Best Queso: Top 5 Cheesy Dips Most Recommended By Experts

Grocery store queso dips are a guilty pleasure for many American shoppers. Something about velvety smooth cheese is addictive whether you heat it up first or simply eat it cold. With so many queso brands to choose from, it can be quite the daunting task to make a selection at the grocery store. Our list of the top five best queso dips feature brands that are sure to be ooey-gooey, cheesy, and authentic Mexican-style.

The process of selection is a bit more nuanced than it might seem at first. It’s a moment full of terror, panic, and hunger — which snack do you pick? So how do the most indecisive of people finally make a selection when facing dozens of choices? A new study finds human decision making is less about picking favorites and more about sheer eye contact. Researchers from the United States and Germany say the amount of time people spend looking at a certain object helps them ultimately decide whether or not to pick it. Their experiment reveals consumers choose snacks they spend more time looking at, even over choices they rate as more appealing.

People love dip so much, in fact, that 35 percent of those surveyed would replace a typical lunch meal with their favorite spread. According to the survey, adults do this five times per month on average. Aside from devouring it on their own time, 38 percent believe dip is the top thing every party needs to have available. A variety of dips beat out drinks (37%), different foods (33%), good music (28%), desserts (24%), and games (17%) as the top party must-haves.

Whether for a gathering or just a naughty little treat, queso dip is indulgent and tasty. Our list of the top five best queso dips might help you find a new favorite brand. Let us know your go-to in the comments below!

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Drinks, a bowl of tortilla chips and Tostitos salsa and queso (Photo by Hybrid Storytellers on Unsplash)

The List:Top 5 Supermarket Queso Dips, According To Experts


1. On the Border Salsa con Queso

Queso blanco reigns supreme with many of our sources. “On the Border Salsa con Queso is packed with vibrant flavor despite the less vivid hue. “There are specks of pepper throughout this one that gives it a nice, subtle heat,” says the Test Kitchen’s Ellie Crowley. This kick is nicely blended with the creamy, mellow taste of Monterey Jack cheese,” raves Taste of Home.

On The Border Salsa con Queso 15.5 oz. Jar (Pack of 4) on Amazon
On The Border Salsa con Queso

“Here’s something we weren’t on the border about: how good this dip was. It blew past the competition as the unquestionable winner of the taste test. The pleasantly chunky queso checked all the boxes: thick, well-spiced with cumin, and packed with a little bit of heat from jalapeños. It looked like restaurant-style queso and had the taste and texture to match. It’s also one of the few store-bought quesos that has actual cheese listed as one of the first ingredients,” praises Huffpost.

If in doubt, follow the reviewer’s recommendations. “The brand On the Border is a snack food line that accompanies the chain of American Tex-Mex restaurants which go by the same name. On the Border’s food products (a variety of chips and dips) mimic those served on their menus. They are sold at Walmart and on Amazon, and their salsa con queso is especially well-liked. On Walmart’s website, it’s been reviewed over 100 times, receiving an average rating of 4.3 out of 5,” offers Daily Meal.

2. Tostitos Salsa Con Queso

The iconic yellow cheese dip found in every snack isle; Tostitos sets the standard for what queso should be. “When I think of jarred cheese dip, I instantly think of Tostitos, and there’s a reason for that: It’s delicious. Not too thick and not too runny, Tostitos Salsa Con Queso boasts a bright orange hue. It’s made with a Monterey Jack Cheese base (already starting off with a kick), and additional ingredients like jalapeño peppers and chili peppers really bring home the spice. The sauce itself is smooth and rich, but it does contain chunks of veggies that add to the heat,” writes Eat This, Not That!.

Tostitos Salsa Con Queso
Tostitos Salsa Con Queso (12 pack)

Mexican snack food giant Tostitos have made a rich, tasty queso so good you might struggle not to polish off the whole 15 ounces once you’ve opened the jar… Lovers of the delicious melty cheese you get in the cinema will find that the Tostitos queso comes as a close match. It’s just as gloopy and indulgent, and can be gently warmed in a separate container for that true hot Mexican dip taste sensation,” posits MedMunch.

