Best French Press Coffee Makers: Top 7 Pots Most Recommended By Experts

If you want to elevate your coffee experience, consider making the switch to using a French press. Many coffee aficionados prefer to brew coffee this way due to its immersion technique, which yields a rich, full-bodied cup. Unlike other methods, it doesn’t need paper filters, allowing the coffee’s natural oils to enhance the flavor. Not only is it simple, affordable, and portable, but it also offers versatility. Users appreciate the control over brew strength and the ease of cleaning. However, its unique brewing style might leave some sediment in the cup, which may not be to everyone’s taste. For many, the French press is as much about the aesthetic and experiential ritual as it is about the brewed coffee. Ready to take the plunge? We’ve researched to find the best French press coffee makers to choose from.

If you use a French press, you probably drink several cups of coffee daily, but don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing. A study found drinking two or three cups a day could add years to your life by keeping your heart healthy. Researchers found that the world’s most popular beverage lowers the risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms — helping people live longer.

It is a good thing that there are many benefits to drinking coffee because the average American drinks about 460 cups a year! If you are among the coffee-obsessed, you are not alone. Luckily, the positive impact coffee has on your health means that there are worse things to be addicted to.

To try a new way to brew the perfect cup, a French press is an easy and quick way to get started. To brew the perfect coffee in a press pot, you want to use coarse grinds to prevent them from slipping through the press filters and making the coffee muddy or sludgy. Coffee experts also suggest using fresh coffee beans and grinding them just before brewing to ensure a fresher, more flavorful cup. They also encourage you to use filtered water since tap water can have impurities or a strong mineral flavor that can impact the taste of your coffee. Eager to immerse yourself in this side of the coffee universe? We’ve sifted through and found the seven best French press coffee makers for you. Have a cherished pick that’s missing from our list? Drop it in the comments below.

French press for coffee
French press for coffee (Photo by Sorin Gheorghita on Unsplash)

The List: Best French Press Coffee Makers, According to Experts


1. Bodum Chambord

This is one of the most classic presses you can buy which is why it tops our list. Food and Wine says it gives you exactly what you expect: “A cup that drinks smoothly, has a nice body, and shows off a balance of acidity and flavor. While there is no added insulation, the Chambord maintains the consistent brew quality we expect from this brand.”

Bodum Chambord French Press
Bodum Chambord French Press

Insider states, “It’s unfussy and operates smoothly, and replacement parts (screens, braces, etc.) are affordable and easily attainable.” 

“If you tend to brew one cup at a time, this so-called ‘mini’ French press is the best option,” according to Food Network. “It offers the same bold flavor and richness you’ll find in larger models, and it’s well-made, with a glass carafe, stainless steel frame and lid, and easy-to-grip BPA-free plastic handle that stays cool. Use the included plastic scoop to measure your grounds. Nearly all of it is dishwasher safe, or use a bottle brush to clean the diminutive carafe by hand.”

2. ESPRO P7 French Press

If you don’t mind spending the money, Food Network says this is the one to splurge on. “It’s as elegantly designed as it is sleek and yielded us the smoothest cup by far thanks to its double filter system. Though other models have double filters, the ESPRO P7 has a patented design with deeper microfilters that twist and lock together. As effective as the filters are, they’re also simple to use, disassemble, and clean.”

ESPRO P7 French Press
ESPRO P7 French Press

Food and Wine calls this the “Best Insulated” press. “It crafts a clean and consistent cup of coffee every time, and the insulation keeps whatever’s left inside the press hot for whenever you’re ready for the next cup. The plunger system was smooth and seamless, which resulted in a smooth and balanced cup of coffee with little to no sediment. Did we mention it’s beautifully made? The quality of construction and brew makes this French press worth investing in. One thing to note is that the basket filter is very fine, so you may consider grinding your coffee beans finer to find the perfect fit for your taste preference. Because the filter is so fine, there is no worry that the grounds will end up in your coffee.”

Epicurious adds, “The filter system on the ESPRO came the closest to producing a clean cup, free of coffee grounds and grit of anything we tested. If for some reason you want an even cleaner cup Espro also makes paper filters, which you can add to the French press filter system.”

3. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

This Bodum model is made of polypropylene plastic instead of glass, but experts agree it doesn’t affect the quality of the coffee and lives up to the name. Food and Wine says, “It offers the same style and functionality as the original Chambord. Testers agreed that it produced a medium-bodied cup of coffee with rich flavors and a smooth texture, though it detected a small amount of bitterness. The quality level of the brew held true to the Bodum brand, but one thing to note is that the handle sits inside the glass at the top where it connects, so testers were concerned about chipping the carafe with extended use.”

