Healthiest Cities In America: Top 5 Places For Wellness, According To Experts

Where you live can play a big role in how healthy you feel and appear. For example, your waistline would benefit from walking 20 minutes to work and back in NYC versus commuting an hour round trip to your job in Kansas. So, if you’re curious where you could live that would support a lifestyle of well-being, just keep scrolling. We’ve found the consensus from 11 experts on which are the healthiest cities in America.

Living in the big city comes with some surprising health benefits too — despite the increase in pollution or stress from the hustle, bustle, and daily gridlock. A study found that moving to a busy urban area can increase longevity among older adults. While many retirees make the choice to leave big cities for a quieter life and warmer weather, researchers from MIT say heading to coastal metropolises actually adds an extra year to their lives!

Interestingly, however, urban areas aren’t so good for wildlife. A team from the Florida Museum of Natural History says city-dwelling critters are getting bigger and fatter thanks to having more food around in areas packed with humans. Researchers examined the body length and weight of more than 140,000 animals from over 100 North American species over the last 80 years. The result? City slickers like wolves, bobcats, deer, bats, shrews and rodents are really packing on the pounds compared to their rural relatives.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for many people, and where you live can play a big role in supporting that goal. Find out which five places are regarded as the healthiest cities in America, thanks to their population’s emphasis on health and wellness. Experts ranked these cities based on factors, such as how much residents exercise, how stressed they feel, the amount of rest they get, how many of them smoke and how much alcohol they consume … among other things. So, see which cities really stand out! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

The List: Healthiest Cities in America, According to Experts

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California tops the list of healthiest city in America compared to all the others on expert lists. MindBody Business describes what makes this city stand out: “San Franciscans spend the 3rd highest amount on fitness, beauty, and wellness — on average $331 each month. More than half of residents exercise 90 minutes or more per week, with the most popular workout being yoga. SF also has a high percentage of residents (55%) who get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and the highest number of non-smokers in the US.”

San Fransisco, California
San Francisco (Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash)

“San Francisco, California, ranked No. 1 due to its residents’ mental and physical health, health insurance coverage and because 83% of its population is vaccinated,” USA Today writes.

NBC Bay Area references a WalletHub report ranking San Francisco as the healthiest city in America. In addition to being tops in the nation for green spaces (which are linked to all sorts of health benefits for city dwellers), it’s also number one overall for healthy food options too. “The report shows San Francisco as one of the cities with most healthy restaurants, highest monthly cost of fruits or vegetables,”

2. Berkeley, California

Berkeley, California also ranks highly in health and wellness, thanks to its moderate climate, outdoor opportunities and access to local, organic produce.

Sailboats in Berkeley, CA
Sailboats in Berkeley (Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash)

The Press Democrat reports, “The East Bay city of Berkeley leads the country, the state, and the San Francisco Bay Area in health and wellness. With a population of about 121,000, the city has a unique urban-suburban feel, and offers an endless supply of local bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Aside from its vibrant culture, Berkeley also offers plenty of outdoor opportunities, including several walking trails and picnic spots at McLaughlin Eastshore State Park.” 

And The Nessie adds, “The Bay Area city’s climate is dreamily moderate, with temperatures that rarely fall below 35F or rise above 86F. That’s perfect for outdoor walking, running, hiking, or biking weather. (The easy access to walking and biking trails helps, too.) Residents can also go to not one but three massive year-round farmers markets exploding with local and organic produce, as well as with artisanal cheeses, breads, and more.” 

3. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis-St. Paul boasts a high percentage of park and bike trails, as well as a bustling farmers’ market. HGTV says, “Minneapolis was one of the first cities nationwide to add bike trails; it also sets aside a high percentage of the city as parkland. Another healthy draw is the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market. Established in 1937, the market supports some 230 local vendors.” 

Upper Mississippi River in Minneapolis
Upper Mississippi River in Minneapolis (Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash)

“This Minnesota city takes the cake as being the healthiest city in the country for the third year in a row! It was one of the first American cities to create bike trails throughout the metropolis, and there are parks galore all over the city,” FitDay raves.

According to The Nessie, “Living in Minneapolis also provides residents proximity to the Mayo Clinic, often considered the best hospital in the country. It’s in Rochester, which is about an hour and a half away—and its sports medicine clinic is located directly in Minneapolis.”

4. Miami, Florida

Miami residents excel in fitness, sleep quality and spirituality. Business Insider claims “80% of residents work out at least once a week … and 52% of locals say they go to group fitness classes at least once a week — more than any other top city.” Plus, “Miami is also the most well-rested city, with 62% of survey respondents saying they get a full night’s sleep.” 

Palm trees and buildings in Miami
Palm trees surround buildings in Miami (Photo by Mimi Di Cianni on Unsplash)

“The Magic City has the highest number of residents who exercise 90 minutes or more per week, with most of that time spent pumping iron. How do we know? The most popular workout in Miami is strength training. Residents also take relationships and spirituality seriously — Miami has the 4th highest number of residents who feel spiritually fulfilled and nearly 70% say they feel close to friends and family,” StayFit305 writes.

5. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is known for its breathtaking natural landscape and active outdoor lifestyle. describes what makes this a healthy city: “The natural landscape is one of the most breathtaking in all of America, with lush forests, mountains and rivers. It’s a city that attracts environmentalists, farm-to-table restaurants, cannabis lovers and liberal thinkers. It’s also a city with a lot of young people. The average age in Boulder is only 28 years old. With a population of 107,349 people, an unemployment rate of only 3.3% and a median home cost of $639,300, it’s one of the happiest and healthiest places to live.”

mountains in Boulder
A mountain in Boulder (Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash)

“In Boulder, outdoor activities aren’t merely hobbies. They’re self-defining. Boulder changes people. Noncommittal joggers move to Boulder and become marathoners. Weekend cyclists become triathletes,” Men’s Journal writes.

The Nessie gives this Colorado town kudos for having the best overall lung capacity. “Of course, you don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of the fact that the city’s 5,430 feet above sea level. The altitude can improve lung capacity —once you take some time to adjust, of course—and help your muscles perform better and stronger.”

Do you live in a healthy city? Let us know in the comments how it impacts your overall well-being!  

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    1. You beat me to it! Again, more proof the media is just a PR arm of the liberals. Where is the “Sponsor” sign?

  1. I have much respect for StudyFinds, seems like they do their homework before publishing in article. Must admit this is the first one that is way off base. The simple fact is that more people are leaving CA, with the ones coming in are all from South of the Border.

    1. I’m hoping all the liberals in the nation move to these cities so they can be contained and kept away from the rest of normal people.

    1. because they no longer are concerned about reporting actual news – just touting the leftist agenda

  2. Silliest d*amn study every made. Absolutely no credibilitpyp! This study was obviously written by a bunch of woke Leftist Commies who made a point to not include all the meth addicts pooing on the streets of San Francisco nor all the HIV and AIDs infected people wandering around.

  3. San Francisco? What an absurd lie. They are home to the filthiest, most garbage filled, homeless city in the nation. Berkely? Liberal capitol of the world. Minneapolis-St. Paul? Muslim country. This is starting to sound like liberal propaganda. Miami, Florida? Okay, I get that one. Guess the article threw truth a bone. Boulder, Colorado? LBGT country, although very nice area.

    Still, this is fake news.

    1. I lived in Miami for a spell, they are not healthy. It’s a rich/poor city. The rich don’t actually live there. The poor work all day. The tourists don’t count. It’s too hot and humid to go to the beach 6 months out of the year, the locals don’t go.

    1. Not if you wear underwear… It’s blocks the smell like the masks blocks the coof… 100% safe and effective!

  4. ” SF also has a high percentage of residents (55%) who get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and the highest number of non-smokers in the US.””
    THe other 45 % SLEEP ON THE STREETS

  5. Darn, I just got it! The secret’s in the title, “Research, in a nutshell”. That slays me, caught off guard because April Fool’s Day is a few weeks off yet! Good one!!

  6. I just quit my SW job in SF because the place is so disgusting. It looks like the Walking Dead with decaying bodies of fentenyl addicts all over the street, homeless camps all over, plus really uptight, unhappy, unhealthy, unfriendly, obese blue haired people with face piercings. I have no idea what is supposedly so healthy about it. Berkeley is no better. Who writes these nonsense articles?

  7. Did they take into account that San Fran spends so much on fitness because the costs are so high in the first place? I guess they are thin though, I don’t see many obese homeless

  8. SF. Yeah, healthiest city in the US. Walking around the untreated fecies and urine in the street if that is healthy what is unhealthy? I’ve seen healthier sewage treatment plants. After escaping SF and all of California I wouldn’t live there of you gave me five million dollars.

  9. Does this healthy lifestyle number also include the 1,000’s of health conscience people living in tents on SF streets? The same homeless which frequent the safe drug dispensaries to consume various drugs, such as cocaine, fentanyl, tranq, etc?

  10. I moved to SF in 2012, within a month I was coughing up blood every morning in the shower due to the smog. Hardly something that would define a healthy city….

  11. SanFranFreakShow?? Bwahhhhh haaaaaa haaaaaa!!!!!!

    Feces and urine on sidewalks, passed out addicts all over the place, needles on sidewalks.

  12. You lost me with SanFrancisco. I will never set foot in that squalor again, it is filthy. When my wife and I have to witness a person leaning against a building to take a crap, you can’t tell me this is a healthy place.

  13. I’m sorry, but Steve Fink, owner of StudyFinds, has a long history as a leftist sock puppet for the mainstream ‘misinformation’ media (“engagement” for CBS). Any sane person who has been to SanFran knows the squalor, filth, and unsafe and unhealthy environment that the city is built on. A shameless totally politically leftist-biased article, but exactly what one would expect from CBS.

  14. I think they’re over looking the street crack heads and thousands of vagrants. Biased reporting for sure. San Fran is not #1.

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