“Ultimately this queso won out for several reasons. In addition to triggering fond memories of game days past, it delivered the right amount of spice, had a lovely orange-yellow color, and, as one surprised taster noted, actually ‘tastes like dairy,’” adds Serious Eats.

3. Cacique Mild Mexican-style Queso Blanco Dip

Cacique, often associated with celebrity chef spokesman Aaron Sanchez, is considered by our sources to be an excellent product. “If you want an authentic Mexican-style dip, the Cacique Mexican-style Queso Blanco is one of the best supermarket queso dips we have ever tasted. The authentic and bold flavor makes us want to dip everything- from chips to burritos. We smell the natural spice and are surprised it comes with real tomatoes and pepper. We only wish there were more smoked jalapeño on it for a more enjoyable dipping experience,” recommends Eat Pallet.

Cacique Mild Mexican-style Queso Blanco Dip
Cacique Mild Mexican-style Queso Blanco Dip (

“Cacique’s texture is comparable to 2 to Tango’s, and their spice level is arguably more desirable than our top pick’s. But this queso is slightly sweet. Why? We’re not sure. It doesn’t ruin the queso, but it definitely knocks a few points off its flavor score,” critiques Yahoo!

“It’s definitely one of the most traditional dips you can find at the store because it stems from a family recipe in Mexico. This white queso tastes like heaven on a chip, thanks to the creaminess and subtle spice. They use a blend of cheese, diced tomatoes, and jalapenos to achieve the flavor profile. This queso is my go-to when I’m looking for something that tastes genuine. I always grab it when I’m wanting something rich with just a hint of spice,” according to Restaurant Clicks.

4. Queso Mama White Queso with Diced Green Chilies

More than one Queso Mama product made the list with our sources, but the green chili variety came out on top. “So many of the mild quesos we tried weren’t just mild in spice—they were mild in flavor. Queso Mama manages to keep the heat low while bringing tons of good, cheesy flavor. Notes of cumin and green chili fill your mouth when you bite into a chip drenched in Queso Mama’s queso, making it the best store-bought queso blanco we tried. I am now addicted to it and took the entire 32-ounce container to enjoy in the privacy of my own home,” writes Sporked.

Queso Mama White Queso with Diced Green Chilies
Queso Mama White Queso with Diced Green Chilies (

“If you do not like roasted jalapeños but still want the mild flavoring of queso blanco, we recommend trying their diced green chilies. It has low heat with tons of creaminess and cheesiness. We almost consumed the whole tub because of the cheesiness and heat that melted in our mouths,” raves Eat Pallet.

“Queso Mama is a brand specializing in queso. Its melted cheese products can be found at Whole Foods, Costco, and Target. One of Queso Mama’s most popular products is its White Queso with Green Chiles. According to Queso Mama, it is conveniently both vegetarian and gluten-free. We like this because it could open up the product for more people to enjoy. This also makes it great for putting out at a gathering like a game night where participants may have different dietary needs,” details Daily Meal.

5. Good & Gather Salsa con Queso

Good & Gather is another emerging brand of queso that really hits the spot for many of our sources. “There are three kinds of peppers packed into this jar of queso: jalapeños, green chili peppers and cayenne. This dip hits all the right spicy notes as well as some creamy ones thanks to Monterey Jack cheese,” exclaims Taste of Home.

Good & Gather Queso Dip on
Good & Gather Queso Dip (

“Good & Gather is Target’s line of food products and are sold only at Target or online. If you’re hoping to buy this queso in-store and don’t have a Target nearby, then you might be out of luck. On the other hand, if you’re a regular Target shopper, this queso could be the easiest to pick up. Good & Gather’s salsa con queso comes highly reviewed by those that have bought it. There are over 400 ratings on the Target website for this queso, coming out to an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. People appreciated the fact that it was cheaper than other name-brand quesos, creamy, fresh-tasting, and contained a small kick of heat,” writes Daily Meal.

“Target’s Good & Gather Salsa Con Queso looks like light orange queso but tastes like white queso. It’s very creamy and solidifies at the top when left alone for a few minutes (and when I say ‘few’ I mean two or three at most), which had me reminiscent of the cheese cups school cafeterias serve with soft pretzels,” adds Eat This, Not That!.

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