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Some days you need your caffeine in a hurry. That’s why it’s great to have one of the best single-serve coffee makers for that fast mug of morning java. Pop in a pod or grounds in a reusable filter, add some water, and your coffee is ready. 

Single-serve coffee makers are time savers– no more waiting for an entire pot of coffee to brew. Pods come in endless flavor combinations, so you can easily switch up your blend depending on your mood. These innovative and convenient appliances are designed to deliver a perfect cup with minimal effort. These compact machines offer a streamlined brewing process, allowing users to prepare a single cup of freshly brewed coffee in a matter of minutes.

With their diverse range of flavors and customizable options, single-serve coffee makers have become a staple for coffee enthusiasts seeking both quality and efficiency in their daily caffeine fixes. Plus, having a reliable coffee maker at home saves money while still providing you with all the health benefits of coffee. Having that morning cup can help to curb obesity, maintain healthy blood pressure, ward off Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Ready for that morning boost? We’ve compiled a list of the top brands from ten expert websites to find the best single-serve coffee makers. As always, we’d like to see your recommendations in the comments below!

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The List: Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers, According to Experts


1. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Good Housekeeping calls the Keurig K-Elite the overall best, adding it boasts “one of the largest water reservoirs at 75 ounces (or about 9 cups of coffee) — meaning you won’t have to refill constantly. If you prefer to use your own ground coffee, there’s also a reusable filter attachment that can be purchased separately.”

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

“Brew coffee from 187 degrees F to 192 degrees F, or opt for the iced coffee or tea setting. With this, you’ll be able to brew a cup of coffee that will retain full flavor even as the ice starts melting in your cup. Plus, the K-Elite also has hot water on demand, which is perfect for oatmeal or soup,” according to Food Network.

It also has an auto on/off feature. The Spruce Eats points out, this machine “can brew from 4 to 12 ounces of coffee at a time, while the strong brew button increases the strength of the brew for a bolder cup. You won’t need to wait long since this makes a cup of coffee in less than a minute.”

2. Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer

“If you want the option to alternate between K-cups, other pre-packaged pods and your favorite ground coffee, the Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer is the way to go,” says Forbes. It’s compatible with all brands of coffee pods, and it also comes with a reusable filter cup, which you can fill up with loose ground coffee.”

Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer
Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Brewer with Canister and Milk Frother

Better Homes & Gardens points out, “for easier cleaning, the water reservoir is removable, and the unit itself comes with a rinse feature to clean inside of the brewing chamber. You can also pop out the drip tray for cleaning and to more readily brew coffee right into a travel mug.”

Although Taste of Home suggests, “while this larger footprint model is likely too big to sit on a compact kitchen island cart, it’s ideal for office workspaces and robust kitchens that have countertop real estate to spare.” 

3. Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine

Nespresso is known for making quality coffee machines, and this single-serve option is a reviewer favorite. It features a 60-ounce adjustable water tank. Plus, it has “an automatic opening system, so you can pop in your Vertuo pod and brew yourself a creamy espresso in minutes,” according to TechRadar.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine
Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Machine

“The VertuoPlus heats up in just 20 seconds and uses centrifuge technology to make smooth, well-balanced coffee and espresso in four sizes ranging from 1.35 to 8 ounces, with a beautiful crema in every cup,” suggests Epicurious.

Insider notes, “once the VertuoPlus is up and running, it’s capable of making a remarkably flavorful espresso in less than 4 minutes. The machine’s software scans each pod and automatically determines the best brewing temperature, pressure, and brew time.” Just keep in mind, this machine only fits Nespresso brand coffee and espresso pods.  

4. Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Single-Serve Coffee Maker 

If you’re looking for a single-serve coffee maker with smart features, Keurig’s K-Supreme Plus is a solid choice. Forbes points out, “the BrewID, which identifies the type of coffee or beverage the K-Cup contains as soon as it’s inserted into the machine. It then automatically optimizes its settings for that particular batch. One key setting it adjusts is the machine’s MultiStream technology, which regulates water flow to ensure the contents of the cup are evenly saturated.”

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Single-Serve Coffee Maker 
Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart Single-Serve Coffee Maker

People suggests, “it only takes a minute to brew a single cup of coffee. Using the ‘strong’ setting on this machine (which features three different strength levels) helped make the coffee significantly bolder and stronger.” 

Good Housekeeping finds, “both the control panel and the app to be intuitive and simple to use. Through the app, you can start the machine, make customizations and schedule a cup of coffee ahead of time. The downside to the coffee scheduling is that it must be confirmed on the app at the scheduled time before it starts, so it won’t brew while you sleep.”

5. Black and Decker Single-Serve Coffee Machine

Rounding out our top five, is a coffee machine that won’t bust your budget. It comes with a reusable filter to fill with your own grounds. You can also use pods. “Instead of a carafe, the Black & Decker model includes a 16-ounce insulated travel mug that fits right beneath the dripper to collect the brewed coffee,” notes Insider

Black+Decker Single-Serve Coffee Machine
Black+Decker Single-Serve Coffee Machine

“The machine shuts itself off automatically after the cup of coffee is finished brewing, a great detail especially if you’re rushing in the morning. It’s also a smaller option—just 7.4 inches wide and 12.1 inches tall—if you’re trying to conserve valuable counter space,” adds Better Homes & Gardens.

This machine doesn’t have a carafe, so you’ll need to fill it with water for each cup you brew. Plus, “the pod puncture needle isn’t easily removed, so you’ll need to clean this by hand or with cleaning pods somewhat frequently,” suggests Taste of Home.

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  1. Chsr says:

    Did you even try a Tassimo. The fact that each pod has a barcode to ensure a beverage is brewed at the specified temp speaks for itself let alone the durability of the machine. I am on my second one in 18 yrs whereas keurigs seem to last only 3 years at best.