Best Pencil Cases: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

In the past, pencil cases were little more than a box that could click shut. Maybe they had a decal or art of a cool cartoon character on the outside, but that was the extent of the uniqueness of the products. Pencil cases have come a long way, and today’s crop for the school year offers much more than a simple container. Our list of the top five best pencil cases ranks the best options on the market for this semester and beyond.

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, new research shows that parents are sparing no expense, spending an average of $843 on each child! The study surveyed 2,000 American parents of school-aged children and shows that projected spending on each child is up by 19 percent from an average of $707 last year. This jump in price is making some parents take notice. Many have responded by starting to shop early in preparation to allow them to zero-in on bargains.

Nearly six in 10 parents (58%) think school supplies have become more expensive — and schools asking kids to bring more of their own items might be to blame. A survey of 2,000 millennial parents of school-age kids found that school supply lists are only exacerbating the issue. More than half of parents (55%) think their kids today need more items for school than they did in their youth.

In order to make the right choices when picking up school supplies this year, we’ve got you covered. Our list of the top five best pencil cases might come in handy. Expert sources schooled us on the best cases for this school year. Let us know your favorite pencil cases in the comments below!

White and red floral pouch Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Pencil case (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

The List: Best Pencil Cases, According to Experts


1. Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Case

The first entry on our list is perfect for desk organization. Though large as compared to some of the other items on the list, the Big Capacity Pencil Case can organize a substantial amount of gear. Reviewed writes, “The best pen and pencil cases aren’t just for pens and pencils. The Easthill Big Capacity case is a great example of that… it’s one of the largest cases on the market, which also makes it one of the most versatile. With capacity for up to 90 pencils (or 50 pens), it checks all the boxes for your pencil and pen holder needs.”

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case Office College School Large Storage High Bag Pouch Holder Box Organizer Yellow Orange
EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

NBC Select raves, “A good option for those who like to have options… it has a zippered mesh pocket where you can store small items like tape and erasers, and the canvas bag is big enough to hold most scissors, rulers and basic calculators. It comes in nine colors and has a 4.7-star average rating from nearly 17,000 reviews on Amazon.”

“Great for keeping a serious stash of writing utensils organized, this case has lots of internal pen loops, a mesh pocket, and even a divider panel with a pocket… This case is made from a durable synthetic fabric and unzips from both sides, so you can easily access all your supplies when you need them,” writes Bustle.

2. Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case

Vnieetsr’s Large Pencil Case has excellent storage capacity. This case might fit nicely as an organizer inside of a backpack. “Keep your writing utensils and small gadgets organized and separated with a large pencil case that has multiple openings and a professional finish. The Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case is great for students and professionals thanks to its multi-purpose design. Three zippered sections provide ample storage,” says

Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case Big Capacity Pencil Bag Large Storage Pouch 3 Compartments Desk Organizer Marker Pen Case Simple Stationery Bag Pencil Holder (Gray)
Vnieetsr Large Pencil Case Big Capacity Pencil Bag

“Constructed using a strong canvas, this pencil case is made to last. It features multiple mesh pockets that can hold everything from pencils to guitar picks to a cell phone. Users will appreciate that the case is waterproof and that it comes in a choice of attractive colors,” states Don’t Wa$te Your Money.

“Reviewers love this pencil case because it’s so roomy and keeps things organized with lots of compartments and pockets. One parent enthused, ‘This pencil case is perfect for my daughter starting secondary school… [It has] side sections with mesh pockets and pen holder loops for all her pens and colored pencils. It is really nice quality,'” claims HELLO!.

3. Kalidi Grid Mesh Pencil Case

The Kalidi case has an entirely different “feel” to it and could be a great choice for instantly identifiable storage at-a-glance. This is especially nice for people with more than one case: perhaps with one for crayons and another for colored pencils, for example. ATutor praises, “The Kalidi Grid Mesh Pencil Case is best for people who want a clear pencil case that isn’t made of plastic. It offers around 91 cubic inches of storage – one of the highest you’ll find in the market. It is made of polyester, making it highly resistant to wear and tear.”

KALIDI Grid Mesh Pencil Case
KALIDI Grid Mesh Pencil Case

“If you’re only interested in a pencil case through which you can actually see your precious [supplies], this is our top pick in the transparency department. Rather than that easily punctured classic plastic, this case boasts an extra-strong and entirely see-through mesh design,” lauds Evening Standard.

“The see-through mesh pocket allows for quick access without a lot of searching around for the right pen or pencil. Made in a variety of pleasing colors, this case has a single compartment that can hold up to approximately 60 pens. It’s lighter than other similar bags because of its mesh construction and comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied,” according to Reviewed.

4. iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder

There are a reported 135.97 million iPhone users in the United States. For these folks, the iDream is a pencil case meant as an accessory to the popular mobile device product line, though it works just fine for non-apple accessories as well. Spy chimes in with, “Being an adult doesn’t mean you’re out of the pencil case phase just yet. If you need a case that can blend into your office setting and won’t have co-workers asking what you’re doing after fifth period, we like the iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder.”

iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder,Slim EVA Carrying Case/Bag/Pouch/Holder for Apple Pencils,Executive Fountain Pen,Ballpoint Pen,Stylus Touch Pen-Black
iDream365 Apple Pencil Case Holder

ATutor adds that, “It has a very simple design and is available in black and grey. Inside this case, there are 2 mesh pockets on either side, and they hold various accessories (mostly flat ones). The contents of each mesh compartment are held down by elastic bands. This way, they stay in place.”

“Made from water-resistant fabric with a semi-hard exterior, this pencil case is designed to safely store Apple [Products] so you can pack yours up without worry… This sturdy pencil case is racking up good reviews on Amazon, with a 4.7-star average rating,” relates Bustle.

5. ANGOOBABY Boba Tea Standing Pencil Case

Okay this adorable pencil case might not be the best choice for all students or the easily distracted. That said, this super kawaii Boba-inspired standing case belongs on a desk for display so that its disarming smile can be enjoyed throughout the day. Popular Mechanics explains, “If you’re looking for a kitschy-cute case that’ll also streamline your life, look no further than this boba milk tea pencil holder. Besides being downright adorable, it’s also surprisingly practical, [with] a ‘telescopic’ design that allows you to slide the top down for easy access to its contents.”

ANGOOBABY Standing Pencil Case Cute Telescopic Pen Holder Kawaii Stationery Pouch Makeup Cosmetics Bag for School Students Office Women Teens Girls Boys (Pink)
ANGOOBABY Standing Pencil Case

“This adorable bubble tea-shaped pencil case comes with two small handles that you can use to move the top of the bag up and down and easily access your pens, highlighter, and erasers. It’s designed to stand on its own, so when you sit down for class, you can prop it up on your desk just like you would at home. It has a 4.7-star average rating from more than 200 reviews on Amazon,” details NBC Select.

“Much like bubble tea shops, these cute pencil cases seem to be popping up everywhere. They’re a clever 3-dimensional pencil pouch design that can be used as a conventional case or pulled down to transform them into a free-standing holder for your pens and pencils,” reviews gathered.

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  1. “Recommended by experts”? Ignoring the question of how one becomes considered an “expert” in pencil cases, these just look like the first five generic results that show up on Amazon.

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