Best Dance Songs: Top 5 Tunes Most Recommended By Experts

Get ready to unleash that inner dancer and get funky, we’re about to blast through the best dance songs of all time. Reaching back decades and bringing back the golden age of disco, the greatest dance songs have helped define generations while keeping us moving to the beat of our own drums. From classic Motown grooves to sweat-pumping beats, these tunes continue to break down cultural, social, and language barriers. 

However, the benefits of listening to great music don’t stop there. For as long as mankind can recall, music has been a tapestry by which to share our stories, experiences, and yearnings. To add, a recent study also found that listening to music can significantly lower our daily stress while enhancing our mood. In fact, on average, listeners lowered their stress levels by eight percent while 90 percent of participants experienced a boost in their mood. In a nutshell, the findings go on to reveal that listening to music is an effective way to manage our stress. 

On top of transcending barriers and improving our overall mood, music can help us foster closer connections. In this new study, it was found that the easiest way to forge a connection with millennials is through listening and connecting with older music. Overall, songs released in the 21st century — 2000 to 2015 — were best identified, but tracks released from 1960 to 1999 didn’t lag far behind. In fact, all songs from this latter 40-year period enjoyed roughly the same degree of popularity.

Fostering self-confidence and promotional emotional release, dance songs will always hold a special place near and dear to our hearts and souls. With mesmerizing hooks and unforgettable rhythms, the best dance songs of all time keep you out on the dance floor living your best life. So are you ready to put on your dancing shoes and break a leg? Today we’re covering the best all-time dance songs that have revolutionized music. Don’t happen to see your favorite? Tell us more about it in a comment below – and why it should be on our list! 

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The List: Best Dance Songs, According to Experts

1. “Yeah!” by Usher ft. Lil Jon, Ludacris

An instant party favorite, “Yeah!” is known for its ability to get people moving! From the first pulsating beats of the song, listeners are drawn to the dance floor like moths to a flame. As Zing Instruments writes, “Usher sings about being in the club with his friends and spotting a girl he felt he needed to talk to.” Coiled with “aggressive and excited yeahs throughout the track,” this hit is a “fun song through and through.” 

The memorable lyrics and infectious rhythm of this song have made it a pop culture phenomenon. Released nearly 20 years ago, the timeless party anthem continues to influence generations. As Refinery 29 spelled it out, “We can all agree that ‘Yeah!’ is a dance-party anthem.” Also, “it doesn’t matter if you think the best part is Luda’s rap, the chorus, or Lil Jon’s thunderclap call,” the song is a massive hit all the same. 

The collaboration between the three talented artists brings an electrifying synergy to this hit. As a result, it is undeniably one of the best dance songs of all time. As Music Industry How To explains, “Yeah was a hit that took dance floors across America by storm.” In every way, “the song was inescapable, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it at least once.” The catchy beat and easy-to-follow lyrics make it a “great song to dance too, even if you’re a timid dancer.”

2. “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer

“I Feel Love” is an absolute masterpiece with powerful female vocals over an electronic backdrop. Ahead of its time, “I Feel Love” was the stand-out disco dance hit of its era. As Midder Music puts it, “While Donna Summer is well known for her enviable music career, her 1977 disco song is what many would eventually end up calling the ultimate dance song.” Lyrically, “the song describes the singer’s sensuality” and how “she feels love in a way not even words can describe.” 

The impact of “I Feel Love” can be heard in numerous dance tracks that followed and to this day remains a go-to classic for DJs and dance enthusiasts. As World Wide Tune attests, “The lyrics of the single show the emotional response and deep connection to the experience of falling in love.” Since its debut, the record has been covered by many artists, such as Bronski Beat, Messiah, and Sam Smith. Overall, the track received significant chart success and “went to number one in countries such as Austria, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.”

And it isn’t just a dance anthem. It’s a celebration of human emotion and togetherness. As Rolling Stone says, “it is simply impossible to imagine the future sound of dance music without it.” Not only did this “single change the sound of club music for the next 15 years” but it forever impacted “all of pop.” 

