A mother putting school lunch in daughter’s backpack

A mother putting school lunch in daughter's backpack (Photo by Pixel-Shot on Shutterstock)

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key when it comes to mealtime. Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent on the go, finding quick and easy lunch options can be a lifesaver. That’s where Lunchables come in. These pre-packaged lunch kits have been a staple in lunchboxes for years, providing a hassle-free solution for those looking for a tasty and satisfying midday meal. But with so many options available, which Lunchables truly reign supreme? To find the answer, we at StudyFinds have taken it upon ourselves to explore the best Lunchables on the market, considering taste, nutritional value, and overall satisfaction so that you can rest at ease knowing you’re making a smart decision at the grocery store!

Speaking of the grocery store, we realize your local supermarket is probably saturated with meal ideas for on-the-go eating, so why turn to Lunchables? Other than being a staple in most people’s fridges for years, some still are weary of these little lunch packages. If you’re one of these people, maybe these reasons will give you a bit more insight as to why Lunchables are such a popular choice:

  • Convenience King: No cooking, no prepping, just grab and go! Perfect for busy days or on-the-run adventures.
  • Variety Victor: From classic cheese and crackers to something more adventurous, there’s a Lunchables combo for every taste bud.
  • Portion Perfection: Pre-portioned snacks help keep you feeling satisfied without overdoing it.
  • Nutritious Nibbles: Many options offer balanced protein, carbs, and healthy fats for a well-rounded mini-meal.
  • Playtime Pal: Fun shapes and compartmentalized trays make lunchtime a playful experience for kids (and adults who like a little fun!).
  • Allergy Ally: Gluten-free, dairy-free, and other allergy-friendly options available for inclusive snacking.
  • Mess-Free Marvel: No dirty dishes! Sealed compartments keep everything neat and tidy.
  • Budget-Friendly Bite: Affordable and easy on the wallet, Lunchables won’t break the bank.
  • Nostalgia: For some, Lunchables are a taste of childhood memories, bringing back a smile with every bite.

So, next time you need a quick and satisfying meal, remember the mighty Lunchables! They’re the perfect solution for busy days, picky eaters, and anyone who loves a delicious and convenient snack! But what are some of the best Lunchables? Luckily, we at StudyFinds have researched across multiple expert sources to bring you today’s ranking of the top seven best Lunchables you can buy today. Don’t agree with our ranking or feel we missed out on a good suggestion? No worries, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below!

white and red labeled pack on white shelf
Grocery Store (Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash)

The List: Best Lunchables, According to Experts

1. Pizza Treatza

Lunchables Pizza Treatza is a popular and convenient meal option for both kids and adults alike. With its unique combination of pizza and a sweet treat, it offers a delicious and satisfying lunchtime experience. “If you can only eat one type of Lunchables for the rest of your life, this is the one to select. It’s not the most complicated or the heartiest, but it’s a combination that you’ll never grow tired of eating,” says Mashed.

Lunchables Pizza Kit Chocolate Frosting Chocolate Chips & Capri Sun Roarin Tide Drink 10.5oz Box
Pizza Treatza (lunchables.com)

“The pizza treatza Lunchables is a classic take on a regular pizza Lunchables, but with a dessert twist. Each box includes pizza crust, pizza sauce, and Kraft mozzarella cheese for making a pizza. However, it also includes another pizza crust, chocolate-flavored frosting, and candy-coated chocolate chips to create a dessert pizza. There’s also a Capri Sun roarin’ waters tropical tide juice pouch in the box to accompany the pizzas,” writes The Daily Meal.

“Let me just say that 4th grade me would’ve absolutely freaked out for a ‘treatza.’ This is a genius way to repackage the old-school pizza Lunchables into something new and fun. And luckily, it tastes pretty good! When it comes to the Lunchables pizza, I can’t deny that I love it. It tastes bad, but in a good way—or tastes good, in a bad way? I’m not really sure, but I know that I enjoyed eating it as a child, and I enjoyed eating it in our Lunchables taste test,” adds Sporked.

2. Pizza with Pepperoni

Lunchables Pizza with Pepperoni is a convenient and delicious option for a quick and satisfying meal. Packed with all the essential components, this lunchtime favorite offers a unique twist on traditional pizza. “If you ate Lunchables when you were growing up, you undoubtedly remember Lunchables pizza with pepperoni. This is a classic that will never get old. There’s something magical about putting together a tiny, cold pizza with your own two hands and then shoving it into your mouth. Sure, it’s far from the best pizza you’ve ever had — but the sense of accomplishment is real, and your taste buds won’t even consider complaining,” states Mashed.

Pizza with Pepperoni
Pizza with Pepperoni Lunchable

“The only negative here is that it comes with the fruit punch-flavored Capri Sun. The pepperoni perfectly covers the pizza, so there’s not too much dough to the face. It’s incredible in the world of Lunchables,” notes Delish.

“Similar to the extra cheesy pizza Lunchables, this variation contains pizza crusts, pizza sauce, Kraft mozzarella pasteurized prepared cheese product, and pepperoni made with pork and chicken. Sometimes this box comes with a small treat, but in most cases, the pizza with pepperoni comes on its own,” reports The Daily Meal.