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker
Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

“Our favorite low-price option is the Bodum Brazil,” according to The Spruce Eats. “It stacks up against more expensive French presses, brewing similarly strong coffee and it’s just as easy to use and clean. While the brew quality isn’t at the absolute top, our Lab testers described it as exactly what you would expect from a French press.”

“Bodum wins again, this time with the 12-ounce Brazil French Press,” writes Methodical Coffee. “This is perfect for small coffee batches and those looking to cut down on their caffeine intake. Because it’s from Bodum, you can be assured the quality of this French press is top-notch.”

4. ESPRO P3 French Press

This is a cheaper version of the ESPRO P7. If you like to geek out on coffee, have a burr grinder, and can tinker with different grind settings, Serious Eats says this is the French press for you. “The Espro P3 is probably the most ‘innovative’ of the models we tested. The filter is a two-layer mesh cage meant to filter out fine particles, which means you can play with grind settings more.”

ESPRO P3 French Press
ESPRO P3 French Press

Food and Wine writes, “This affordably priced and classically styled French press produces a very balanced and overall pleasant cup of coffee. Our testers raved about the taste results, which showcased clean, balanced, and flavorful coffee with no sediment. We like the sturdy base of this French press and the strong, locked-in cage that holds the glass carafe—which is by no means fragile, as it’s engineered to be 40% thicker than classic French presses. For purists who believe glass is the only way to go, this is a tried and true style with essential features.”

According to Epicurious, “Considering it uses a glass carafe rather than a double-walled steel one, it does a nice job of keeping the coffee warm (though not as nice a job as the P7), and again, because of its filtration system, you can leave the coffee in the press without worrying about unwanted extraction.”

5. Fellow Clara French Press

This French press is one of the best looking when it comes to design. “It’s modern and functional and will look lovely accompanied by a fancy brunch spread just as much as a coffee with dessert,” states Food and Wine. “In addition to this French press making a well-balanced and clean cup of coffee with rich and deep flavor, testers liked the extra features: an agitation stick for stirring grounds, a counterbalanced handle for easy pouring, an all-directional pour lid, and guidelines for ratio of coffee grounds to water.”

Fellow Clara French Press
Fellow Clara French Press

“An elegant design and quality manufacturing sets this press apart from the competition and produces an amazing cup,” according to GearLab.

Serious Eats writes, “The Fellow Clara combines innovative design with excellent heat retention. With its sleek matte finish, double-walled chamber, and weighted handle, the Clara proves that the folks at Fellow understand what makes a French press brewer great.”

6. Secura Stainless Steel French Press

This press stands up to the bigger names. GearLab says, “For one, it scored among the highest in our taste and filtration tests. It also has one of the most insulated carafes and kept our coffee warm the longest. And the 34-ounce press, which was our test model, comes in several colors to match your kitchen palette and taste.”

Secura Stainless Steel French Press
Secura Stainless Steel French Press

US News & World Report states, “With its 50-fluid-ounce capacity, the Secura French Press Coffee Maker is ideal for those looking to brew coffee for multiple people at the same time. This model also offers a double-walled, stainless steel design, allowing it to keep beverages hot for up to one hour longer than glass carafes and others with just a single wall, according to the company. The cool-to-the-touch handle and knob help protect your hands when brewing or pouring.”

“The filter features a double screen that did the best in our roundup, leaving just 0.44 grams of coffee solids in the finished coffee,” according to Voltage Coffee. “We also really liked the handle, which allowed a sure grip and an easy pour. ”

7. Le Creuset French Press

If you like the country vibe of Le Creuset, this may be the press to consider, especially since it comes in many colors. Epicurious writes, “The heavy pitcher could keep liquid warm for an extended period if needed and it could also serve as a beautiful serving pitcher for any non-coffee drinks you might want to serve. The stainless steel filter is almost identical to the coil and spring filtration system on Bodum French presses.”

Le Creuset French Press
Le Creuset French Press

“It’s not just the design that we love,” writes The Spruce Eats. “The brewing performance makes the press worth purchasing, too. There were some inconsistencies in the batches we made, but overall the flavor is strong, balanced, and everything you could want out of a French press.”

“The stoneware construction is solid and one piece, making it durable and easy to clean,” says Food and Wine. “This French press makes a nice, full-bodied cup of coffee but leaves a bit of fine silt at the bottom of the cup.”

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