has been the companion of the most legendary rulers in history. Best Life elaborates, “‘The Saluki’s beauty has been a thing of wonder for thousands of years,’ says Travis Brorsen, a pet expert for Animal Planet, celebrity dog trainer, host of My Big Fat Pet Makeover, and judge on the Discovery Plus series The Dog Games. ‘It’s a member of the hound group and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This sighthound was a favorite of kings, ancient pharaohs, and even Alexander the Great.’

Short-coated Saluki
Short-coated Saluki (Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash)

Salukis are affectionate, loyal, and great for families, but they are also independent and reserved with strangers. This makes it challenging for some dog owners. “Thousands of years ago, these hunting hounds were bred to hunt for kings. They’re slim and have very long legs, which makes them perfectly balanced. They are incredibly athletic and stand decently tall, with males being much taller than females. They come in many different colors and patterns,” informs Hepper.

You notice a Saluki’s beauty when they are standing still, but good luck, because they are energetic, fast, and happiest when running around. “Given their nature, it is important to think carefully before adding one of these pups to your family. They’re very endearing dogs who’ll love flopping their fluffy ears on your lap from time to time, but they can be tricky to train, and they need acres of fenced-in space to roam,” says K9 of Mine.

4. Standard Poodle

When you think of a poodle, you may think “fancy.” Poodles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it really comes down to the groomer. “As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Standard Poodle is the quintessential fancy dog and is a breed that’s well known for its beautiful, and extremely varied, grooming styles,” says Best Life.

Poodle playing in the grass
Poodle playing in the grass (Photo by Kieran Wood on Unsplash)

There are tons of styles just for the Standard Poodle ranging from the classic lion cut to the much fancier cupcake cut and everything in between. “Despite their comical appearance, poodles are actually very intelligent dogs. They can be used for agility trials, nose work (they’re often used to seek out truffles hidden on the forest floor), or anything involving water, as they love to swim. They’re also fantastic therapy dogs, and standard poodles are occasionally used as guard dogs,” explains K9 of Mine.

It’s safe to say that poodles are stereotypically pretty. They are known for awkward hairdos, but mostly simple short clips. “Poodles come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. They are incredibly athletic and very smart. They are not a breed for your average dog owner but can make great companions for those with the time to dedicate to them,” states Hepper.

5. Samoyed

Samoyeds are praised for their luxurious fur, unlike others who are known for their athletic build. “‘Samoyeds have a thick, luxurious coat that makes them one of the most beautiful dog breeds,’ Daniel Caughill, a canine expert and co-founder of The Dog Tale, tells Best Life. ‘They were bred as sled dogs in some of the coldest parts of the planets, which means they’re hardworking, energetic, and love to play in the snow,‘” reflects Yahoo.

A Samoyed sitting beside a mountain lake
A Samoyed sitting beside a mountain lake (Photo by Jf Brou on Unsplash)

These dogs remain playful throughout much of their life and are quite active. They enjoy anything that involves running around with their family. “The white, fluffy dog is absolutely adorable. They are herding dogs used by the Samoyedic people to herd reindeer. They are friendly and love just about everyone, which makes them suitable family dogs. They are constantly alert and look quite happy. Some people even describe them as smiling. They do have a tendency to bark, so some people utilize them as alert dogs. However, they do not make good guard dogs due to their friendly nature,” informs Pet Keen

It is important to note that Samoyeds are somewhat prone to specific diseases. For instance, more severe in male dogs is a rare kidney disorder that runs in their bloodline. Topping Wag Walking’s list of most beautiful dog breeds they boast, “They have a thick, white coat that reminds you of a polar bear! Huggability is this pup’s gift to its owner. And to give back to this pup, a cold climate is much appreciated to keep them happy. Their medium size makes them a great choice for any lifestyle, and their pretty faces are just a bonus!”

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  1. Hi Guys.

    I love yiur list, but surely the Rough Collie is the most beautiful. It’s coulouring, coat, slim muzzle, bearing and regal nature ar unique.

    And the Bearded Collie, Old English Sheepdog..

    Finally, as a Golden Sammy ‘owner’ we take exception to the dog by the lake being described as a Samoyed! Definitely a Golden Sam:) Which is, BTW, an exceptional Cross.

  2. Yes your choices were good. I believe the Bernese Mountain Dog are more beautiful then the Poddle

  3. I definitely think that the rough collie (think Lassie) should be included on any list of beautiful dog breeds.

  4. I’m sorry but you totally forgot The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There is no face more endearing or gorgeous! Standard poodles are not beautiful, smart but nothing to look at.

  5. Not only are Australian Shepherds beautiful, but also very perceptive. My Aussie nudged me awake one morning and gently “pushed” me down the hall to where my mom was staying. She had gone into a diabetic coma! Needless to say, our boy Blue saved her life!

  6. I don’t know why no one ever say anything about American Eskimo Spitz? They are very easy to train and very smart! Very loyal and so beautiful!!!

  7. It saddens me that the Chinese Crested Powder Puff is not listed. They are known for their grace and agility, as well as their lean bodies and gorgeous coats of hair. They are incredibly smart, loyal and known for their tricks as well. A rare breed indeed, but do not forget these small, but mighty friends

  8. My Black Lab Evy is the most beautiful dog HANDS DOWN. Rescued her off the streets when she was 2 yrs. Old. She had 4 types of worms. I sat up all night with her for a week because she was struggling to breathe due to heart worms. Vet wouldn’t treat her until we got custody even though I wanted her treated immediately because of her condition. She has been our dog since 2018. She is the most loving and thankful dog since she found her forever home. Thank you Jesus!

  9. My goodness I know you only had 10 to choose from but I just knew the Keeshond would be in this list.. close to the top.
    My boy is magnificent.

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