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LONDON — Are computers getting too smart for their own good? A majority of society seems to think so. More than seven in 10 people want stricter laws which clamp down on the growing influence of artificial intelligence. The survey of 2,000 people in the United Kingdom reveals that there’s widespread public anxiety about the march of robot technology and machine learning apps like ChatGPT.

According to 39 percent of the poll, governments are the most responsible agencies for making sure this cutting-edge technology doesn’t become too powerful – even more than those who are creating AI (35%). Despite some negativity towards the growing impact of advanced robotics, there is growing acceptance it will one day replace many workers.

In fact, 63 percent say it’s inevitable that within 50 years many jobs currently performed by humans will be in the hands of robots.

The growth of AI has been well documented, and it certainly doesn’t look like it’s going away soon,” says a spokesperson for OnePoll, which commissioned the research, in a statement.

“Everything from apps on your phone, to self-driving cars, it’s influence over mankind looks to be going one way. It’s only natural conversations will take place about where we can it’s help – or where it’s potentially overstepping the mark when it comes to jobs and livelihoods.”

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The top jobs adults are most reluctant to let AI do include being a surgeon (25%) and a judge (20%). Other occupations people don’t want to see a Terminator-style takeover of include teaching (18%) and government policymaking (18%).

However, more than two-thirds (69%) of adults believe humans will learn to live and adapt with AI – just as we have done with other forms of breakthrough technology. Currently, only 14 percent of the poll have embraced using AI in their personal life, while a further 23 percent would consider using it.

Information tech roles (36%), engineering and manufacturing (31%), and accountancy, banking, and finance (24%) rank as the most likely industries to replace humans with machine workers.

“As a society, we’re at the early stages of knowing what role AI will play in our society,” the OnePoll spokesperson adds. “Our figures show only a small fraction of the population have tried utilised AI, which could explain why there are some negative feelings towards the tech. In a year or two, attitudes could be vastly different as the influence of AI is felt more and more.”

Top Jobs People Don’t Want AI to do:

  1. Surgeon
  2. Judges
  3. Removing teeth
  4. Teachers
  5. Decision makers in government
  6. Flying commercial planes
  7. Psychologist
  8. Comedian
  9. Marriage counselling
  10. Professional athletes
  11. Fighting in wars
  12. Chef
  13. Driving public transportation
  14. Lawyers
  15. Artists

South West News Service writer Charlie Bayliss contributed to this report.

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