Pair of people tandem skydiving.

Tandem skydiving (Photo by Kamil Pietrzak on Unsplash)

The United States is a mecca for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, offering a myriad of breathtaking locations for skydiving experiences. From coast to coast, adrenaline junkies can soar through the skies and witness stunning landscapes that make the jump even more exhilarating. Let’s explore some of the best places to skydive in the U.S., each promising an unforgettable and adrenaline-pumping adventure for daredevils of all levels.

What makes someone a thrill seeker? It might also be that the desire for jumping out of a plane could have to do with your age. One survey reports that people feel most adventurous at age 30, though we know plenty of seniors who would happily challenge that notion.

So, let’s say you’re an adventurer at heart, and you want to skydive. How do you find the best place to do it? Well, the best option may be to just go to the skydiving center that’s closest to you. That’s because if you end up loving the freefall, you’ll be able to go again soon. Oh, and if you’re a resident of California or Florida, you’re in luck because there are over 20 drop zones in each of those states. 

But regardless of where you live, below you’ll find five of the best places to skydive that are top-rated by thrill-seeking experts. Ready to jump in? Read on for our list of which dropzones are continually recommended by adrenaline junkies and pros.

The List: Best Skydiving Spots in The U.S., According to Travel Pros

1. Skydive Hawaii Waialua, Hawaii

According to Travel Triangle, “When you talk about the Skydive Hawaii, you should know that it is popular for its 360-degree ocean views. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful dropzones in the world. Skydive Hawaii is the oldest and most crucial skydiving destination in the USA … famous for providing the highest jumps and longest hours of operation.” That’s right, high jumps and highly beautiful. 

View from above over Keawaula beach in Waialua, Hawaii.
View from above over Keawaula beach in Waialua, Hawaii (Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash)

Tropical blue waters, white sand beaches, lush forests – few places in the U.S. can compete with the beauty of the Aloha State. And what better way to experience that remarkable scenery than with a bird’s-eye view?” asks The Culture Trip.  

“Tandem skydiving with Skydive Hawaii is the most secure way to experience skydiving for the first time. You’ll sail through the sky at 120 miles per hour enjoying the stunning views as you gently descend to earth with your instructor after a few minutes of instruction,” mentions CEOWORLD.

2. Skydive Arizona — Eloy, Arizona

CEOWORLD recommends this spot for its wind tunnel, saying, “The first thing to welcome you to Skydive Arizona will be the sight of the on-campus wind tunnel within easy reach. That is the one reason that skydivers come to SDAZ (Skydive Arizona) from everywhere throughout the world to sharpen their skydiving chops.”

“Arizona skydiving is a unique experience, providing great views of well-known landmarks and some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet … customers free fall at 120 miles per hour, enjoying great views from above such landmarks as Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and of course, the Las Vegas Strip,” adds Sports Websites.

“Excellent staff, great facilities, fine weather, state of the art equipment,” lists Travel Triangle. “It could be the best skydiving in the USA without any doubt.”

3. Skydive Deland — Deland, Florida

Nicknamed the skydiving capital of the world, there is a lot of skydiving in Florida, but Deland is unique. The administration maintains tight control over everything, the office is large, and the raucous educational program draws a large and diverse group of international jumpers. Regardless, Deland is, by all accounts, facilitating an important abilities camp,” says Yoair.

And if the skydiving wasn’t good enough, there’s even a restaurant“The on-site restaurant flutters with optimistic energy. And if you’re looking for something posher than dropzone diner food after a long day in the sky, you’re in luck as the downtown of Deland is foodie heaven,” according to Awe365.

Even better, Travel Triangle says it is one of the cheapest options.

4. Skydive Oregon — Molalla, Oregon

A nature lover’s paradise. Attractions Of America says, “If green is your color, come to Molalla to see green all around as you fall from the sky. The green may be capped with white as you view mountains Hood, Rainier, St. Helens, the Three Sisters, and occasionally, Shasta. How often can you view mountains in three states all at the same time?” 

And RoamRight agrees, writing: “What makes skydiving in Oregon so special is the picturesque scenery. Oregon is known for its bright shades of emerald green, which ensures breathtaking views. Skydivers can take in some of America’s most epic mountains including Mount St. Helen, Rainier, and the Three Sisters in the distance. The vibrant landscapes make this an outdoor enthusiast’s dream and will keep you coming back for more.”

5. Alaska Skydive Center — Wasilla, Alaska

The “coolest” place on our list, “this is a great destination to have a freefall as you’ll be wowed with the scenery of the city. Prepare to see the rugged snowy mountain, ice-blue glaciers, magnificent Denali, and all the wild beauty Alaska has to offer. You may also have the opportunity to see a reindeer on a nearby farm. Skydiving across Wasilla allows you to have a perfect view of nature at its best,” describes Thefyslife

It’s a must-do for Long Island Skydiving: “Ah, Alaska: the drama of the tundra; the mystery of the forest; the unspoiled wonder of its soaring mountain ranges. To gaze upon an Alaskan landscape is to look into geologic history; to muse about the intrepid explorers that first cobbled together cabins in its wilderness. Can you imagine seeing it from 10,000 feet? Better not imagine; better just do.”

Have you been skydiving before? Do you want to go? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Scott says:

    As a tandem Instructor with thousands of jumps, at Skydive AZ, I can assure you, neither the Hoover Dam nor the Las Vegas skyline will be visible from your 13k jump.

    In fact, the only truth here is that you will fall at roughly 120mph

  2. Craig J Rebello says:

    Skydive New England in Lebanon ME has all of these places beat. Views of the white mountains to the north and Atlantic Coast to the east, 18000 halo jumps every Friday. It’s a private airfield with all the amenities needed to never go back to the real world. We have two turbine aircraft, a swoop pond for dragging water or swinging on hot summer days or nights. Our cafe doubles as a night club and is right next to our famous bonfire pit. Wayyyy too many cool things to list but will end the list with the Staff and Funjumpers being the most welcoming and some of the most knowledgeable skydivers you will ever meet.