Best Scissors For Kids: Top 5 Safety Shears Recommended By Experts

When it comes to your kids, safety is always a priority. Not only will preschoolers need safe scissors for fun school activities, but also for crafts at home. However, crafting can be tricky for young children if they use adult-sized scissors. The best scissors for kids have rounded tips to reduce the risk of injury and smaller handles to fit little hands for better control.

Kid scissors play a crucial role in a child’s development by providing a safe introduction to cutting activities. These scissors are designed to minimize the risk of accidents, allowing children to practice fine motor skills without fear of injury. Moreover, using kid scissors empowers children with a sense of independence and accomplishment as they engage in arts and crafts projects, enhancing their creativity and cognitive abilities.

In addition to safety, kid scissors also help children build important skills for school readiness. Learning to cut with precision aids in hand-eye coordination and strengthens hand muscles, essential for tasks like writing and drawing. As children become more proficient with kid scissors, they gain confidence and dexterity that can positively impact their overall educational journey.

With child safety and development in mind, StudyFinds did some digging and consulted 10 parental websites to bring you the best scissors for kids. Is there a pair your child swears by? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!  

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The List: Best Scissors for Kids, According to Experts


1. Fiskars Pre-School Training Scissors

The Fiskars Scissors minimize frustration with cutting and increase accuracy. They are lightweight, with a blunt tip and comfortable, contoured, plastic handles. “The stainless steel blades will cut cleanly to the tip through paper, fabric, yarn, or string. Right- or left-handed use. The overall length is 5¼ inches. These scissors are great for kids ages 4-7,” says For Small Hands.

Fiskars Pre-School Training Scissors
Fiskars Pre-School Training Scissors

These scissors have a cool lever that helps your child with getting the blades back open after cutting. Then, once your child gets the hang of this skill, the lever can be tucked away! “Cutting well takes practice. This pair of training scissors gives your toddler just that with a cool training lever that makes it easy for beginners. The safety features of this pair are pretty great too. It has blunt tips, while its shielded blades are designed to only cut through paper,” states My Best.

This pair of Fiskars is said to be like a training bike of scissors. That lever that helps children open and close the blades must be the reason. “Fiskars are perfect for Pre-K and other elementary classes. They help the user open the scissors which is a difficult motor skill for littles. They can easily close them. The little yellow tension piece aids them in opening them more easily to help develop that motor skill. Very nice for training and practice,” says Scary Mommy.

2. Wescott Child Safety Scissors

The Westcott Child Safety Scissors is commonly listed as one of the best scissors for training toddlers how to effectively use scissors. “These scissors have two extra holes for the toddler to have an extra grip while cutting and a blunt tip to avoid unintended accidents and punctures,” shares Creating Compassionate Kids.

Westcott 15968 Right-Handed Scissors

The extra holes in the Wescott Child Safety Scissors make it significantly easy for a child to masterfully maneuver the scissors and even make precise cuts. “These are good little scissors with or without the use of the spring. For many children, the spring isn’t needed. These are good quality, and I’m sure they will last the child many years. My toddler can use these very well now, but they may be slightly too big for a younger child. As advertised, they are perfect for the preschool age group,” states How Montessori.

Westcott Training Scissors are such a valuable tool. They are safe for children, offer superior cutting performance, and require less effort. “Westcott Child Training Scissors are affordable for parents, teachers, babysitters, and adults working with children. They’re perfect for craft projects, paper cutting, or any light-cutting activity you might need scissors for. So whether you’re looking for a quality pair of safety scissors or want an affordable option that works great, the Westcott Child Safety Scissors are great,” says Childcarepedia.

3. Crayola Toddler My First 

The Crayola Safety Scissors come in a pack of three with variations of straight, zig-zig, and wavy blades to support any school activity. “The Crayola Safety Scissors come with three scissors in bright colors. They are made from plastic and have blunt ends to avoid unintended accidents,” says Creating Compassionate Kids.

Crayola My First Safety Scissors

If you’re interested in both safety and a variety of cutting patterns, many sites advise you to consider this set. “Coming in a set of three, these scissors have plastic blades that are safer for younger kids to use. Each pair cuts either a straight, wavy, or zig-zagged line. They work on paper,” states Don’t Waste Your Money.

My First Crayola Safety Scissors are specifically designed for little hands with rounded tips and plastic blades to safely cut paper only. These are not intended for hair or skin. “My daughter wanted some safety scissors. I think she watched them in Sheriff Labrador’s videos. I have always tried to keep the regular scissors away. She was ecstatic. She uses them as her ranch, scissors, and many other things. These are well made and I love the colors too,” informs Amazon Reviews.

4. Livingo Blunt Tip Kids Craft Scissors

Your little one’s fingers are safe with these Livingo scissors, thanks to the blunt stainless steel tips. The plastic sheath that comes with each pair makes them safer to carry around too.  “Comfort-wise, these scissors are winners too because of their ergonomic design. Each of the handles is cushioned with a special soft and non-slip material, which is bound to give your kids hours of cutting fun,” informs My Best.

LIVINGO 5″ Small School Student Blunt Kids Craft Scissors

Not only do the Livingo Blunt Tip scissors offer a comfortable grip for little hands, but they matching safety sheaths for safe storage. “These are perfect for little hands. I bought them for my 4-and-a-half-year-old daughter. She kept the pink pair (of course). My 6-year-old son chose the red pair. Not only are the convenient covers great, but they come with sheets of little stickers that they can decorate their personal scissors with,” informs Scary Mommy.

Livingo’s Blunt Tip Kids Scissors are developed craft scissors explicitly designed for children. “Livingo craft scissors have ergonomic soft handles that make them easy to grip and operate. High-grade stainless steel blades offer long-lasting precision cuts perfect for crafts and activities like cutting paper. The safe blade technology design keeps fingers safe from injury, while the durable design and hardened quality stainless steel means these scissors will last longer than regular child-sized scissors,” says

5. Westcott Scissors

These scissors are great for all fun school activities, so kids can easily cut through paper, string, and other materials. Plus, they have options for both left- and right-handed children. “The left-handed scissors are equipped with molded and symmetrical handles. These small scissors allow for convenient use for left-handed children,” says Born Cute

Westcott Scissors
Westcott Scissors

These come in packs of vibrantly-colored scissors. “The Wescott Left-Handed Scissors will not leave your toddler feeling ‘left out.’ They come with blunt ends to avoid poking or puncturing,” shares Creating Compassionate Kids.

If you know your child is left-handed, what better option is there? The left-handed version “are made for lefties or ambidextrous kids, so they’re easy to shift if necessary. The grip is comfortable, and the blades are sharp — everything you could want in a toddler scissor,” states Scary Mommy.

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