7 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities, Ranked

Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for plant-based diets for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. As a result, cities across the United States have been adapting to accommodate this growing trend by offering a wide array of vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and markets. This is why today, we at StudyFinds decided to explore some of the most vegan-friendly cities in the U.S. that are leading the way in providing delicious and diverse plant-based options for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re craving a hearty vegan burger, a colorful Buddha bowl, or a decadent dairy-free dessert, these cities have something for everyone. So, if you’re looking to explore new vegan eateries and discover delicious plant-based dishes, be sure to add these vegan-friendly cities to your travel bucket list!

Whether you are vegan for environmental reasons, specific food allergies, or overall health, there are plenty of cities out there that will welcome you with open arms! We at StudyFinds decided to research across nine expert sources to bring you today’s ranking of the top seven most vegan-friendly cities in the U.S. Don’t agree with our findings or feel we missed out on a good suggestion? No worries. We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Now, onto the list!

city skyline across body of water during daytime
Orlando, Florida (Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash)

The List: Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the U.S., Per Foodies

1. Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon Old Town neon signage during night time
Portland, Oregon (Photo by Zack Spear on Unsplash)

The first city to grace our list is Portland, Oregon. Housing dozens of both strictly vegan and mixed restaurants, Veg Out says you’d be “hard-pressed” to find a place that doesn’t have a vegan option on their menu. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty vegan burger or a fresh, plant-based salad, Portland has you covered. In addition to its diverse food scene, Portland also offers an array of vegan-friendly activities, from visiting the local farmers market to exploring the beautiful parks and gardens scattered throughout the city. 

Variety is the spice of life in Portland with vegan options including pizza, ice cream, entire grocery stores, and even a vegan strip club, notes Plant Based News. This city truly caters to every dietary preference and lifestyle, making it a haven for vegans and plant-based eaters. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full-course meal, Portland has so many options to choose from. 

Because of how large Portland is, you’d think the prices would be crazy, specifically for a specialty diets. However, “they are ranked in the top 25 for affordability,” adds Vegan Bits. This makes it an attractive destination for vegans looking for a variety of plant-based dining choices without breaking the bank. With a diverse selection of budget-friendly vegan eateries, Portland truly stands out as a vegan-friendly city with something to offer for everyone.

2. Los Angeles, California

city skyline under gray sky during daytime
Los Angeles, California (Photo by Craig Marolf on Unsplash)

Next up is the city of Angels itself, Los Angeles, California. Veggies Abroad says that this list wouldn’t be complete without L.A. Why? The city is known for its diverse and innovative vegan cuisine, from trendy plant-based cafes to upscale vegan fine dining. With such a wide variety of options, visitors to Los Angeles can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals that cater to all dietary preferences. 

Not only can you expect to find vegan restaurants tucked into just about every neighborhood, but Los Angeles has one of the “biggest collections of vegan food trucks making the rounds,” describes Veg Out. From plant-based burgers to vegan tacos, the food truck scene in Los Angeles offers an array of options for those looking to enjoy cruelty-free cuisine on the go. With the popularity of veganism on the rise, these food trucks have become a staple in the city’s culinary landscape, catering to both vegans and non-vegans alike. 

Of course, seeing how it is Los Angeles, the city of the stars, there is no shortage of hoity-toity juice bars and raw restaurants. However, “L.A. is also brimming with vegan soul food, Mexican, and vegan bakeries,” reports Thrillist. Whether you’re craving comforting soul food classics like mac and cheese or innovative raw desserts, you’ll find a variety of options to satisfy your vegan cravings in this bustling city. With so many delicious and creative dishes to choose from, L.A. truly is a vegan paradise.

3. Orlando, Florida

city skyline during night time
Orlando, Florida (Photo by Talia on Unsplash)

The next city to rank on our list is Orlando, Florida, the home of Walt Disney World. Now, not only does the city itself offer amazing plant-based eateries, but “the Magic Kingdom also has vegan options,” writes Animal Outlook. With the combination of delicious vegan food and exciting attractions, Orlando is a must-visit destination for plant-based travelers. Whether you’re exploring the enchanting world of Disney or enjoying a meal at one of the city’s vegan restaurants, Orlando is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and your heart.

While Vegan Bits acknowledges that Orlando may not be top of mind for vegans, the neighborhoods tucked throughout are proving different. With a growing number of vegan restaurants and options throughout the city, Orlando has become a surprising haven for plant-based eaters. From trendy cafes to fancy establishments, there is no shortage of delicious vegan cuisine to explore in this bustling Florida city.

The city also caters to guests who prefer entirely plant-based restaurants like Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Winter Park, according to LivabilityOrlando is also home to a variety of vegan food trucks and pop-up dining experiences, making it easy for plant-based eaters to find delicious options no matter where they are in the city. With its growing vegan food scene, the city has become a paradise for those looking to enjoy cruelty-free and environmentally conscious dining options.

