Pie crust and filling ingredients

Pie crust and filling ingredients (Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash)

Do you love to bake but don’t have time to make a pie from scratch? Enter the world of pre-made crusts: ready-made wonders that promise the flakiness and golden perfection of homemade crusts without the elbow grease. But do they live up to the hype? Will your friends know you made a few shortcuts? Not necessarily, if you choose from our list of the best store-bought pie crusts. Culinary experts recommend you look for crusts made with real butter or a blend of butter and lard for the best flavor and texture, and we’ve narrowed down the most delicious vareties.

With the world moving so fast, most of us don’t have extra time in our day to spend hours crafting a pie from the bottom up. A survey finds the average American adult logs just four hours and 26 minutes of free time to themselves in a given week. With so little free time, you don’t want to spend any of it kneading and rolling out pie dough when it’s much easier to let Mrs. Smith or Sara Lee do the heavy lifting.
When fall rolls around, baking is one of the classic traditions that many look forward to. In fact, a recent study shows that over a third (35%) of people say making holiday food is a fall favorite. Baking pies and having anything with cinnamon apple in it, specifically.
Save time this holiday season, and make your pie with a pre-made crust. (We promise we won’t tell.) We’ve researched the best store-bought piecrusts — even grandma won’t know the difference. Notice one missing from our list?  Let us know in the comments below.
closeup photo of sliced pie on white ceramic saucer
Pumpkin pie (Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash)

The List: Best Store-Bought Pie Crusts, Per Culinary Experts

1. Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust

“If you completely forgot that you need to make a pie and are crunched on time, first of all, we salute your commitment,” writes Pure Wow. “Second, Pillsbury’s refrigerated pie crust is your new BFF. The rollout-style crust is available in the refrigerator section instead of the freezer, so you won’t even need to thaw it beyond a 15-minute rest at room temp before use. We found it easy to handle and quick to par-bake, and the instructions were easy to follow and seemed accurate based on the results.”

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust
Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust (walmart.com)

Taste of Home says, “These rolled crusts can be unrolled and shaped any way you like. Use these crusts to make a lattice-topped pie, decorative pie crusts, or even easy pan-free galettes. Pillsbury’s riff on refrigerated pie dough was our team’s favorite. The texture of this crust was thin and crisp but sturdy enough to stand up to various fillings.”

“If you’re in a pie crust pinch, head to the grocery store and you’ll most likely be able to find a box of these versatile pie crusts in no time,” writes SheKnows. “Your last-minute apple pie, chicken pot pie, and pumpkin pie cravings will be satisfied.”

2. Marie Callender’s Deep Dish Pastry Pie Shells

If you’re making a savory pie, Taste of Home recommends these pie shells. “‘These pie crusts have a lovely buttery flavor with so many flaky layers. The texture reminds me the most of a homemade pie crust—pretty impressive!’ says Ellie Crowley in the Test Kitchen. Unlike many other crusts our pros sampled, Marie Callender’s doesn’t have an especially sweet flavor profile. This means you can use this premade pie crust for all kinds of recipes—including breakfast, pot pie, and more.”

Marie Callender’s Deep Dish Pastry Pie Shells
Marie Callender’s Deep Dish Pastry Pie Shells (walmart.com)

Sporked writes, “This frozen pie crust has excellent structure and, as advertised, this thing is deep. You can make a huge pie with this. I also love that the edges of the pie are perfectly crimped, giving it a homestyle aesthetic. The texture is good, too. This store-bought pie crust is tender and flaky and good for pretty much any pie, but its size makes it ideal for chicken pot pies and savory beef pies.”

Voted best pre-shaped shell by Pure Wow, the website says, “This shell requires little more than a ten-minute thaw, a quick docking with a fork, and a 15-minute bake.”

3. Trader Joe’s Pie Crusts

Pure Wow was wowed by the frozen pie crusts at Trader Joe’s. Despite a little cracking that was easily solved, “the dough felt most like a homemade version, and there was plenty of overhang to make a crimped crust. It tasted like the real deal, too, thanks to the fat: flaky, tender, slightly sweet, and oh so buttery.”

