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The finest devices from the powerful Android TV platform have cutting-edge display technology that creates an immersive entertainment experience unlike any other. These TVs feature intuitive interfaces, voice command capabilities, and a vast array of apps and streaming services, making them versatile hubs for digital content. With crisp visuals, responsive performance, and a sleek design, the best Android TVs redefine home entertainment by combining the convenience of smart technology with top-notch picture quality.

Watching TV is how many of us unwind at the end of a long day. In fact, a new study reveals that many people turn to their favorite comfort shows to relieve stress. Whether you sit down to binge content for relaxation or excitement, investing in top-notch home theater technology can take it all to the next level.

When shopping for a new TV, it is important to remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean better picture quality. A new study shows that after the thousand dollar mark, there isn’t a huge difference in picture quality. That is good food for thought for shoppers.

Are you ready to spruce up your living room with a new big-screen TV? StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best Android TVs on the market today. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Android TVs, According to Experts


1. Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED TV

Topping the list of best Android TVs is the Sony A95K OLED. “By any standard, the Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED is a remarkable TV — and often, it’s far better than that,” says Tom’s Guide. “This set, which sits at the top of Sony’s expansive TV lineup, unites the industry’s defining technologies and Sony’s own groundbreaking processing and picture enhancements to deliver superlative performance in every area. And our own test results back this up.”

Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED TV
Sony Bravia XR A95K OLED TV

“The Bravia XR A95K comes with the new Google TV experience out of the box. It also offers all the premium features you’d expect from a high-end TV in 2023, including support for features like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision HDR, etc.,” writes XDA Developers. “Additionally, you also get HDMI 2.1 ports for full next-generation gaming with VRR and ALLM. Compared to the Bravia XR A80K, the A95K model features an upgraded panel, a slightly different design, and a more powerful set of speakers.”

Digital Trends calls it the best OLED Google TV. “This 65-inch Bravia XR TV also works very well with Google TV, running the platform effortlessly. HDRO10 and Dolby Vision are both included to complement the 4K resolution, and gamers will be pleased to see the 120Hz refresh rate. There’s even an included Bravia cam that can be uncovered to make video chats and – potentially – optimize the TV for gesture controls and the most popular spots in your living room.”

2. Hisense U8 Series

Second on the list is the Hisense U8 Series. “The Hisense U8H series offers great picture quality thanks to its mini LED screen, delivers quality audio without any extra equipment, and supports Dolby Vision and HDR. It’s the best Android TV overall,” notes Android Central.

Hisense U8 Series
Hisense U8 Series

“When it comes to Android TV and even Google TV now, the best TV that you can buy is the Hisense U8H,” writes Android Headlines. “Now those of you that are into TVs might be surprised to see Hisense here. But keep in mind that Samsung and LG do not use Android TV, so all of their TVs cannot be listed here. That doesn’t mean the Hisense U8H is a bad TV though, quite the contrary. This is a stunning TV that gets super bright. And that is thanks to Mini LED. In our experience with the U8H, we’ve found that this is the best picture quality for a bright room, in this price range.” calls it the best mid-range smart TV. “If you want something cheaper but aren’t necessarily on a budget, consider the Hisense U8/U8K. It’s a clear step down from the LG C2 OLED regarding picture quality as it doesn’t deliver the same perfect blacks, but it’s still an impressive TV that outperforms any other option in its price range. The Hisense runs Google TV as its built-in smart interface, with many apps available to download through the Google Play Store, so you can find your favorite content.”

3. TCL Class 6-Series

Another favorite that online experts recommended is the TCL Class 6-Series. “With next-gen gaming perks like 4K@120Hz, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) TCL’s 6-Series sets make for great gaming without breaking your wallet,” notes Android Central.

TCL Class 6-Series
TCL Class 6-Series 65-inch

Android Headlines calls it the best gaming Android TV. “Those of you looking for a great TV that runs Android TV, as well as providing the best gaming experience at a pretty good price, the TCL 6-Series Mini-LED QLED is a really great option.”

Popular Science recommends the TCL Q6, saying it’s the best overall. “The 2022 model of TCL’s 6-Series is so good that it earned a spot in our guide, but the company has continued to defy our expectations of what to expect from a sub-$1,000 4K TV with its successor, the Q6. We’ll cut to the chase: This is the TCL TV you should get unless you have really specialized needs or a very strict budget. In our tests, which included playing Nintendo Switch games and streaming native 4K content from Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services, the Q6 couldn’t have performed much better.”

4. Sony A80L

Another Sony Android TV to make the list is the A80L. “Sony’s A80L OLED is the surprise package of 2023 so far and the TV we most readily recommend thanks to its awesome performance-per-pound credentials,” recommends What Hi-Fi?

Sony A80L
Sony A80L 65-inch

“The XR A80L’s OLED panel has a 120Hz refresh rate, support for Dolby Vision HDR, and runs on a custom processor that optimizes its performance for video streaming and gaming,” says Popular Science. “These features will benefit all gamers, but PlayStation-exclusive ones like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Mode will tune the set when you plug in Sony’s console. The two can speak to one another in ways other consoles can’t because of custom hardware and software developed for each.”

Android Headlines calls it the best OLED Android TV. “This is the perfect TV for movie lovers. This is because of that OLED display which provides an incredible picture quality, but it also brings in strong, immersive sound quality. Basically getting rid of the soundbar for you. And that is always a good thing to see here. It’s a good refinement over Sony’s older OLED TVs with Android TV built-in. Making it a good option to buy.”

5. TCL Class 5-Series

Rounding out the top five is the TCL Class 5-Series. “The TCL 5-series QLED 4K is among the cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in 2023. It’s available in 50, 55, 65, and 75-inch sizes, and offers all the essentials including features like Dolby Vision, HDR, Google TV, etc.,” says XDA Developers.

TCL Class 5-Series
TCL Class 5-Series 50-inch

“Features like Dolby Vision and HDR support make the TCL 5-Series televisions a great buy at a great price,” notes Android Central. “The picture quality is good and it’s an excellent value.”

Tom’s Guide calls it a killer QLED value with Google TV. “The TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546) wowed us with its combination of smart TV features, solid performance and great value for your dollar. Building on the foundation of the already-good 5-Series, the move to Google TV gives the affordable 4K smart TV a more premium smart TV platform, one that offers personalized and customizable suggestions, a huge assortment of smart features, and deep Google Assistant integration that makes it a viable center for the entire home of connected gadgets.”

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