4. Asheville, North Carolina 

aerial photography of mountain ridge
Asheville, North Carolina (Photo by Airam Dato-on on Unsplash)

The fourth spot on today’s list goes to Asheville, North Carolina. North Carolina might not be the state that comes to mind when you think of veganism; however, the city of Asheville has a “very active vegan community,” writes Thrillist. The city hosts numerous vegan-related events and meetups, making it easy for vegans to connect and share resources. With its beautiful mountain scenery and progressive attitudes towards sustainability, Asheville is a haven for vegans looking to enjoy delicious food in a welcoming environment.

If you are looking to dine out, however, “one of the most notable eateries in the city is Plant,” notes Peta. Plant offers a diverse menu with options ranging from plant-based cheeses to raw lasagna. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make dining at Plant a truly enjoyable experience. Whether you are a vegan or just looking to try something new, Plant is a must-visit restaurant in the city.

The city also caters to plant-based eaters in other establishments, including movie theaters and non-vegan restaurants, using their talents to create “dishes that go far beyond salads,” says Livability. Asheville, North Carolina, has truly embraced the vegan lifestyle, with numerous options for those who choose to follow it. Visitors to the city can rest easy knowing they can enjoy delicious and satisfying meals without sacrificing their dietary preferences.

5. New York City, New York

people walking on pedestrian lane during night time
New York City, New York (Photo by Andreas Niendorf on Unsplash)

Of course, we couldn’t truthfully make this list accurate without mentioning the city that never sleeps. “With almost 100 vegan restaurants spread across the city,” says Veg Out, you’re never too far away from a tasty meat and dairy-free optionNew York City truly is a vegan paradise, with a wide variety of cuisines and dining experiences to choose from. With the city’s diverse population and culinary influences, you can expect to discover unique and innovative vegan dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Vegan eaters can enjoy just about anything in NYC, “from chic fine vegan dining to greasy slices of New York-style pizza,” adds Veggies Abroad. The city truly has something for every palate. The diverse culinary scene here is a reflection of its vibrant and multicultural population, making it a foodie’s paradise. 

The Big Apple prides itself so much on its vegan population that “entire restaurants are dedicated to veganism,” reports Thrillist. From Indian to Mexican, there is no shortage of cuisines to enjoy. There are also vegan versions of classic American dishes like burgers, mac and cheese, and pancake breakfasts. With so many options to choose from, vegan foodies in New York City are truly spoiled for choice. Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just looking to try something new, the diverse and delicious vegan food scene in The Big Apple is sure to satisfy your cravings.

6. Austin, Texas

river near buildings during daytime
Austin, Texas (Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash)

Next up is Austin, Texas, and despite the temptation to dismiss Texas as a meat-and-potatoes state, it is everything but that. This Texas capital has no shortage of vegan coffee houses, gastropubs, ice cream shops, and some of “the best vegan restaurants in the country,” explains Veg Out. In addition to its thriving vegan food scene, Austin also boasts a vibrant arts and music community, making it a haven for creatives and free spirits. 

With hundreds of vegan options available in Austin, Texas, it’s truly one of the best cities for those looking for meat-free meals, notes Yorktest. The city’s diverse culinary scene offers a wide range of plant-based dishes that cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. With a growing number of restaurants focusing on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, visitors can enjoy flavorful and satisfying meals while supporting ethical dining practices.

From trendy cafes serving up avocado toast and smoothie bowls to food trucks dishing out innovative vegan tacos and burgers, there is tons of delicious and satisfying vegan fare to be found in this bustling city. “The eclectic capital of Texas is truly a vegan oasis,” writes Veggies Abroad. Austin is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you feeling nourished and inspired.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

red love freestanding letter in the street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo by Daniel ODonnell on Unsplash)

Tourists visiting the Philly’s iconic landmarks will have no trouble finding eateries. The city is home to “hundreds of vegan and vegetarian options,” reports Yorktest. Philadelphia has a thriving food scene that caters to a variety of dietary needs, including plant-based options. With a growing number of restaurants embracing vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Philadelphia has truly become a haven for those looking for meat-free dining options.

You’ll also be glad to learn that Philadelphia is actually home to one of the only vegan cocktail lounges in the country, “Charlie was a sinner.,” notes Veg Out. The chic and trendy atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for vegans and non-vegans alike to enjoy innovative and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a casual drink with friends or a sophisticated dining experience, Charlie was a sinner. is sure to impress with its creative vegan offerings.

Don’t worry about missing out on the city’s iconic Philly Cheesesteaks either, assures Veggies Abroad. You’ll be sure to find vegan versions of the massive sandwich throughout Philly and a hearty Italian hoagie as well. Their plant-based versions of these classic sandwiches are just as satisfying and flavorful as the original, meat-filled ones. So, don’t worry about missing out on your favorite comfort foods while following a vegan diet — Philly has got you covered!


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  1. I live just outside of Orlando and can say that plant based menus or food items are not readily available in restaurants. How you research puts Orlando in the top three nationally is crazy.

    1. As someone who lives right in Orlando, I have never had trouble finding good vegan food as long as you know where to look.

    2. Completely agree! I love in FL and go to Orlando often for shows. There’s but a handful of vegan restaurants. NYC made it to number 5 and you literally can not walk down a block without a vegan place smacking you in the face.

