Best VR Games For Beginners: Top 7 Titles Most Recommended By Tech Experts

Virtual reality gaming has taken the world by storm in recent years, constantly coming out with new titles to immerse yourself in. The ever-growing catalog of VR games presents a daunting variety, making it hard for newbies to dissect. Our list of the best VR games for beginners aims to help new users find games that are easy to get into and enjoy.

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For now, stepping into the world of VR gaming can still seem overwhelming for new users. Our list of the seven best VR games for beginners pulls from the experience and reviews of our trusted sources. Let us know your favorite VR games in the comments below!

Someone using a VR headset
Someone using a VR headset (Photo by Andy Gin on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Virtual Reality Games for Beginners, Per Experts

1. “Beat Saber” (2018)

“Beat Saber” is the descendant of classic music games like guitar hero. Rather than playing an instrument, this game has players swinging a virtual light saber to pop musical blocks as they fly pass. WalkOvr raves, “Created by Beat Games, this thrilling rhythm game will challenge your reflexes as you wield futuristic sabers to slash through beats with perfect timing and accuracy. Feel like a true rock star as you earn points for every well-timed slash – it’s a workout for body and soul!”

VR Scout praises, “What best-of list would be complete without ‘Beat Saber’? Whether you’re playing for the first time or as a veteran player, this immensely popular VR rhythm game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

VR Marvelites exclaims, “‘Beat Saber’ is easy to pick up and start playing right away. The tutorial section is short and sweet, so you won’t have to wait long to start feeling like a true rhythm star. But ‘Beat Saber’ isn’t just a great game for beginners; it’s also perfect for experienced players who want a challenge. And let’s not forget the pure joy of feeling like a Jedi as you slice through blocks to the beat of your favorite tunes.”

2. “The Lab” (2016)

“The Lab” is a collection of fun mini games. Part of the appeal is that players can jump in for a few minutes of fun rather than committing to a long session (though it is good for those too). VR Today Magazine says, “‘The Lab’ offers a range of immersive mini games to challenge and engage even the most novice VR players. From throwing and shooting objects to reacting quickly in high-energy games, ‘The Lab’ has something for everyone.”

“The Lab” (

CBR describes, “‘The Lab’ is the perfect VR game for beginners because that is who it is designed for. ‘The Lab’ has several mini games, each focusing on a different skill. This allows players to revisit games they find more difficult than others, so they can better master that skill.”

“‘The Lab’ is kind of like the ‘Wii Sports’ of virtual reality. Made by Valve itself, this mini-game compilation is specifically designed to teach you the ins-and-outs of VR. Each individual game focuses on a new VR element, from motion controls, to head tracking, to position tracking,” elaborates newegg.

3. “Superhot VR” (2016)

“Superhot VR” is a fun action-shooter game. It combines great music with surreal visuals. WG adds “Superhot: Feel like you’re a secret agent in ‘The Matrix’! This game throws in a twist to action games. Battle in the streets, with one rule, time only moves when you do!”

“Superhot VR” (

Road To VR comments, “If you want to amp up the action a bit, look no further than ‘Superhot VR’. This is an action game with a mind-bending premise that feels truly unique in VR. In the game, time only moves forward when you move. So if you completely stop moving, the world will freeze. If you move slowly the action will move in slow motion around you.”

Forbes details, “‘Superhot’s’ core conceit is really easy to explain: time only moves when you do. Stand still to plan your next step, dodge bullets like Neo from ‘The Matrix,’ and shatter glass enemies with finesse. For older players, ‘Superhot’ features a really interesting metatextual story that pokes holes in the medium itself.”

4. “Job Simulator” (2016)

“Job Simulator” feels like a tech demonstration with a cute overlay. This game offers plenty of fun beginner’s activities in VR. VR Fitness Insider explains, “This is a low-key job simulator where robots have taken over the world and its jobs. You’ll be climbing up the ranks and getting promoted by doing job-related tasks like eating doughnuts, pretending to work on a computer, and following your robot boss’ directions. This is a great game to help you get adjusted to using the controllers to pick up objects, open drawers, and throw objects around.”

