What Are The 7 Best Electric Convertibles, According To Car Experts?

Electric convertibles crackle with a unique blend of thrills. The wind-in-your-hair joy of classic convertibles marries with the eco-conscious buzz of electric power. Imagine carving canyons bathed in sunshine, zero emissions purring beneath your roar, guilt-free grins widening with every twist and turn. No wonder they’re driving excitement across the consumer landscape. Want to hop on the bandwagon? We turned to nine trusted expert sources to compile this list of the best electric convertibles powered by the next generation of technology. Let us know your thoughts on these cool cars in the comments below!

The List: Best Electric Convertibles Most Recommended By Experts

1. Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster (Tesla.com)
The Tesla Roadster (Tesla.com)

Tesla Roadster zooms back with electric fire! Zero-to-sixty in under two seconds, 620-mile range, and pure rocket-powered fun. Buckle up! While production was slightly delayed, this coveted all-wheel-drive sports car is now available to order, according to Electric Drives.

But there’s a twist! This new Roadster isn’t a full convertible; it features a targa top that folds back over the driver and passenger seats, making it perfect for enjoying the open air with a touch of protection. So, you can relish the wind in your hair and the thrill of the electric drive, all in a sleek, compact four-seater.

Now, let’s talk about the specs that have Top Gear buzzing with excitement. This Roadster is a true speed demon! They rave about its mind-blowing acceleration, going from zero-to-sixty mph in a jaw-dropping 1.9 seconds, and hitting 100 mph in a mere 4.2 seconds. That’s not all – rumors suggest a top speed exceeding 250 mph, thanks to a trifecta of powerful electric motors propelling you forward!

CoPilot echoes the excitement, highlighting the significant advancements in this new iteration. It is sure to leave other Teslas in the dust, and the anticipated range of up to 620 miles means you can embark on longer journeys without worrying about stopping to recharge. Plus, they point out a welcome change – unlike the two-seater design of the first generation, this new Roadster offers comfortable seating for four!

2. Abarth 500 Electric Cabrio

Wind whips around you as the Abarth Convertible roars to life. Italian spirit unleashed, its open-air thrills, sun-kissed curves, and pure driving joy in every gear. Buckle up for the Abarth 500e Cabrio, the head-turning electric convertible that injects a dose of Italian flair into the eco-friendly driving experience.

This feisty Fiat sibling boasts a powerful electric motor churning out 152 horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque – that’s enough zip to make your heart race and leave a smile plastered on your face. TopElectricSUV likes the selectable driving modes, letting you tailor the Abarth to your mood. Cruise in chill “Turismo” mode for maximum efficiency, or unleash the beast in “Scorpion Track” mode for an exhilarating ride.

But the Abarth 500e Cabrio isn’t all about power – it’s a looker too! Top Speed points out the sporty 17-inch alloy wheels emblazoned with the iconic Abarth scorpion logo. Step inside and you’re greeted by a modern cabin featuring a sleek 10.25-inch touchscreen display alongside a digital instrument cluster – all the tech you need for a comfortable and connected ride. Plus, Top Speed emphasizes the convenience of the fast-charging capability, allowing you to juice up the battery to 80% in just 35 minutes – perfect for those spontaneous weekend getaways!

Nexus sums up the Abarth 500e Cabrio’s magic perfectly: it’s the perfect blend of style, performance, and eco-friendly power. With a convertible roof overhead, a thrilling electric motor under the hood, and an impressive 199-mile range, this electric scorpion is ready to sting the competition and redefine open-air motoring.

3. Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6E

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6E
Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6E (bentleymedia.com)

Bentley EXP 12: electric future meets head-turning coupe. This tech-laden dream glides on silent power with futuristic grace. Remember that stunning electric Bentley unveiled in 2017? Electric Drives explains that this concept car was built to gauge customer interest and showcase Bentley’s capabilities in the EV world. It followed in the footsteps of the EXP 10 Speed 6 coupe concept, a hybrid that debuted two years earlier, hinting at Bentley’s commitment to exploring alternative fuel sources.

Fast forward to today, and the EXP 12 Speed 6e continues to turn heads. While the exterior retains the classic Bentley elegance, Top Gear points out a revolutionary twist in the cabin. Imagine ditching the traditional steering wheel for a sleek yoke design, and settling into futuristic “pods” designed to position you between the batteries rather than on top – a space-age concept that prioritizes comfort and a lower center of gravity! Top Gear can’t help but marvel at Bentley’s forward-thinking approach.

HC says Bentley stays true to its design heritage with the EXP 12 Speed 6e, incorporating their signature haunch and seamlessly integrating modern features like rearview cameras and a dynamic LED front grille.

4. Mini Electric Convertible

Top-down EV freedom bursts to life in the Mini Electric Convertible. Free-wheeling charm meets zero-emissions zip, zooming from beach to bistro. While the 2023 Mini Cooper Electric offers a taste of electric driving, CoPilot acknowledges its slightly limited range of 110 miles on a full charge. But fear not, budget-minded electric car lovers – the convertible version is set to arrive by 2025, making open-air electric adventures more affordable than ever! The demand is clearly there, and Mini is listening.

Electric Drives anticipates a big hit with Mini fans, pointing to the overwhelmingly positive response to a one-off concept car revealed in 2022. They envision a slick-looking electric convertible that will turn heads with the top up or down – a perfect blend of classic Mini charm and eco-friendly innovation. Sunsets will never be the same behind the wheel of this zero-emissions cabriolet!

Top Gear sheds light on the technical specs for this exciting new Mini. Similar to the standard electric Mini, the convertible will likely come in a single-motor configuration, featuring a punchy 182-horsepower electric motor paired with a 32.6kWh battery. While the range might be slightly shorter than the hatchback version (think 125 miles versus 145 miles), that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying scenic cruises with the top down and the wind in your hair.

5. MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster (mg.co.uk)
MG Cyberster (mg.co.uk)

The futuristic electric roadster is reborn. MG Cyberster zips to open-air thrills with instant torque and retro-meets-future flair. HC highlights the car’s most captivating feature – the interior. Imagine stepping into a real-life gaming pod: a controller for a steering wheel and a trio of monitors forming a panoramic display – it’s like piloting your favorite racing game but in the real world! Get ready to experience electric driving unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And the best part? The estimated price point is fairly attainable for most people.

TopElectricSUV echoes the excitement, emphasizing the interior’s futuristic design that outshines the competition. They describe a cockpit that feels like it’s straight out of a cutting-edge video game, featuring three coordinated screens and a yoke steering wheel – a clear nod to both comfort and providing an unobstructed view of the virtual and real worlds.

But the MG Cyberster isn’t all about pushing boundaries inside the cabin; Top Speed points out the exterior’s equally impressive features. This electric sports car boasts a sleek, powerful profile with a distinctive dual-stage shoulder line and a sharp, aerodynamic rear end. Unique “hacker blade” alloy wheels and digital LED taillights that project a custom image add the finishing touches to this head-turning design, all while subtly hinting at MG’s British heritage. So, whether you crave a thrilling electric driving experience or a taste of the automotive future, the MG Cyberster is a concept car that promises to blur the lines between reality and the digital world.


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