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Strap on your headset and step into a world of boundless possibilities! The Meta Quest 3 has arrived, pushing the boundaries of VR gaming further than ever before. But with so many incredible titles vying for your attention, where do you begin? Whether you are into music VR games or action packed adventures, this guide is your ultimate roadmap to the best experiences the Quest 3 has to offer. Immerse yourself in epic adventures, lose yourself in heart-pounding action, or unleash your creativity in innovative new ways. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the most captivating, groundbreaking, and simply fun games the Meta Quest 3 has to offer! Our list of the seven best Meta Quest 3 games has some of the hottest titles for gamers to add to their collection.

Meta Quest 3 is in competition to establish itself as a leader in the virtual reality market. Through a combination of entertaining games, productivity software, and social media connectivity Meta makes a strong case for their premier VR headset. Here are a few reasons why some gamers flock to this VR powerhouse:

  • Mixed Reality: The Quest 3 seamlessly blends virtual elements with your physical environment, creating a new layer of interactive possibilities. Imagine working out with a virtual trainer in your living room or playing games that interact with your real-world furniture.
  • Next-Gen Performance: Experience unparalleled VR immersion with the Quest 3’s upgraded processor and graphics card. Enjoy smoother framerates, higher resolutions, and more realistic visuals that push the boundaries of virtual reality.
  • Intuitive Hand Tracking: Forget about controllers and dive headfirst into VR with the Quest 3’s advanced hand tracking technology. Your natural movements are accurately translated into the virtual world, creating a more natural and intuitive interaction experience.
  • Content Library Expansion: With a rapidly expanding library of games, apps, and experiences, the Quest 3 offers something for everyone. From adrenaline-pumping action adventures to social hangouts and creative tools, the possibilities are endless.
  • Untethered Freedom: Experience true freedom with the Quest 3’s standalone design. No wires, no computer required, just pure VR immersion right out of the box. Explore, play, and connect without any limitations.

The Meta Quest 3 proves itself not just as an impressive VR headset, but as a gateway to a whole new world of possibilities. Meta Quest 3 offers a seamless mixed-reality experience, next-gen performance, and an ever-expanding content library. We sorted through 10 expert lists to come away with the best Meta Quest 3 games that were recommended most. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 3 (Photo by dreii on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Meta Quest 3 Games, According to Experts


1. “Resident Evil 4 VR”

Embark on a chillingly immersive journey with “Resident Evil 4 VR.” This best-selling title pushes the boundaries of VR horror. Reviewed says, “Capcom’s creepy ‘Resident Evil 4’ remake challenges you to step into the shoes of special agent Leon S. Kennedy on his mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter from the clutches of a bizarre cult.”

Why is it one of the most sought after titles in VR? The Gamer explains, “‘Resident Evil 4,’ allows you to enter a terrifying world of survival horror. Following the events in Raccoon City, you play as one of the survivors, Leon Kennedy. The European setting provides an eerie atmosphere once you meet the local residents of a remote village.​​​​​​​”

According to DualSHOCKERS, “‘The Resident Evil’ franchise is basically a household name at this point. This beautiful remake of ‘Resident Evil 4’ boasts more than 11,000 ratings and a Metascore of 91 to back it up. As special agent Leon S. Kennedy, you can experience the famous terrorizing gameplay that made the ‘Resident Evil’ games a critical success in VR.”

2. “Dungeons of Eternity”

Embark on an epic adventure in “Dungeons of Eternity,” a co-op action RPG! Explore dark crypts, ruined castles, and deep caverns alongside your friends. Underscored raves, “Loot, level up and lay waste to dungeon-dwelling beasties in this hack-and-slash adventure that’s as close as you’ll come to a virtual reality version of ‘Diablo.’ Featuring satisfying physics-fueled combat, ‘Dungeons of Eternity’ puts you behind melee, ranged and magic-based weapons.”

PCGamesN likes the multiplayer capabilities of this game: “While ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is still booming in popularity, if you happen to want a more immersive adventure with up to three friends, ‘Dungeons of Eternity’ is the game for you. This action-packed dungeon crawler is easily one of the best action games on the Meta Quest 3 and it’s made even better with friends.”