  2. Completely blown away that you left out Las Vegas – affectionately known as Las Vegan. People come from all over the world to enjoy Las Vegas’ fully vegan restaurants, as well as many restaurants with vegan options. There’s even No-Butcher, where you can buy vegan meats to go as well as enjoy deli sandwiches to eat in or takeout. Also, San Diego has basically an entire town devoted to vegan restaurants as well as other places scattered all over the city.

  3. I’ve been a vegan for twelve years; a vegetarian for fifty.
    The COVID Virus has had a major effect on the availability of plant based foods, in restaurants as well as grocery stores. I believe that the Millennials are leading the charge in this battle and that they will be the way ahead.

    1. Did you know there are a bunch of people out there who actually believe that they can be vegan when it is not actually true? Did you know thatany people working with and at major organizations endorsing and recommending veganism threaten those people with having that false belived identity taken away with the control freak cult threat of, You’re not a vegan anymore”, when they don’t do as told?

      I think itnis great you try hard to not not needlessly harm our furry friend and that it is horrible after all of you claimed experience that you don’t realize the mental harm and brainwashing nonsense you are causing others by using the animal life cause to promote something other than the actual reason itself to not needlessly harm animals.

      That reason is the very Truth of the Importance of Life itself: “Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life” is one correct wording.

      Veganism is not a defined reason. It’s pure fraud of a life cause. The reason to not needlessly harm animals has nothing at all to do with veganism and nevwr will.

      A person who does not chose to honestly care about the very Truth of the Importance of Life itself is never a person who is choosing to honestly care about Life and Truth.

      Claiming veganism means absolutely nothing in Truth and does brainwash people into believing that they can actually be the things they do. They cannot. We each remain Truthfully Most Important, whether we embrace and endorse the Truth of Importance of Life or dismiss and stifle it while simultaneously claiming to represent life’s truthful interests.

      To say ‘we have widespread rampant fraud leading our life causes at this time’ might be the biggest understatement of the entire millennium. Animal activism is no exception.

    2. Martin,

      Sorry for all of the typos. It’s tough on a phone sometimes.

      Btw, three of the organizations they have cited, PETA, Vegout and PBN, were all shared the Truth that is the cure and prevention of all needless and preventable suffering and death years ago and they are still not sharing it and none of them have presented a higher truth to justify doing that while simultaneously claiming to represent life’s truthful interests and none of them have provided a shred of evidence that the information and knowledge of that Truth that was shared with you above can ever be anything other than always completely 100% true. In fact, no one has. Needless and preventable suffering and death can only occur after the Truth that Life is Most Important has been dismissed and stifled and that is exactly what they are doing with the knowledge that there is a cure for those things and what it is and that we do have it. Perhaps it is because anything at all that doesn’t agree with it is always a lie and they don’t want others having the knowledge of how to quickly identify many who are themselves committing pure rampant fraud? Anyone at all or any organization claiming to represent life’s truthful interests who has been shared this Truth and is not endorsing and sharing going forward is always a person who either has no clue that they should care about having the cure placed freely in their hand (and so should not be leading in any life cause) or a person who has a clue and is actually choosing to commit the pure wicked soulless unforgivable evil it really is to dismiss and stifle this Truth and simultaneously claim to represent life’s truthful interests anyway (and so should not be leading in any life cause).

      Many of the people and organizations claiming to represent the animals are now in fact the very ones that hold the full responsibility for causing every single case of needless and preventable suffering and death going forward by withholding the cure without presenting a higher truth to justify the choice.

      Ask them about this Truth yourself and then see if they choose to immediately responsibly publicly affirm and share it and you will have the evidence of what I have told you. Take a look. They are not sharing the knowledge that we have the cure with our peers and I personally shared it with them so I know they were told and chose not to do it. They should still be unconditionally loved but they can never be properly trusted with life of any kind ever again.

      Godspeed and lots of love.

  4. Was there really a “study”?

    The reason I asked is because veganism was publicly exorcised in the name of Lord on 8-13-20 by the actual person who has talked with more people about not needlessly harming the animals than any person alive and who also does not eat and wear animals. So, was there really a real study? The article says absolutely nothing about it and does not address the reason veganism was publicly exorcised is because it attempts to trick people into replacing the very Truth of the Importance of Life itself with the nonsensical belief of veganism which has no defined reason as for how, why and how much life is important, does define who we each are and why, and how important we each are and why, and is not and never will be a truthful reason to live, love and care for life.

    While the cause of the lives of animals is legitimate throughout, veganism has absolutely nothing at all to do with why it is and never will. There is no such thing as a person being a vegan. That’s all completely made up nonsense. So, was there really a study?

  5. I would like to see a WFPB (whole food plants) vegan list. So much stuff at vegan restaurants is soaked in oil, which is not a whole food. In Asheville, for example we tried to visit several vegan restaurants where there was literally nothing on the menu that wasn’t more oil-based than plant-based, except salads that would not fill you up. We need more places with rice and beans without oil. Even chipotle adds unnecessary oil to their rice and beans. Am looking for healthy options.

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