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Houston Texans cheerleaders (Photo by motorsports Photographer on Shutterstock)

Football is all about enthusiasm, and just like the players, the fans are also always charged up. Players are under an immense level of pressure and carry the hope of millions of fans on their shoulders. To keep their energy up, peppy cheerleading squads root for every team. These squads consist of talented, athletic women who perform amazing stunts and dance routines in the spirit of the sport. Just like the teams, some may be more popular than others. Let’s take a look at the best NFL cheer teams to wave their pom poms on the sidelines. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are a big football fan. You understand how integral these cheer teams are to the mood and excitement of the fans. They can also boost the self-esteem of the players. Did you know that your favorite team can boost your self-esteem too? There’s no better feeling than watching your favorite sports team come from behind and pull off an exciting victory.

People become extremely attached and connected to sports, but there may be a positive mental health outcome as a result. A study by Ohio State University has found that fans experience a boost in self-esteem after watching their team win a big game. More specifically, researchers found that college football fans enjoyed improved self-esteem following a team victory for at least two full days afterward. 

So, get ready to join in with cheer squads in cheering on each and every big game, whether from the stands or on your couch. StudyFinds did the research, consulting 10 expert sports and fan websites to find the best NFL cheer teams who support your favorite players. Is there a cheer team that catches your eye every time you watch a game? Share with us in the comments section below!

Cheer pom poms
Cheer pom poms (Photo by cottonbro studio on Pixels)

The List: Best NFL Cheer Teams, According to Expert Reviews 

1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

No surprise here, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are one of the most iconic cheer squads in the league, they are also one of the most well-publicized and marketed. “In addition to the multitude of public appearances they make, the Cowboys cheerleaders have also appeared on television programs like ‘Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?’, and are currently the focus of a show on CMT – Country Music Television – titled, ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.’ Which we figure is a lot like HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ series, only with hot, very scantily clad women. Which is A-Okay by us,” says The Sportster.

This Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders team is sought after by both the public, and cheerleading hopefuls. For more on their TV series: “The show has proved to be so popular that it has remained successful and has run for a shocking 8 seasons, more than most television shows. Featuring the most skilled dancers, paired with some of the sexiest uniforms in the NFL cheerleading scene, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will probably be rightfully hogging the spotlight for another decade, at least,” explains The Richest.

The Dallas cheerleaders have the largest number of off-the-field appearances and some of the biggest sponsors around. “Their website lets you learn about every roster of Cowboys cheerleaders ever, dating back to 1961. One could argue that the cheerleading squad gets more recognition because the football team itself is often in the limelight, but in a way, that just means these talented ladies face even more pressure to adhere to excellence in all of their performances. The attractive uniforms probably help, too,” offers Sportinal.

2. Houston Texans Cheerleaders 

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders consist of 30 females representing the organization. “They were originally formed in 2002 during the team’s inaugural season in the NFL. Lauri Flynn, the wife of Matt Schaub, is a former Texans’ cheerleader. Schaub was the team’s quarterback between 2007 and 2013,” explains At the Buzzer


“Sure, the Houston Texans are not as well-known as their other Texas NFL team counterparts, but that doesn’t stop these girls from bolstering fans’ spirits wherever they go. Whether it’s a blood drive, a junior cheerleader outreach, or their own HTC All-Star squad (made up of teens from local cheer squads, dance teams, and drill teams), the Texans girls represent the organization with pride and a genuine interest in the community that supports them,” says Love to Know.

The Texans cheerleading squad has a huge social media following; this generates a lot of fan support. “The Texans squad represents the team at public events throughout the year. Even during the pandemic, the squad recently hosted a virtual Bingo with seniors event, where the girls played with the residents,” states Sportskeeda.

3. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

The Dolphins’ cheerleaders know how to fire up a crowd, and a city. “Miami really does have an unfair advantage when it comes to stocking its roster with the hottest cheerleaders available. Miami is just a sexy city full of sexy people…Lauren Tannehill may be the hit of the Dolphin’s preseason right now, but once these Dolphin cheerleaders (and these shorts) hit the field, that conversation will shift in a hurry,” says Sports Kings.

The cheerleading team of the Dolphins has given several performances in the past at the Hard Rock Stadium. “Every year, they also release an annual swimsuit calendar. Like other cheerleading squads in the NFL, the Dolphins had also conducted their auditions in virtual mode. They also send a cheerleader to the Pro Bowl and some of their best alumni to the Indian Premier League every year. They usually give their performance in an all-white uniform,” offers IFLUS.

Between 1978 and 1983, the squad was known as the Dolphins Starbrites and Dolphins Dolls. “One of the most notable things about the Miami Dolphin girls is the amount of community service they perform as a squad. Many squads encourage girls to participate in community outreach individually, and most squads do outreach to their communities in the form of cheerleading and dance camps. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, however, are unparalleled in the amount of outreach they do around the world,” explains Love to Know.  

4. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

The Denver Broncos’ cheerleaders are a group of 26. Up until 1985, the group was known by several names, including the Bronkettes, Bronco Belles, and Pony Express. “They are well known to commit 1,000 hours every year to charity work and events that take place in their area; this also includes several fundraisers for troops present overseas. This group has even toured military bases across the world and has gone as far as Afghanistan and Iraq, among other places,” says IFLUS.

“The Broncos cheerleading squad commits 1,000 hours per year to charities and events in the area, including fundraisers for troops overseas,” says Sportskeeda

There’s a company for the squad that sponsors tanning, yoga, and spa services. “The Broncos cheerleaders are the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee. They’re also one of the only teams, if not the only team, to sell cheerleader packages for events,” says CNBC.

5. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Beautiful, athletic, and passionate, the Eagles cheerleaders have it all. They’re also very stylish, being the only squad in the league with uniforms designed by the very notable Vera Wang. “The Eagles Cheerleaders are the only cheerleading team to be invited to perform at the amFAR Inspiration Gala in New York, and they were the first squad in the league to design and launch a cheerleader calendar mobile app – where it ranked in the Top 5 paid mobile apps. Yeah, that’s not shocking in the least,” says The Sportster.

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders are the only NFL cheerleading squad with a “mature” content button on their website to ensure that viewers are over 18. “The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad has been around since 1948, so it’s a team with an excellent track record and some pretty interesting history. Many of the Eagles cheerleaders have University degrees and full-time jobs, so if you’re hoping to cheer for the Eagles, you must be great at balancing, both literally and metaphorically,” offers The Richest.

The Eagles cheerleaders are some of the best performers around and are fiercely competitive. Auditions to be a part of the squad last several rounds. “The roster section of the team website is quite well organized, and for every woman, you have a separate photo gallery with easy-to-click video sections. These cheerleaders can also make appearances at events, for a fee, of course!” explains IFLUS.

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