Trader Joe's Pie Crusts
Trader Joe’s Pie Crusts (traderjoes.com)

Trader Joe’s pie crust has the best texture and flavor—it’s a little sweet, perfectly salty, and it actually tastes like butter,” according to Simply Recipes. “I could see the flaky layers in the crust, which melted in my mouth.”

SheKnows writes, “Trader Joe’s pie crust is affordable, and it actually has real butter in it, which gives it great flavor. Each round of dough is also a little larger than most refrigerated pie crusts which makes it easier to assemble your pie.”

4. Keebler Shortbread Pie Crust

The Spruce Eats says the shortbread version of this crust “really lifts any no-bake pie to a higher category of flavor—think cookies with pudding or any sweet filling you like.”

Keebler Shortbread Pie Crust
Keebler Shortbread Pie Crust

SheKnows also gave a thumbs-up to the shortbread crust. “Shortbread crusts are perfect for key lime and other fruit pies, but we especially love them for frozen ice cream pies. We like the buttery snap of these Keebler crusts.”

The graham cracker version of this crust also got high marks. “When it comes to a graham cracker pie crust, Keebler is a classic,” states Sporked. “Sure, you could pick the Kroger brand or the Great Value brand, and they do taste strikingly similar, but there’s just more joy in seeing those crafty little elves on the front of this package. I also think the flavor here is slightly better—it’s buttery and sweet, and the texture of the crust isn’t so crumbly that it falls apart.”

5. Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional Pie Shell

Simply Recipes says, “The taste is good. The crust holds up well for both blind-baking and baking with a pie. Would be good for a sweet pie or a savory pie such as a quiche.”

Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional Pie Shell
Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional Pie Shell

Voted best organic pie crust by Pure Wow, “The texture was slightly more crumbly than flaky, but it was tender and pleasantly toasty (albeit a little bland).”

Sporked liked the gluten-free version saying the pie crust is “delightfully sugary; you get that crunchy, crystalized cane sugar taste, and the texture is crispy, almost like a graham cracker crust.”

6. Diamond Pecan Pie Crust

“All of Diamond’s premade pie crusts impressed the hell out of me with their delicious variety of flavors, but the pecan pie crust hit hardest of them all,” according to Danny Palumbo at Sporked. “This store-bought pie crust has phenomenal flavor—it’s nutty, buttery, salty, and deliciously sweet. When you cook it in the oven, the pecans unleash an extra layer of roasted flavor that’s simply delightful.”

Diamond Pecan Pie Crust
Diamond Pecan Pie Crust

The Spruce Eats loves the walnut version of this pie crust. “For a different flavor and texture, try this ready-to-use walnut-based pie crust. With less flour and sugar than a traditional pie crust, its unique nutty flavor enhances both sweet and savory fillings like lemon, chocolate, butter, quiche, veggies, and more.”

“If you can’t get enough of the nutty flavor of pecan pie, then this crust, which is made with crushed pecans along with the usual ingredients, could become your new favorite,” according to SheKnows.

7. Oreo Pie Crusts

This pie crust doesn’t require an oven! Sporked says while the Oreo crust can limit what type of pie you make, “the chocolatey crust would be a great contrast for a banana cream pie or even a coconut cream pie…The pie shell is basic but tastes just like the chocolate cookies in an Oreo. The Oreo pie is also a classic no-bake dessert and a symbol of convenience.”

Oreo Pie Crust (instacart.com)
Oreo Pie Crust (instacart.com)

SheKnows writes, “They’re made with real Oreo cookie pieces, so they’re basically just as tasty as one you would make on your own while sparing you the task of cleaning black Oreo dust out of your food processor for the next decade.”

“Whether you’re baking a pumpkin pie or a sweet potato pie, you simply can’t go wrong with the Oreo crust,” writes Food Taste Guide. “The tiny pieces of Oreo cookies will melt in your mouth leaving a subtle chocolate aftertaste.”

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