5 Space Heaters To Keep You Warm This Winter, According To Experts

If you’re feeling chilly, one of the best space heaters can help. These appliances are brilliant for heating up individual rooms and can help save money on your energy bills. But how can you know if you’re buying the right model for your home? That’s where we can help. We’ve turned to expert reviews of a range of space heaters to find those that perform to high standards.

The best space heaters are designed to warm up a room efficiently while ensuring safety and energy conservation. They often come equipped with adjustable thermostats and programmable timers, allowing users to customize their heating preferences and save on energy costs. These heaters utilize various heating methods, such as ceramic, radiant, or oil-filled technology, to provide consistent and comfortable warmth.

Safety features like tip-over protection and overheating sensors are essential for preventing accidents. Compact and portable designs make them easy to move and position in different areas of a room. Additionally, models with quiet operation ensure that they don’t disrupt your peace and quiet while effectively maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Need something extra to keep you toasty? StudyFinds did the research, consulting dozens of expert websites and reviews to find the best space heaters for your home. Of course, if you have any recommendations of your own, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below!

Space heater turned on (Photo by Achudh Krishna on Unsplash)

These Space Heaters Are Top-Notch at Fighting The Cold


1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, Heater And Fan

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ HP07 Air Purifier, Heater, and Fan

It’s no surprise that the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is number one. It is valuable all year because the same unit can also cool your space. It may be a bit pricey, but Good Housekeeping says it is justified because of its ability to clean the air of allergens. They also like how it’s controlled by a thermostat, making it easy to set it to the exact temperature you want. 

All of the functions that come with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool make it a three-in-one: air purifier, fan, and space heater. It is also bladeless and remote-controlled. NBC News notes that it oscillates up to 350 degrees. They also appreciate the modes which include a backward airflow mode to divert are through the back of the heater which reduces drafts. 

Dyson’s HP01 Pure Hot + Cool is one of the smartest and safest space heaters on the market. Forbes commends this model’s attractive design and ease for heating and cooling. They also like that you won’t experience that pesky burning smell that many models emit thanks to how Dyson blocks dust from the heating elements.

2. Vornado V-Heat Vintage Room Heater

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater, Green

Vornado’s V-Heat Vintage Room Heater looks like a fan right out of the 1950s. Don’t worry, it delivers plenty of warmth to meet your modern needs. You can get this model is a green or cream shade. The pivoting head allows you to target whatever part of your body that is chilly. Forbes loves that it is “whisper-quiet” unlike other noisy models. 

Set the V-Heat Room Heater next to your recliner on a cold winter night and enjoy a cozy reading session. NY Magazine recommends it for medium-sized spaces. 

Basically, the V-Heat is a great choice for anyone interested in aesthetics as well as comfort. Reviewers at The New York Times say it created a 10-degree difference in the room when they tested it while other models couldn’t even up the temperature by five. Impressive!

3. Vornado VH200 Heater

Vornado Heat EH1-0092-69 VH200

The Vornado VH200 can increase the temperature of a small room by about six degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes with even heating across the room. According to Tom’s Guide, you’ll feel warmer in just 30 seconds after turning it on. 

Several users say that the Vornado was quiet enough to sleep with while operating, unless of course, you love white noise while sleeping. “Its plastic exterior stays comparatively cool to the touch, making it among the safest bets for households with pets and children. Vornado also offers a five-year support term, making it easy to address technical issues should any arise,” explains CNET.

Besides the obvious fact that it works well, the most comfort comes from being one of the safest heaters tested. The New York Times notes that it features overheat and tip-over protection, so worries fly out the window, as well as the chill. 

4. Lasko FH500

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower

Although it’s over three feet tall, the Lasko FH500 is slim and has a clean, organized design. When Tom’s Guide tested the Lasko, it outperformed every other model and raised the temperature by 10 degrees. It was heated up within seconds of turning it on. 

The Lasko FH500 is full of thoughtful details. It has an easy-to-navigate control panel and a matching remote control. The New York Times likes that it features a medium heat setting where other models typically only have high and low options. They also appreciate the “auto eco” timer that maximizes energy use

While it is still top five, some expert sites warn that the controls are a bit confusing. Still, Consumer Reports says it is able to hold the temperature you set it to consistently. 

5. Lasko Electric Ceramic Heater 754200

Lasko Electric Ceramic Heater 754200
Lasko Electric Ceramic Heater 754200

This reasonably priced heater also takes up little space being under 10 inches tall. It is equipped with low heat, high heat, and a fan setting and is very lightweigh and portable. Good Housekeeping says, “Many users sit it on a countertop so they don’t even need to bend down when they’re ready to move it to another room. Others report keeping a Lasko space heater at their work desk.” They do warn that it does not come with an automatic shut-off, so you just have to be diligent about turning it off and making sure it doesn’t tip over when it’s in use.

Being compact, the Lasko is better suited for spaces like small bedrooms or home offices. You can even use it on your desk at work. CNET says it is the perfect model for those living with others who are always warm because it can sufficiently heat one zone of the room without being overpowering. 

With that being said, the heat from the Lasko 754200 is a more focused stream of hot air, which warms the area directly in front of the space heater, so it is not ideal for room-filling heat.

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  2. Presto HeatDish Tilt is very quiet and I haven’t had to set it above low, and I live in North Dakota. This is the third one my brother purchased

    1. I agree , I live in Alabama and for just my small bedroom, it’s perfect, can’t beat it.

  3. We have a Lasco tower that oscillates to warm our family room & kitchen. Our space is about 400 sq ft, and this little heater keeps us at 70. We found it at Costco a few years ago. (Lasco is mentioned in the article, but our unit is different.)

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