Baldness is a buzzkill: Over half of men with thinning hair avoid socializing

LONDON — More than half of men dealing with hair loss are “extremely self-conscious” when it comes to socializing, a new poll reveals. In fact, nearly nine in 10 (88%) of the 1,000 men experiencing hair loss polled consider their hair to be a big part of their identity. However, only 36 percent feel comfortable talking openly about their hair.

More than half (58%) first started to notice their hair visibly thinning as they were just getting started in their careers. Another 31 percent felt they needed to maintain their appearance so friends and family would not start to notice.

The research was commissioned by Toppik, a hair-building product, which has partnered with British celebrity hairstylist Ricky Walters.

“Like most people, my hair is a huge part of my identity. It is an accessory we all love to dress and never take off,” Walters says in a statement. “It can act as a confidence booster and also a security blanket. I deal with clients and their hair needs every day, and love it or hate it, they would never want to lose it.”

The study also found that although 62 percent have considered trying different hairstyles and hair-thickening styling products for everyday hair concealing, 23 percent have not taken any steps toward preventing hair thinning or loss.

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Meanwhile, 38 percent have ended up shaving off their hair when hair loss becomes visible, while 35 percent of men just start wearing hats daily. Only one in three men surveyed would discuss hair thinning or loss with their parents, and 24 percent would discuss it with their siblings.

Over one in four (26%) have considered medicated products as a treatment for their thinning hair, according to the OnePoll figures.

Social media may be helping some men with this issue, as one in three feel it has had somewhat of a positive impact on their hair journeys. Another 41 percent have found social media to be a platform where they can find help and resources for their specific hair-thinning needs.

“I have won over some incredible clients in my time, not because I did the world’s best haircut, but because I was skilled at hiding thinning areas and bald spots,” Walters explains.

“My clients are open and honest about their hair loss, and often, they need an understanding ear. I have male and female clients alike suffering from hair loss. Although they all think it is a rarity, it is indeed a very common concern.”

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South West News Service writer Rich Jenkins contributed to this report.

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