Get ready for a dive into a whole new world. Currys exclaims, “Grab your axe and armor up. Bristling with an arsenal of medieval weapons and deadly spells, you’ll explore crumbling tombs and dark dungeons. But to make it out with the loot, you’ll have to go toe to toe with skeletons, ghosts, and other mythical beasts. No pressure then.”

3. “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners”

Brace yourself for the ultimate zombie apocalypse experience with “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,” a thrilling VR game coming to Meta Quest 3 on January 16, 2024. Fight your way through the flooded ruins of New Orleans, scavenging for resources and facing agonizing decisions in a world overrun by the undead. Digitaltrends says, “There’s no requirement to be familiar with the source material to play this game — only that you want a tense and realistic zombie survival experience. Every stab and bash through the brain you perform is done through your own motion.”

This game is great for fans of “The Walking Dead.” Laptop adds, “If you’re into zombies, ‘The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Chapter 1)’ is an excellent VR game to try out on the Meta Quest 3. According to Skydance Interactive, there will be an enhanced version of the game released for the Quest 3 alongside the headset’s release.”

ShortList says this is one of the best VR games they have ever played. “Not only does it fit well into the sprawling ‘Walking Dead’ universe, the game isn’t about confronting zombies but surviving them. Graphics wise, it’s stunning and the zombies, while cartoon-like, are utterly scary when you interact with them.”

4. “Red Matter 2”

Dive into a breathtaking dystopian universe with “Red Matter 2,” a must-own adventure game. This thrilling title features a rich blend of exploration, puzzles, combat, platforming, and narrative. Zyber explains, “‘Red Matter 2’ presents players with a dystopian space setting where solving puzzles and embarking on quests is the key to uncovering the secrets of Red Matter. While the game has already been released for Quest 2 headsets, it will undergo improvements for the Quest 3, including enhanced graphics and smoother performance.”

Underscored notes that the game has found its place among virtual reality titles. “Now upgraded and enhanced for the new headset, the dystopian adventure has fully cemented its spot among the best VR games,” they write.

Digitaltrends sets the scene: “With an extremely unique setting of a dystopian cold war in space, Red Matter 2 is a mixture of puzzles and first-person shooting. Your ultimate goal as Sasha is to discover the hidden truth about the titular Red Matter while exploring the large open area with a jetpack for traversal.”

5. “Pavlov Shack”

Dive into the heart-pounding first person shooter action of “Pavlov Shack!” This highly immersive FPS game will have you strategizing and coordinating with your squad to achieve victory. Currys says, “Pavlov Shack – In this team based tactical shooter, you’ll squad up and eliminate the bad guys with realistic guns and gear. Lock and load!”

Laptop claims, “‘Pavlov Shack’ is a team-based tactical shooter VR game with various game modes, weapons, and accessories to try out. According to a tweet from the CEO at Vankrupt Games, Pavlov Shack won’t receive textural or graphical updates, but it will be able to run at a smoother 90Hz on the Quest 3, compared to 72Hz on the Quest 2.”

The Gamer relates, “First-person shooters have a place in VR, and Pavlov Shack proves it. With your team, you take on enemies with a tactical approach, using various modern weapons. Think Counter-Strike, but on VR. To manage your inventory, you look down at what your character is carrying.”

6. “Asgard’s Wrath 2”

Meta Quest 3 owners can join the fight against Loki’s chaos in “Asgard’s Wrath 2,” a free launch title that immerses players in a sprawling, action-packed VR RPG experience. Prepare to face epic challenges as you strive to save reality itself. According to Laptop, “‘Asgard’s Wrath 2’ is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles for the Meta Quest 3. In the game, you’re tasked with finding the Trickster God Loki and you could easily spend up to 60 hours exploring the world.”

What’s so great about it? “With a sprawling world to explore, players can spend up to 60 hours on this adventure. What sets this game apart is its mixed-reality mode, where Loki’s minions emerge from open spots on your walls and ceiling, challenging you in your real environment,” adds Zyber.

