Best Away Luggage Alternatives: Top 7 Dupes, According To Travel Experts

If you’re obsessed with the look and durability of the Away brand but not so impressed with the price, we’re happy to report many affordable dupes out there are as good as or even better than the real thing. Away luggage products are known for their minimalist design and wide range of colors. This appeals to a wide demographic, especially millennials and Gen Z.  The company has effectively utilized social media and influencer partnerships to sell directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional retail model, but the price tag is still high. Luckily, the best Away luggage alternatives are equally as impressive without draining your bank account.

Having a sturdy carry-on is vital if you travel a lot. A recent study found on average, Americans plan to visit four different destinations in 2024, with Mexico, Canada, and France topping the list. Three in 10 individuals aim to become “experienced travelers” next year, focusing on learning and guided tours.

Given these trends, having reliable luggage is even more important. Beyond just looking for a suitcase that visually mirrors the Away aesthetic, you’ll also want to consider factors like durability, weight, storage features, and warranty.  Away suitcases do come with unique features, such as a battery for charging devices, a compression system to help pack more, and a laundry bag. These details cater to the modern traveler’s needs.

Fortunately, the luggage market is vast, and many brands have risen to the challenge, offering premium features without the premium price tag. What are the best Away luggage alternatives? Find out below and let us know if you travel with one you love just as much.

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The List: Best Away Luggage Dupes, Per Travelers


1. Made By Design Carry On Spinner

This carry-on from Target is considered one of the most identical alternatives to the Away Carry-On and makes the top spot on our list. SheKnows says, “It is also made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate and ABS, and it has lots of little compartments to keep you organized. Its compression system, built-in lock, telescoping handle, and spinner wheels make it a strong dupe, and it even comes in great colors like white and aqua.”

Made By Design Carry On Spinner
Made By Design Carry On Spinner (

“Target does it again — this time with an affordable spinner carry-on from its in-house brand, Made By Design,” writes Hunker. “Constructed from polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), it features an expandable, minimalist shell; smart interior pockets and straps for more efficient packing; and multiple handles.”

Extra Bux says this almost identical dupe costs a third of the price of the Away carry-on. “The interior sports zippered compartments, a mesh pocket, and cross straps to help you compress your clothes for more efficient packing, and the exterior features a built-in lock for easy use. Multiple handles allow for easy carrying, while a telescoping handle adjusts to meet you where you’re at. The swivel wheels also ensure you’ll have an easy time maneuvering this luggage through busy airports, city sidewalks, and anywhere else.”

2. CalPak Hue Carry-On

“Expandable up to two inches and with a TSA-approved combination lock, this 21.5-inch polycarbonate Away dupe by Calpak is the convenient travel buddy you’ve been looking for, says She Knows. “And spinner wheels? This one’s got them and they’re dual wheels for even more movability.”

Apartment Therapy loves how effortlessly this carry-on glides through the airport, “no matter how heavy you make it.” The website editor adds, “The Hue carry-on is the perfect little suitcase, and I already know it’s going to be a lifesaver once again during my international summer travels.”

3. Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Hardshell Expandable Spinner Carry-On

“Wear and tear are no match for this hardshell spinner carry-on by Traveler’s Choice, according to Hunker. “Sold on Amazon, it’s made from indestructible polypropylene and is resistant to scratches, abrasions, and water. Additional features include built-in USB and type C ports, a compartment to hold portable power banks, and large interior compartments with self-mending zippers.”

Traveler's Choice Pagosa Hardshell Expandable Spinner Carry-On
Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Hardshell Expandable Spinner Carry-On

The Modest Man says this Away alternative is very advanced. “Some of Traveler’s Choice’s innovations include burst-resistant zippers to promote anti-theft, spherical wheels inspired by airplanes and lunar rovers, and the industry’s only hardside and softshell hybrid garment bag. I especially love the ergonomic and stress-resistant handles, which make lugging suitcases up and down the stairs less taxing!”

A review on Cosmopolitan states, “This is a value buy! I was looking on every site trying to find a quality suitcase. I took this to Dublin and back. There were several plane changes and it was PACKED. The zippers didn’t bust and I had all my wheels. Still cute. Honestly cannot complain. There isn’t anything I would change.”

