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A home should be a place of comfort for its residents and guests. While the space itself has some impact on a room’s coziness, a great deal of the burden to make a space livable is on its furnishings. A comfortable couch, a sturdy coffee table, and a plush rug are just some of the items that can transform a space into a cozy oasis. But, if you don’t necessarily want to leave the house to peruse the aisles, the best online furniture stores come in handy.

According to research, most people have a particular favorite place in their homes – their spot on the sofa. A new study of 2,000 people finds that 66 percent admit to having unofficial assigned seating throughout their homes. Americans are so loyal to their favorite spots, that they’ll argue with another family member about sitting in their “spot” twice a month. Whether it’s at the kitchen table, dad’s recliner, or the family couch – 68 percent of respondents say they’re very passionate about their “spot.”

Americans also agree that the couch, table, and other furnishings in a home should be quality by age 28. By this time, you should no longer have cheap furniture in your home, according to a majority of Americans in a new poll. Results show that over half of respondents (52%) currently own fast furniture, but 56 percent believe it’s only acceptable to have fast furniture in your 20s. Respondents say that when you’re heading towards “the big 3-0” as the age when people should move away from fast furniture. Nearly half (47%) admit they’ve even judged someone who hasn’t invested in nicer alternatives yet.

While the hunt for beautiful and durable furniture can feel stressful, there are plenty of companies on the market that make it easy to design (or redesign!) your space. Online shopping has made this even easier, as you can now furnish your home from scratch without stepping foot in a showroom. Of course, making major purchases online can feel risky. But buying from a reputable company can make online furniture shopping a stress-free breeze. To make the process even easier, StudyFinds searched through expert reviews to find the best online furniture companies. This list includes the most frequent recommendations, but as always, let us know in the comments if we skipped your favorite!

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Dining room (Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash)

The List: Best Online Furniture Companies, According to Experts


1. Wayfair

No matter what space you’re looking to furnish, you’ll find plenty of options at Wayfair. This online-only retailer pairs convenience with abundant selection so you can find exactly what you want. As House Beautiful says, “there’s virtually nothing you can’t find at Wayfair. If you want something in particular, Wayfair probably has it, and at a can’t-beat price to top it off.”

“It’s no surprise Wayfair is so popular: It has just about everything available for you to peruse and purchase. This will likely become your go-to digital destination for area rugs, couches, indoor and outdoor furniture and even small kitchen appliances,” claims Forbes. “If you’re looking for something for your home, odds are high, Wayfair has it. Flip through specific filters, including toggles for sale items and lightning-fast delivery to your area.”

And if you’re shopping on a budget, Wayfair won’t break the bank. Items go on sale all the time, but even at full price, you can still be sure you’re getting a great deal. “Wayfair has multiple sales going on daily, so you can find everything you could possibly want for the indoors or outdoors for up to 70% off,” notes Architectural Digest. “The brand’s annual Way Day sale, with discounts on thousands of items and a bunch of flash sales, is not to be missed either. All orders for more than $49 ship for free.”

2. Burrow

Burrow’s claim to fame is easily movable and customizable sofas, though they do have plenty of other offerings that make them popular. For those who move around frequently, Burrow is a great place to begin your search for the perfect couch. “Burrow specializes in modular sofas that adapt to any space you find yourself living in, which makes them perfect for first-time renters looking to decorate their apartment,” says Real Simple. “Their couch options are impressively customizable, allowing you to select the fabric, leg finish, and armrest style of each furniture piece.”

“The online furniture shop specializes in custom furniture and sectional sofas, designed with you in mind. If softness is your priority, check out the velvet sofas, coming in many shapes and sizes to fit your home,” suggests NY Post. “Then take a look at the low-maintenance rugs, great for adding comfort without adding any additional work. All of Burrow’s pieces are handcrafted from sustainably sourced hardwood and are scratch- and stain-resistant with non-toxic fabrics, making it great for your home and the planet, too.”

“We won’t say Burrow invented the sofa-in-a-box, but it did popularize it,” notes Gear Patrol. “What started as a brand that only made modular sofas (and damn good ones at that), has since expanded into every part of the home with benches, coffee tables and even a bar cart. Almost everything is customizable from the fabric to the color, and its customer service is second to none.”