3. Nachos with Cheese Dip & Salsa

Lunchables Nachos with Cheese Dip & Salsa is a delicious and convenient snack that is perfect for those on the go. Packed with flavor and easy to enjoy, this snack is a hit among both kids and adults alike. “This already gets a plus one for including a KitKat. I remember seriously disliking this combo as a kid, but it’s actually really delightful. The nacho cheese and salsa together are the right amount of spicy meets savory-sweet. I would like to apologize for the years of slander I committed against this combo in my previous life,” comments Delish.

Nachos with Cheese Dip & Salsa
Nachos with Cheese Dip & Salsa Lunchable (walmart.com)

“Often coming in a package without added components, the nachos Lunchables include Kraft nacho cheese, tortilla chips made with whole grain, and salsa. You take the small, round chips and dip them in the salsa or nacho cheese (or both),” explains The Daily Meal.

“Any excuse to eat nachos is a good one to me. While it may be missing some of our favorite elements (guac, anyone?), it’s got the most basic elements nachos need: chips, cheese, and salsa,” describes Spoon University.

4. Turkey & Cheese with Crackers

Lunchables Turkey & Cheese with Crackers is a convenient and delicious lunch option. Perfect for on-the-go lunches or quick snacks, this Lunchable is packed with protein and calcium, offering a balanced and satisfying meal that will keep you fueled throughout the day. “This Lunchables option includes turkey slices, cheese, and crackers. It’s a classic lunch option that’s perfect for on-the-go,” says Straw Poll.

Turkey & Cheese with Crackers
Turkey & Cheese with Crackers Lunchable

“The turkey Lunchables come with either cheddar or American cheese and crackers. This classic Lunchables is a cracker stacker, so you’re meant to take one slice of each ingredient and combine them in a stack for the ultimate flavor explosion,” explains The Daily Meal.

“How does the turkey and American combo get such a better ranking than the ham? I’ll tell you: The turkey is far more salty (essential),” notes Delish.

5. Ham & Cheese with Crackers

Lunchables Ham & Cheese with Crackers is a popular and convenient lunch option for both kids and adults. This ready-to-eat meal is perfect for those on-the-go moments or when you need a quick and satisfying snack. “It includes ham slices, cheese, and crackers. It’s a simple and tasty lunch choice,” states Straw Poll.

Ham & Cheese with Crackers
Ham & Cheese with Crackers Lunchable

“There are some variations that come with added components or desserts, but the overarching gist remains the same. There are three types of cheeses you can choose from: ham and cheddar, ham and Swiss, or ham and American. Whichever you choose, the box will contain that Kraft cheese product, along with Oscar Mayer lean ham and crackers,” reports The Daily Meal.

“The most underrated item that can be found inside Lunchables has to be Swiss cheese. Almost every Lunchables features either cheddar cheese, American cheese, or mozzarella cheese. But in Lunchables’ ham and Swiss with crackers, you’ll be blessed with the elusive Swiss cheese. All it will take is one bite for you to agree that Lunchables should include this cheese much more often than they currently do,” raves Mashed.

6. Chicken Nugget Kabobbles

Lunchables Chicken Nugget Kabobbles are a delicious and convenient option for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal. Packed with flavor and protein, these kabobbles are a fun twist on traditional lunch options. “The idea behind Lunchables Chicken Kabobbles sounds a bit corny. This product is basically a lunch kit that allows kids to build stuff with their lunch. For example, you can build a pretzel horse and then eat the elegant beast you created. At first, you may think this is just something kids will enjoy. But after you see the tasty creations that can be made, you too will want to get your hands on this version of Lunchables,” writes Mashed.

Chicken Nugget Kabobbles
Chicken Nugget Kabobbles Lunchable (lunchables.com)

Flavor-wise, these aren’t at the top (although, still tasty), but they’re definitely fun to build. It’s like that old Lego alternative you used to play with, but you can eat it too,” adds Spoon University.

“The chicken poppers, which came off as a more flavorful improvement over the Chicken Dunks, make a pretty good combination when combined with the lipid texture of the cheese and the saltiness/crunchiness of the pretzel sticks,” states Mass Live.

7. Mini Hot Dogs 

Introducing Lunchables Mini Hot Dogs, the perfect bite-sized treat that combines convenience and flavor in one delicious package. These mini hot dogs are a kid-friendly twist on a classic favorite, offering a fun and interactive way to enjoy a tasty lunch or snack. “This Lunchables option includes mini hot dogs, buns, ketchup, and mustard and is a fun and easy lunch choice that kids love,” comments Straw Poll.

Mini Hot Dogs 
Mini Hot Dogs Lunchable (walmart.com)

“We rate these as pretty tasty on the Lunchable scale. I’ve had this once or twice before, and I can say that the few times I’ve had them, I have enjoyed them a lot. The only reason I have had them so sparse is because of the lack of availability in most stores of this type,” explains Gorilla Killa.

“Another unique offering from the Lunchables brand is the mini hot dogs box, which deviates a bit from the company’s standard boxes. The mini hot dogs still have a build-it-yourself component and come in a combination meal. There’s also a Capri Sun fruit punch juice box and a small KitKat candy bar for dessert,” concludes The Daily Meal.

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