Job Simulator - PlayStation VR
“Job Simulator” – PlayStation VR

WalkOvr offers, “At its core, ‘Job Simulator’ is an immersive experience—from the realistic physics of the universe to the captivating characters inhabiting it. As you traverse the virtual workplaces, you’ll enjoy interacting with quirky robots and demanding customers alike. Plus, the comical tone and charming visuals are sure to keep you enthralled throughout your journey.”

VR Today Magazine states, “‘Job Simulator’ offers a humorous and low-stakes experience, which enables players to engage in job site activities, which would get them in trouble in a real-life scenario. It teaches rudimentary skills like moving objects from one station to another and assembling cars and sandwiches. And, of course, you can hurl items at targets – like throwing a stapler at your boss.”

5. “Space Pirate Trainer” (2016)

Avast ye planet lubbers! If you’ve ever yearned to sail across the stars as a pirate, then this game is for you. WalkOvr claims, “Published in 2017 by I-Illusions, this adrenaline-fueled virtual reality game showcases sophisticated mechanics coupled with an immersive storyline. As a rogue space pirate, you must defend yourself against an onslaught of robotic attackers using laser blasters and energy shields, while dashing through the environment to evade incoming missiles and machine gun fire.”

“Space Pirate Trainer” (

VR Marvelites relates, “Step into the shoes of a space pirate fighting robots and other creatures in this game! With no tether to hold you back, you’ll be ducking, rolling, and spinning to avoid enemy fire and rack up points on the leaderboards. But it’s not just about the high scores – the gameplay mechanics in ‘Space Pirate Trainer’… are top-notch, allowing you to switch between shot types and engage in exhilarating battles.”

VR Today Magazine reviews, “Players must weave through lasers, side-stepping, and ducking rapidly. ‘Space Pirate Trainer’ is a good fit for anyone having difficulty aiming and maneuvering swiftly, as they can gradually hone their skills and speed. ‘Space Pirate Trainer’ is perfect for anyone wanting to develop their shooting skills and become more comfortable with VR gaming.”

6. “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” (2015)

This game’s title is a mouthful, but it summarizes what gamers can expect. Prevent a catastrophe in this puzzle game. Forbes compliments, “This game is on basically everything, and for good reason: it is an ideal party game that includes more than the person wearing the headset. If you fancy screaming at your family this holiday season, look no further.”

“Oddly enough, it’s not the VR technology that will impede most people from playing ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’. It’s the 23-page manual that you have to print in [paper] format (or flip through in PDF form for a less tactile experience). But once you get past the paper and ink expenditure, ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ is a fantastic party game,” assures newegg.

VR Marvelites articulates, “‘Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes VR’ is a multiplayer game that’ll take your communication, quick thinking, and teamwork to a whole new level in VR. The gameplay is simple, follow the manual and defuse the bomb but the twist here is, you can’t see the bomb’s manual, so you have to rely on your teammates to describe it to you.”

7. “Tilt Brush” (2016)

“Tilt Brush” is not a game, rather it is room painting software, but it is also fun to use. This app was designed to teach movement and tool usage in a VR space. “‘Tilt Brush’ isn’t technically a VR game, but it is an excellent way for new players to learn how to move their controllers, look around their space, and make incredible 3D art. While it isn’t meant to be a game and is more of an experience, ‘Tilt Brush’ can be used to play a version of Pictionary,” according to CBR.

“Tilt Brush” (

Forbes asserts, “‘Tilt Brush’ is an art program that lets you draw entire 3D environments. Whether you’re a budding novice just wanting to doodle or a fully-fledged artist wanting to explore a new medium, ‘Tilt Brush’ over the years has managed to position itself as a genuine and valid art tool.”

“This is a great platform to learn your way around VR controllers without the added pressure to aim and shoot or duck to avoid an attack. The VR Institute of Health and Exercise says that playing ‘Tilt Brush’ can burn up to two to four calories per minute, or comparable to going for a walk,” evaluates VR Fitness Insider.

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