3. Pottery Barn

This classic furniture retailer is widely known for their brick-and-mortar locations. But in recent years, Pottery Barn has made their impressive inventory of furniture and décor available to shop fully online. “Chances are that you’re already familiar with Pottery Barn’s traditional and timeless furniture, either from their in-store locations or online selection,” says Real Simple. “They offer a wide array of moveables for all rooms in your home, including sofas, beds, mattresses, and even outdoor furnishings for your patio.”

“This mainstay is a household name for a reason. Based in San Francisco as part of the Williams-Sonoma portfolio (including West Elm and Rejuvenation), there are many stores around the world, but Pottery Barn has a huge online selection that puts their collections at your fingertips no matter where you are,” says Architectural Digest. “Their high-quality furniture ranges from classic to contemporary—and, after nearly a century in business, they’re prioritizing sustainability with initiatives centered on responsibly sourced wood and cotton and recycled fabrics.”

“Pottery Barn aims to be America’s source for meaningful, beautiful designs. The brand has created quality furniture using sustainable materials and beautiful, inspired ideas for over 70 years, and they’re not stopping any time soon,” adds Living Cozy. “And with nearly 200 physical locations, you can choose between online shopping and in-person browsing. Orders are easy to return within 30 days of receipt to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.”

4. West Elm

If you’ve got a vision but none of the items you need to bring it to life, West Elm has you covered. With everything from major statement pieces to finishing touches, it’s all online and ready to ship to your front door. As NY Post explains, “West Elm is a great one-stop-shop for all things home decor and furniture, all with a modern approach to living. For the larger pieces, browse the main page of furniture, or shop by room to make it easier to map out your new space. When you’re ready to focus on the details that make your house a home, head over to the sections for wall decor, candles, decorative objects and more to bring it all together.”

“West Elm is known for its mid-century modern-inspired furniture in various neutral tones and cool colors. Many of the retailer’s furniture pieces have the option to choose your upholstery, but you’ll also find end tables, dinnerware, outdoor seating and even towels galore,” says Forbes. “In other words, you can furnish your entire home in West Elm products—that is, if your budget allows.”

A purchase from West Elm could never be called cheap, but experts say you’ll find the items well worth your while. As Good Housekeeping puts it, “while West Elm furniture tends to be on the pricier side, the retailer offers exceptional quality and timeless styles that make its items worth the investment.”

5. Article

You won’t be seeing an Article store in your local mall any time soon. This furniture store is proudly fully online, and that is reflected in their prices. As Real Simple says, “Article is an online-only furniture business, which may be a bummer if you prefer to shop in person, but you shouldn’t write them off just yet. Article was an early adopter of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model, selling furniture by partnering directly with manufacturers and cutting out the middleman. Their business model allows them to sell high-quality, durable pieces at an affordable price point.”

“The retailer offers helpful, to-the-point details on each piece alongside several up-close photos and clear, easy-to-find measurements, making it easy to know exactly what you’re buying,” notes Forbes. “Overall, prices are relatively affordable for the level of quality you get with these pieces, which include couches, tables, beds and decor accents.”

“For trendy, modular and mid-century modern furniture, look no further than Article. The brand is popular for its sleek sofas and armchairs, but it also offers a wide selection of dining tables, bedroom furniture, storage units and outdoor furniture,” adds Good Housekeeping. “You can shop bundles, which pairs sofas with coffee tables and ottomans, bed frames with dressers, dining tables with chairs, etc. to make your decision easier. You can tap into the team for free interior design services. Added bonus: Enjoy free shipping on all orders.”

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  1. Nikki says:

    I 2nd that! Your promoting Pottery Barn and West Elm when the Attorney Generals Office should be investigating this company for taking peoples money and when it’s time to deliver the product they claim a part is missing. It happened to me with both companies. There just high end scammers. And you can find the same products on Wayfair for over 50% off. Yes please do your homework. They can’t use the covid excuse anymore.

  2. Patricia Jordan says:

    Go on trust pilot and read about the many many unhappy Pottery Barn as well as West Elm customers regarding their furniture orders! I have. I don’t think you did your homework.

  3. Debi says:

    I’m also enjoying the quality in Perigold.
    Especially the quality and sophistication in their bedding