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Do you dream of owning a Yeti cooler so you can be the coolest person at the tailgate party? While Yeti reigns supreme in the outdoor gear world, offering superior insulation, durability, and performance, all that excellence comes with a hefty price tag. What if you could get similar or even better quality for less? StudyFinds has discovered the best Yeti Cooler dupes that offer Yeti a run from its money – without running off with yours!

But owning a top-tier cooler is just one aspect of mastering the tailgating scene. Tailgating is an art form with different roles and responsibilities that enthusiasts take seriously to craft the perfect pre-game atmosphere. A study found being the “Grill Master” is the most coveted job at a tailgating event, followed by “side dish taster” or game hype man (or women).  Other top roles include the all-important cup re-filler and the food sever. Interestingly, the study revealed that 34 percent of respondents agree having one designated person commanding the grill yields the best results, as opposed to rotating the duty among attendees (30%).

Having a reliable cooler to keep your drinks icy cold isn’t just great for tailgating. You can bring it along to camping trips, beach days, and so much more. Whether for frosty party drinks or to stay hydrated, these top-notch coolers are a staple for the modern outdoorsman.

So, if you’re planning to dive into your next adventure but don’t want to part with a lot of cool cash for a premium cooler, we’ve got your covered. We have crafted the ultimate list of the top five Yeti cooler dupes that promise durability, efficiency, and affordability – all rolled into one!  Yeti makes both hard-sided and soft coolers, but we’re focusing on the hard-case ice chests. Have you found a Yeti dupe you love that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

A Yeti cooler with beer on top of it
A Yeti cooler with beer on top of it (Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash)

The List: Best Yeti Cooler Dupes, Per Experts


1. ORCA 40-Quart Cooler

If you like the look of the Yeti, the Orca is the closest visual dupe. They’re also the number cooler made in the USA. According to Hunting Waterfalls, “These coolers are arguably better than Yeti coolers anyway in terms of performance. They can hold ice longer than a Yeti cooler.”

ORCA 40-Quart Cooler
ORCA 40-Quart Cooler

“I’m a big fan of this 34-can Cooler’s ten-day ice retention and cargo net attachment, which provides extra storage,” writes What The Fab. “The Orca Coolers brand makes heavy-duty camper cooler products that are easy to transport while keeping items nice and cold.”

The Manual is a big fan of the Orca thanks to its dual flex-grip handles, making it easy to move around, and the built-in cargo net for storing bottle openers and other accessories. Also, the website says, “The chunky design boasts several inches of insulation for maximum ice and cold retention of up to 10 days. An integrated lid gasket and cheeky ‘whale’s tail’ rubber latches create a perfect seal to keep cold in and heat out.”

2. RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler

Here’s a fun fact: Yeti sued the makers of RTIC in 2015, due to product infringement. Yeti won the case with an out-of-court settlement. That being said, the RTIC coolers continually topped the lists we sourced. The Ultra-Light model is exactly that, lighter than most other coolers on the market, especially after you pack it with drinks and snacks. The Atlas Heart did a side-by-side comparison and found, “When looking at RTIC vs Yeti, the RTIC cooler essentially offers all of the same perks. It, too, can hold ice for up to 10 days.”

RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler
RTIC Ultra-Light Cooler

If money is the main reason for not indulging a Yeti, The Krazy Coupon Lady says this dupe is “made the same way and has many identical features.”  She recommends you go with the RTIC and pocket the savings.

“The features of each of their coolers are almost identical to Yeti, ripping off pretty much all of Yeti’s design,” says Hunting Waterfalls. “But they have built their coolers well and are able to hold ice just as long as Yeti coolers. They’ll also save you a good chunk of money.

3. Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt BMX Ice Chest Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

The Igloo name is synonymous with ice chests and this cooler doesn’t disappoint. Avoid Crowds believes, “This particular model, the 25 Qt BMX Ice Chest Cooler, encapsulates everything the brand represents, bringing robust construction and excellent insulation at an affordable price.”

Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt BMX Ice Chest Cooler with Cool Riser Technology
Igloo Heavy-Duty 25 Qt BMX Ice Chest Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

This cooler is the go-to ice chest for the founder of What the Fab and one of her favorite Yeti Cooler dupes. “This Igloo BMX Cooler rivals the Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler and holds a few more cans than the $250 original. Designed with extra secure rubberized t-latches, comfort grip handles, and thick foam insulation to keep items cold for four days.”

According to The Manual, “The premium BMX line boasts many of the same features as Yeti at a fraction of the price. We especially like the addition of comfort grip handles, risers to keep it elevated off the ground, and tie-down loops to secure it in transit.”

4. Canyon Cooler Pro 45

These coolers are still pricey, but cheaper than the Yeti, and according to the experts, you will receive a comparable high-quality product. Another advantage? The Atlas Heart boasts the Canyon coolers “have the best volume to insulation ratio of any cooler on the market.”

Canyon Cooler Pro 45
Canyon Cooler Pro 45

If you end up searching for a new roto-molded cooler, Outdoors says, “You’ll find that most companies generally focus on either aesthetics or functionality, but the Canyon Coolers Pro 45 is different because it delivers both.”

The Manual likes Canyon’s entire lineup of coolers. “The 55-quart model holds up to 56 cans of beer, kombucha, or your best hard seltzer, keeping them ice-cold for up to nine days. The straightforward design integrates EZ cam latches, an air-tight seal, built-in rope handles, and a fast-action drain plug. What’s more, the boxy, straight-wall design eliminates the awkward shapes and cutouts common in other coolers (even Yeti’s), so it’s easier to stack and pack in your vehicle.”

5. Grizzly 60 Hard Cooler

Hunters have known and loved the Grizzly brand for years. If you purchase this one, it will most likely last a lifetime. The Manual writes, “The coolers are made of LLDPE plastic for extreme durability and ice retention. Every side is pressure-injected with as much as two inches of Ecomate polyurethane foam for unbeatable cooling. They’re also made in the USA and eco-friendly with no ozone depletion or VOC off-gassing potential. Plus, as the name implies, this is a bear-proof cooler and, with two lock holes, nearly theft-proof too.”

Grizzly 60 Hard Cooler
Grizzly 60 Hard Cooler

Expert World Travel thinks the handles are much more comfortable on the Grizzly than the Yeti and likes the lifetime warranty. “The next thing is the lid gasket on the Grizzly seems to perform better.”

“I’m a fan of the Grizzly Coolers design because it’s just as easy to haul with one or two people,” mentions What The Fab.

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