4. COOLIFE Carry-On

“Coolife is an effective budget option and is absolutely easy to find on Amazon,” states The Modest Man. “They make modern-looking suitcases and travel bags, with all the fixings. We’re talking TSA locks and 100% aluminum telescoping handles. The expandable polypropylene versions are similar to Away luggage because of their streamlined design, horizontal lines, and sturdy look and build. They come in five colors, including bright orange and an aquamarine-like shade called lake blue. They’re also durable, eco-friendly, and not easily scratched.”

COOLIFE Luggage set
COOLIFE Luggage set

Hunker adds, “Here’s a sleek piece of luggage that’s half the price of the original Away carry-on. It has a durable hardshell and an extra compartment in the front so you can easily access any small travel essentials.”

“Getting the look you want for less than half the price can be an excellent pre-vacation esteem boost,” writes BestLife. “Fortunately, experts say you can find that with the COOLIFE Carry-On. Among some of its notable features are a double TSA lock for added privacy and a textured exterior that prevents the bag from being scratched, meaning it should stay looking relatively new for more miles.” It also comes with a two-year warranty.

5. Béis The Carry-On Roller

“It’s carry-on size and has the same 360° spinner wheels as the Away version,” according to SheKnows. “This one’s also expandable and its telescopic trolley handle has a silicone grip so your hand won’t accidentally slip when you’re dashing through the airport. Like all Beis products, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.”

Béis The Carry-On Roller
Béis The Carry-On Roller (

Hunker adds, “Béis has quickly earned a reputation for producing functional, quality travel essentials, like its signature carry-on roller. Aside from its stunning 100% virgin polycarbonate shell and silhouette, it offers TSA locks, Hinomoto 360-degree wheels, and a genius built-in weight indicator.”

Travel writer Laura Ratliff tells New York Magazine, “If you can’t travel without taking your entire closet, Béis’s luggage is for you.” She adds it’s expandable up to two inches which means you can fit more stuff in there. Thankfully there’s a built-in weight-limit indicator to make sure you don’t go over the 50-pound weight restriction if you plan to check this bag.

6. Wrangler Smart Luggage 20″ Carry-On

You may have to look more than once to realize this is not the Away carry-on. SheKnows writes, “This Wrangler suitcase is a dead ringer for the Away carry-on. We love the super cool features like a built-in USB port, a built-in cup holder, and a phone holder. It also has 360° spinner wheels, a telescopic handle, and it’s expandable.” One fan wrote, “I didn’t know Wrangler made suitcases but my golly they are sturdy and great to use. I’m rough with my luggage and they HOLD up.”

Wrangler Smart Luggage 20" Carry-On
Wrangler Smart Luggage 20″ Carry-On

“If Away’s fan-favorite USB phone charger is what initially piqued your interest in its carry-on bag, allow us to present a more affordable dupe: the Smart Luggage Carry-On from Wrangler,” gushes Hunker. “Its charging port is conveniently located on the back side of the bag and is hidden underneath a built-in cup holder. Talk about smart.”

“Yes, Wrangler — the company you know for denim and western-style apparel — makes suitcases that are affordable, stylish, and loaded with smart features,” says SFGate. “This carry-on alternative to certain Instagram-famous brands in the suitcase industry (and, to be honest, if you only travel a few times a year, you may not need the bells and whistles of a pricier model).”

7. Level 8 Pro with Laptop Pocket

Reviewers from Valerie and Valice have road-tested this dupe for a few months and writes, “The Level8 Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket is the perfect Away Luggage Alternative with this handy feature. It fits perfectly in all the spaces a carry-on should go, and if you’re looking to keep it all super organized, their organizer packing cubes fit perfectly within.”

Level 8 Pro with Laptop Pocket
Level 8 Pro with Laptop Pocket

“Tech-forward and chic, Level 8 luggage flaunts an almost military-level quality, both in build and visuals,” according to The Modest Man. “Level 8’s laptop compartments are cleverly designed, with a secure pocket in its own section right at the front, in between the shell and the main compartment. It’s like a dedicated business center built into the bag, which makes Level 8 luggage perfect for professional travelers.”

We Dream Of Travel states, “The luggage is sleek, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and allocates space incredibly well. The electronics pocket is ideally organized for quick access and maximizing space which is essential for digital nomads like ourselves who travel for work often. The wheels are the highest quality we have owned, which is important as this is often the first thing to go. We also love the TSA locks that are built in!”

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