Currys goes into more depth: “In ‘Asgard’s Wrath 2,’ you’ll have to track Loki through the deserts and ruins of ancient Egypt. And as he’s the Norse god of mischief and trickery, he’s not going to be easy to find… Using a mix of magic, ranged and close quarters combat, you’ll face off against towering gods and unholy monsters in thrilling battles. Gulp.”

7. Vader Immortal Episodes One through Three

In “Vader Immortal,” players step into the shoes of a smuggler recruited by Darth Vader in a thrilling “Star Wars” adventure. Uncover a captivating story that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away. PCGamesN compliments, “This trilogy of games deserves to enter the list of best Meta Quest 3 games as a single entity. A dream come true for any ‘Star Wars’ fan, this VR game takes you on a journey from being a lowly smugger, to helping Darth Vader with his insidious plans.”

DualSHOCKERS assures, “Hot on the tail of all those ‘Star Wars’ reboot movies and television shows comes Vader Immortal, with 3 episodes of gameplay as of early November 2023. Each episode will run you about $10.00 on the Meta store. Despite the title, you don’t actually play as Sith Lord Darth Vader, but a smuggler with a droid companion solving a mystical quest for the Sith Lord.”

Currys articulates, “On the fire world of Mustafar, you’ll rise from humble smuggler to deadly Jedi Knight. And you’re not going solo, oh no. With ZO-E3 for company – your handy droid companion – you’ll have to hone your new powers and lightsaber skills to defeat the Empire. It’s a good thing those Stormtroopers can’t shoot straight.”


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  1. Andrewas says:

    Not even close, probably these are the most popular but not the best ones.

    1. LenniO says:

      I agree. I play Zenith with loads of people who have been with the game since it came out.
      Be careful… just because these games in that article have been downloaded… doesn’t mean people are actually playing them for very long. I own some if them and quit after a few trials at playing.

  2. K dog says:

    Bruh moment, these are some decent VR games but they are not even close to the best ones out there. I can tell you guys did your research on this one

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    So then give us your lists ‘not even close’ crew. Easy to snipe but a lot harder to put yourself up on the firing line

  5. Gh0stcraft says:

    Was this list made 3 years ago? Terrible 2023 list.

    1. Lethal_AF says:

      I agree! Total rubbish. IMP, Population: One is a top 5 all day.

      1. Sam says:

        Population gives me a headache. What else is out there that should be on this list? Want to try some new ones.

      2. P ditty says:

        Well they took the best game they had off of the platform,, i.e. echo MUTHSFCKN arena.

      3. Dz says:

        Walkabout Mini Golf should have been on this list. It will not give you a headache.

      4. NSS says:

        This list was carefully chosen only those who played these games will quickly agree on the ranking if you exclude Half Life Alyx.

        RE4 was a superbly bug free long journey that gets more and more sophisticated with well designed controls. Despite the old graphics theme for a person who never played it before on PS , It was absolutely fantastic time that makes you wonder when everything will be over👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😎 I believe it is the ONLY True AAA title on Quest Store.

  6. eawea says:

    doesn’t bode well that the best/most popular games for the system are ones that have been out since nearly the beginning. Why aren’t people making new, better games?

    1. Sam says:

      Yeah, it seems like there arent many new games out…

  7. Bol says:

    The Riese Project – Prologue

  8. P Ditty says:

    I will never purchase another Meta product as long as I live. They had one unique skill based inspiring game and they shut down the server. Now The walking dead game is top 5??? GTFO. BRING BACK ECHO.

  9. Jack says:

    I know I’m late, but definitely not the best meta quest games. Also some of them you would need steam or rift store to use, which requires a pc.

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    Eleven Table Tennis is the winner when it comes to realistic simulators combining multiplayer experience. I just want to give it my personal honorable mention here 😉 otherwise this list seems fine to me!

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    Don’t even waste your time on getting an oculus.. they send broken refurbished as replacements when your headset messes up, which they did 3 times to me and never got it resolved.. also you have to buy the games again..this company is pathetic