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Who’s ready to pump up the volume and unleash their inner beast? From stoking our motivation to anchoring us through tribulations, the best workout songs are heart-pounding, high-energy, and get you ready to face those trying challenges ahead. Not only emboldening our spirit to carry on, these hits have a way of supercharging your day. So whether you’re feeling unmotivated, questioning your why, or you need a little spark – just know music can help you.

And, no we’re not talking about listening to only heavy metal because it’s fast, loud, and violent. But more so songs that tap into a varying degree of emotions. Why, you may wonder? Well, because a recent study found that listening to music evokes emotional responses, such as triumph and joy, to listeners. The emotional responses included energizing, defiance, scariness, beauty, dreaminess, sadness, relaxation, eroticism, annoyance, amusement, and eroticism. Additional findings have also paved the way for therapists to more accurately select songs to bring out certain emotions for a particular mood. 

So, no matter what drives your to put in your headphones, music can help. Feeling down or need a boost? Turn on your favorite beat! Additional benefits of listening to music include improving our mood. In fact, a newer study reveals that listening to music can drastically lower our stress levels by as much as eight percent and improve our mood by up to 90 percent.

For these reasons, today we’ll be looking into the best workout songs that can help you achieve your fitness goals. So if you’re ready to hit some new PRs and attack the gym like a beast, let’s dive in. Don’t happen to see your favorite workout song listed? No worries, drop us a comment below! 

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The List: Best Workout Songs, According to Experts

1. “Stronger” by Kayne West

“Stronger” by Kayne West has earned critical acclaim as a high-energy anthem. Earning multiple awards coupled with its iconic music video, this song is a masterpiece. Igniting a fire within, “Stronger” literally makes you feel invincible when you listen. Released in 2007, this hit continues to inspire new generations to push beyond their limits.

As Music Grotto summed up, “The upbeat rhythm and hard-hitting lyrics will ensure that you are inspired to engage in even the most demanding exercise.” To add, “Stronger by Kayne is a fusion of hip-hop/rap and house music and is yet another tremendous anthem.”

“Stronger” is the type of track you feel deep within. Its rhythmic beats pulsate through your body, sending a surge of intense energy through your veins. As Midder Music writes, “When it comes to the best workout music, Kanye West’s Stronger is a classic.”  However, what many listeners don’t know is that “Kanye used a voice sample from Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, so when you need a change of pace, you can listen to the original too.”

2. “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

Debuted over 20 years ago, “Lose Yourself” strikes a chord with anyone trying to achieve greatness. Helping listeners gain that extra boost of motivation when it counts is what’s made this track a hit across all generations. As Gym Radio mentions, “Lose Yourself is the best ever song to keep us going on the right track at the gym.” 

This song helps put the present into perspective by encouraging us to seize every moment. It reminds us that we all have the power to emerge victorious on our quest to reach our potential. As Time Out breaks down, “Lose Yourself is the song that inspired a whole generation of fitness-minded Boomers to stop complaining and embrace the motivating power of hip-hop.” As an Oscar-winning pick-me-up, this “song became the go-to workout staple thanks to its adrenaline, pumping beat, and Marshall Mathers’ surprisingly positive messaging.” 

There’s a reason why this hit by Eminem is in every fitness playlist. Emotionally charged, Lose Yourself is a powerful track and stands tall as one of the best workout songs. As U Discover Music recalls, “Lose Yourself quickly became an anthem, and one of the most successful hip-hop tracks of all time.” At its core, “its churning, energizing beat is elevated by Eminem’s lyrical dexterity – helping showcase the linguistic mastery and potent vocal delivery that earned Eminem his place in rap history.” And if that wasn’t enough, “it’s also the perfect workout song to get your blood and muscle pumping.”  

3. “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa

Dynamic, punchy, and playful, “Push It” is an iconic beat that compels you to get up and move. Motivating people to push beyond their limits, this empowering track is a timeless favorite. As Midder Music describes, “Push It is one of the songs that’s often associated with workout songs.” Released in 1986, “the song is one of the highlights of danceable ’80s music – and it seems like it never gets old.”

“Push it real good” became a rallying cry in the late ’80s and early ’90s. From its catchy hooks to unforgettable dance routines, this beloved track is recognized across generations. As This Is Dig writes, “If you need that extra shove over the line, old-school hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa’s hit, Push It, may well do the trick.” To add, this song comes from “two of the best female rappers of all time,” and when at the gym, “it will turn you into a machine hog as you let the beat take over.” 

Pull up to any commercial gym and you’re bound to hear this song once or twice. In a way, it’s synonymous with our journey to a healthier and happier self. As Music Grotto mentions, “The beat and lyrics alone are enough to get anyone hyped.” As part of any playlist, “you are sure to outdo any calorie-burning exercise when having this track backing you.”

4. “Numb/Encore” by Linkin Park feat. Jay Z

“Numb/Encore” is a ramped-up rendition of the timeless alternative rock and nu-metal anthem “Numb.” Great for pushing yourself past your limits, this song helps you leave self doubt at the door. As Fit Plan App states, “Numb/Encore mix offers a fast-paced beat alongside moments of calm.” When fused together, “rap and rock can produce a monster energy source.”

When you don’t feel as if you can do another rep, and this song comes on, you know you’re hitting that weight. There’s something about the high-octane rhythm and the clashing of powerful drums that have a way of pushing you a little harder. As Time sums up, “This 2004 cross-genre collaboration between rock band Linkin Park and rapper Jay-Z has stood up to the test of time as a tried-and-true workout hit.” Overall, “it’s the unusual mashup of Linkin Park’s melodic punk and Jay’s rapping that gives the song its staying power.” 

Released in 2004, “Numb/Encore” made its debut on the Collision Course album. As a transformative experience, this hit syncs perfectly with the intensities of a challenging workout. As Oomph Fitness put it, “As soon as you hear the first bar, this song will make you feel like you can take on the world.” To this day, “It’s one of the most iconic collaborations in history and it’s sure to pump you up for your kickboxing session.”

5. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

“Eye of the Tiger” stands respectfully as one of the greatest workouts songs, period. Since its release in 1982, this high-energy track helps listeners overcome any obstacles in their way. As Music Industry How To states, “Talk about an oldie but a goodie, Eye of the Tiger is a song everyone knows.” Thanks in part to its use as the theme song in Rocky III, “this song will inspire you to push yourself during a workout just like the movie.”

If motivation had a theme song, “Eye of the Tiger” would be it. The lyrics “eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rival,” projects visions of determination, resilience, and champion spirit. As Gym Radio writes, “This song will put you in the mood and ultimately make you move faster on your verge of getting it done.” Best of all, “this is a song which you will definitely not regret listening to.” 

This hit is a bonafide workout classic. As one of the best workout sounds, this song strings a chord and ignites a fire within, urging listeners to overcome their limitations while enjoying the thrill of the ride. As Time Out jokingly depicts, “We are required by law to include this motivational ‘80s classic on this list.” Despite being released 30 years ago, “this song still rips and has more rollicking and fist-pumping to it to go.”

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