3. “Good Times” by Chic

Released in 1979, “Good Times” is a dance floor favorite with an irresistible groove and uplifting beats. By itself, it stands tall as a stand-out feature. As World Wide Tune explains, “The song’s lyrics convey the message of celebration, fun, joy, and the power of music.” Additionally, it emphasizes enjoying moments in life and” leaving problems and worries behind. All-in-all, the single went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It also peaked at number three on the disco chart.”

Crafted by the legendary Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, “Good Times” became an instant success and continues to impact pop culture. It is arguably one of the best dance songs ever. As Slant Magazine recounts, “Good Times is an effective time capsule and a sincere sentiment.” To add, “Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers’s songwriting and instrumentation is lean and effective” As Chic put it, “these are the good times.” 

“Good Times” is an enduring anthem that symbolizes unity, joy, and celebration. Hands down, without question, it is one of the most popular dance songs ever written. As Singers Room breaks down, “Good Times is known for its infectious bass line which has been heavily sampled across different genres.” With a “feel-good vibe” this song has a “catchy melody coupled with its groovy beats that makes it a timeless anthem at any party or club.”

4. “One More Time” by Daft Punk

Released in 2000 as part of the Discovery album, “One More Time” is one of the most iconic dance songs. As an electronic dance song, this hit became an instant worldwide sensation. As Zing Instruments elaborates, “This song is a prime example of French house music that will surely reinvigorate you, pushing you through your fatigue to celebrate and dance so freely.” Additionally, the “auto-tuned and distorted vocals add a really cool effect to the song and are sure to get you feeling free.” 

Funky beats backed with a euphoric vibe and dance floor melody, few songs have had the influence as “One More Time” has across both genres and generations of dance music. Since its debut, the song is a go-to favorite and has been used countless times in animated films. As Singers Room puts it, “One More Time is a masterpiece with an irresistible beat that has an nostalgia-inducing quality has earned it a permanent spot on any playlist for party goers who want to experience epic nights.” As soon as this song starts playing, “it creates a magnetic pull that entices anyone to get up and dance.” With its upbeat tempo and soul-stirring vocals, “’One More Time’ catapults joyous feelings throughout the whole audience.”

It doesn’t matter how much your feet hurt – when you hear this song, you’re dancing. It’s as simple and infectious as that. As Slant Magazine jokingly describes, “One More Time is the equivalent of two robot gods getting together on the seventh day of creation to start the disco craze of the late ’90s.” With a “chorus of trumpets,” One More Time stands as an all-time dance great and is basically like “Christmas in Disco Heaven, but every day.” 

5. “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

“Billie Jean” is a tremendous hit by the King of Pop! Even today, this hit is revered as one of the best dance songs of all time. As Midder Music says, “Billie Jean is a great dance song that deserves the best dance moves.” Even the most serious guys in the building would “find it hard not to groove to Michael Jackson’s masterpiece,” which is “how you know it is one of the greatest dancing hits.” 

Showcasing Michael Jackson’s exceptional dance moves in the song’s music video, “Billie Jean” is another testament to the iconic status of this massive hit. With magnetic beats that beckon people to the dance floor, it remains an eternal tribute to the unmatched talent and legacy of Michael Jackson. As Love to Know explains, “While Michael Jackson’s Thriller might be the best line dance song according to Billboard, Billie Jean was named the Most Iconic Song of All Time based on a statistical analysis of song popularity.” To add, “Billie Jean was based on situations Michael saw his brothers caught up in and featured a danceable beat.” 

Released in 1983, “Billie Jean” was part of the Thriller album. As a legendary hit, the song’s opening bass line couples an insatiable rhythmic beat that draws you closer to the dance floor. As Slant Magazine writes, “The song defies genre—dance, pop, R&B—by embodying them all with such finesse that it’s hard to imagine a time when the song didn’t exist.” Upon playback, “the beat is measured, even downright sluggish, but it’s the bass line, at twice the speed, that propels the song.” Overall, this hit was “impeccably produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones” and further cements Jackson’s legacy as one of the greatest artists of our time. 

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