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The seltzer market has witnessed an unprecedented explosion, transforming from a niche segment of carbonated beverages into a booming industry. Stroll through the soda section of any grocery store, and you’ll find a dizzying selection of bubbly waters, ranging from the simplest of flavors to an assortment of fruity options. There’s also hard seltzer, a type of alcoholic beverage that combines carbonated water with alcohol, but we are focusing on the best seltzers in the non-alcoholic realm that anyone can enjoy!

Are you a self-proclaimed seltzer lover? We have compiled this list of the best seltzers and sparkling water on the market, according to experts across nine popular websites. Did we miss one you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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The List: Best Seltzers and Sparkling Water on Grocery Store Shelves

1. Spindrift

Spindrift Sparkling Water, 4 Flavor Variety Pack
Spindrift Sparkling Water, 4 Flavor Variety Pack

This tops our list because it’s made with real fruit juice. It not only tastes good but also looks great in a glass. Registered Dietician Alanna Waldron told Women’s Health magazine, that Spindrift “tastes the most natural” without any added natural flavors. It comes in many flavors including the newest one, “Grapeade,” which is not only purple but has a “nostalgic, grape soda-like flavor.”

Good Housekeeping agrees, saying the brand has “the perfect level of carbonation and splash of real fruit juice.” It’s a great selection to help cool you down after a workout or a day at the pool. Pick up a variety pack so you can sample all the different flavors.

Taste is what propels this brand to the top. According to Very Well Fit, it’s “super fresh” with a “fruity and slightly sour taste” as if you “added a splash of juice to plain seltzer.” It’s non-GMO and gluten-free certified.

2. LaCroix

LaCroix Variety Pack of 30
LaCroix Variety Pack of 30

LaCroix offers its sparkling water in over 30 flavors such as Key Lime, Lemon, and Pamplemousse (grapefruit). If you like “straightforward sparkling water without any sweetness,” Primary Goods says this is your best option. You can’t miss their brightly colored cans.

Have a craving for coconut-flavored water? Lacroix has you covered. Good Housekeeping says this brand offers the most flavors, some of which are impossible to find from other brands. They also offer multipacks to help you discover your favorite flavor.

Women’s Health Magazine’s test kitchen loves the Pamplemousse, which it says has a “lovely grapefruit taste without any bitterness.” Not only is LaCroix “bright and refreshing”, but it also has no calories or sugar.

3. Waterloo

Waterloo 12-Pack
Waterloo 12 Pack

Whether you want a simple lime flavor or one of their seasonal Sparkling Spiced Apple flavor, you can’t go wrong with a can of Waterloo. The editors at Good Housekeeping love to “cook and bake” with the waters since they are “packed with bold, rich flavor.” If you love lemonade try the Blackberry Lemonade, which one taster calls “sunshine in a can!”

Waterloo is great if you have a sweet tooth, but don’t want added sugar. The drink is made with “premium natural flavors.” Very Well Fit says the taste is “bright, pronounced and delicious.” You’ll be hooked in no time!

If you like a lot of bubbles, you’ll love Waterloo. Primary Goods says the flavors “taste like what they’re supposed to taste like.” The drink has no sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners.

4. Bubly

Bubly 6 Flavor Variety Pack
Bubly 6 Flavor Variety Pack

Bubly comes in at number four on our list, with Pure Wow calling it “the best middle-of-the-road option” when it comes to flavor and bubbles. Unlike some of the wild flavors other brands offer, Bubly gives you pretty classic tastes such as Cherry and Blackberry.

The Chief Food Director at Good Housekeeping calls Bubly the real deal. Kate Merker says, “The taste is so refreshing, it’s almost juicy, like real fruit.” If you have a SodaStream, Bubly also sells berry syrups to make your own flavored seltzers.

If want a taste that isn’t “fake” or “sweet,” the editor at Sporked also recommends Bubly. Justine Sterling tried all the flavors, and the Grapefruit is her favorite. While it may be boring, she says it tastes the most natural!

5. Hal’s New York Seltzer Water

Hal's New York Seltzer Water Variety Pack
Hal’s New York Seltzer Water Variety Pack

This brand is the only one on the list that comes in plastic bottles. Very Well Fit says it is fizzy and won’t go flat as you drink it. It comes plain or in one of nine flavors including vanilla cream. Choose from a 20-ounce size or a smaller 16-ounce bottle.

If you want a Cola taste without added sugars, Hal’s is a great option with its Cola flavor. Primary Goods says this is only the “true” seltzer on the list since it gets its bubbles from carbon dioxide.

You may not even notice if someone swaps out a Hal’s for your favorite soda. Good Housekeeping promises you’ll still get a fizzy drink without all the extra sweetness and calories. It’s certified Kosher and made in NYC.

6. AHA

AHA Lime and Watermelon Flavor
AHA Lime and Watermelon Flavor

If you’re into new and interesting flavors, AHA won’t disappoint. The company even offers two flavors that have caffeine! Pure Wow recommends you mix in your favorite spirit to create a summery cocktail. Flavors range from citrus to honey.

Good Housekeeping encourages you to try this brand to cut down on soda. The magazine loved the watermelon essence, saying it has “candy vibes” without the sugar. Your kids will probably love it!

If you’re looking for the “most unique” flavor on the market, UPROXX says it’s AHA’s Mango and Black Tea sparkling water. The only conundrum? It doesn’t have any black tea in the ingredients, but it does contain a caffeine kick, so you may not want to offer this one to little ones.

7. Aura Bora

Aura Bora
Aura Bora 18 Pack

Aura Bora rounds out our list thanks to the use of real herbs, flowers, and fruits to get the unique flavors it offers, including Cactus Rose and Basil Berry. Very Well Fit says it’s more expensive than other brands and can be difficult to find, but if you do, your taste buds will thank you.

Women’s Health Magazine calls Aura Bora a “special occasion” seltzer. Due to the obscure flavors, the seltzer works well in cocktails. Your guests will certainly ask what you used to mix your drinks!

“Mocktail meets sparkling water!” That’s how Good Housekeeping describes Aura Bora, saying the cans are “elegant” and “distinctive.” Try fun flavors like Lavender-cucumber and Lemongrass-Coconut. The water is made from only natural ingredients.

What’s the difference between seltzer and sparkling water?

Sparkling water and seltzer are both refreshing bubbly beverages, but with a slight twist. Seltzer is simply flat water charged with carbon dioxide for that effervescent feeling. Sparkling water, on the other hand, can be naturally bubbly from a spring or artificially carbonated, and may also contain minerals or even flavors, making it more diverse than its seltzer cousin.


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