Best Easy Halloween Costumes: Top 5 Quick Ideas, According To Experts

Halloween is the time to let your creativity shine. And making a DIY costume is the easiest way to do so! Shopping for costumes can put a crimp in your bank account, so it’s always best to make something out of items you already have. Are you looking for a quick costume for Halloween? StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best easy Halloween costumes to throw together last minute.

Children not only love getting dressed up for Halloween, but they also love getting candy as well while trick-or-treating! And kids don’t waste time going through their candy. A recent survey shows that 81 percent of kids end up eating their entire candy haul within the first week. One in four won’t even make it to Nov. 2. Forty-two percent of parents admit that their kids don’t think they get enough candy at the end of the night. That concern is likely to escalate as 47 percent of parents worry about people leaving out candy bowls that will empty quickly.

Another fun part of Halloween is watching scary movies that will make you jump. A survey of 2,000 Americans celebrating Halloween finds 66 percent believe watching a horror film is a fun escape from real life. The poll reveals there’s no movie more iconic than “Halloween.” The slasher film classic was followed by “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream” as the top three Halloween films of all-time.

Are you ready to create a DIY costume? StudyFinds has found the top five easiest costumes to make for Halloween. Did we miss one of your favorites? Sound off in the comments below!

The List: Best Easy Halloween Costumes, According to Experts

1. Barbie

The top DIY for this Halloween is Barbie, thanks to the blockbuster summer movie. “Barbie and Ken are iconic characters, and with the new Barbie movie, it’s only right to don their workout fits,” writes Good Housekeeping. “Plus, they’re so cute and can be worn during non-Halloween workout sessions.”

“2023’s Barbie gave us tons of DIY costume inspo,” says Best Products. “Throw on this pink jumpsuit and construct a sash out of ribbon and glitter iron-on letters to transform into President Barbie this Halloween. Add a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses to complete the look.”

“Let the new hit movie Barbie be your inspiration this Halloween,” notes The Pioneer Woman. “You don’t even have to dress exactly like Barbie, either: To capture her essence, just throw on all of your favorite pink clothing and accessories for an unbeatable Barbiecore look.”

2. Taylor Swift

Another easy costume to make yourself is dressing up as pop superstar Taylor Swift. “This is also sure to be a popular Halloween costume this year. Grab a sparkly leotard and a pair of boots and throw on some red lipstick for an easy Taylor Swift costume,” writes Woman’s Day.

“Calling all Swifties — this costume based on Taylor’s song ‘august’ is so witty and unique. Don’t forget to bring an empty bottle to complete the look!” says Seventeen.

You can also dress up as a sad Swiftie after not being able to secure tickets to her show because of website issues with TicketMaster. “Print a screenshot of the infamous ticketing waiting screen on a 18 by 24-inch foam board at a local printer or UPS store,” notes Country Living. “Add pink grosgrain ribbon and wear it around your neck like a necklace. Pair with your favorite Eras-inspired look and a few tear-shaped rhinestones on your cheek.”

3. Skeleton

An easy go-to Halloween costume is dressing up as a skeleton. “A little makeup can go a long way, but in this case, a lot of makeup goes even further,” writes Reader’s Digest. “Don’t be shy about layering on the ghastly white makeup and the black around your eyes to create a spooky skeleton. A ‘stitched’ look across your mouth brings it up a notch—and is surprisingly easy to pull off.”

Skeleton Makeup Kit on Amazon
Skeleton Makeup Kit on Amazon

“Turn a basic white T-shirt into a seriously creepy Halloween costume using a pair of scissors, our easy skeleton makeup tutorial and a little imagination,” says HGTV.

Seventeen notes, “It’s always freezing in October, which means that you’ll want to stay warm and still look cute. Attach white felt bones to a black jumpsuit and you’ll be the coziest skeleton around.”

4. Ghost

Another relatively easy costume to draw up is a ghost. “There’s nothing more classic (and easy) than a ghost costume for Halloween,” writes Reader’s Digest. “Cut two eye holes in a sheet, put the sheet over your head and you’re ready to hit the streets to trick-or-treat.”

Couples dressed as ghosts
Couples dressed as ghosts (Photo by Katerina Holmes on Unsplash)

Splash your white sheet with some color and become a tie-dye ghost for Halloween. “Charlie Brown would be jealous of this tie-dye ghost costume,” says TODAY. “Bright, colorful and a fun project to do with the kids, tie-dying a sheet gives the old-school costume an entirely new twist. Dare we say, it’s positively … spirited.”

And if you’re looking to bring some ghosts to justice this Halloween, dress up as a Ghostbuster! “There’s something strange in the neighborhood — and no, it’s not you and your besties dressed up as Ghostbusters,” notes TODAY. “Capture all the ghosts at the party (there’s bound to be a few) to show everyone that you mean business.”

5. Britney Spears

Rounding out the top five DIY costumes is Britney Spears. “Britney Spears has had a ton of memorable outfits over the years, but ‘Baby One More Time’ is one of the easiest to recreate,” writes Woman’s Day. “All you need is a plaid skirt, a gray cardigan layered over a white button-up, and some pink fuzzy hair accessories.”

Britney Spears costume
Britney Spears costume

“Britney Spears costumes are always the move,” says Seventeen. “This one is surprisingly easy to DIY if you’re rushing to find a last-minute costume — the tied button-down shirt and knee socks are what really pull the look together.”

There’s also one more Britney costume to pull off — Free Britney! “After years of fighting for autonomy, Britney Spears is finally free! You can continue to show your support for the singer by donning a ‘Free Britney’ shirt or carrying a flag,” explains Best Products. “It’s a great DIY Halloween costume that any fan will be proud to rock.”

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