Best Golf Gloves: Top 5 Pairs Most Recommended By Experts

Depending on who you ask, golf can either be one of the more relaxing sports you can play or one of the most stressful. No matter which side you’re on, golf has remained a popular sport, allowing people of all ages, and expertise levels, to enjoy a little outside time. Whether you’re about to play for the first time or compete on the PGA tour, you’ll need a quality pair of golf gloves. But which are the best golf gloves that most pros or experts recommend?

A round of golf offers more than just a fun time out with friends. Especially for older players, golf can bring about fantastic health benefits. Research suggests that playing golf with friends can decrease the chances of developing chronic illness. In fact, one study reports that playing golf regularly can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. And get this — “regularly” doesn’t mean daily. Another study shows that playing golf just once a month may lower the risk of death in older adults.

If you’re ready to get your golf game going, you’re not alone. Over 25 million people played golf in 2021 and over 12 million more also practiced their game at driving ranges, golf simulators, or golf entertainment venues. Do you love golf, but not necessarily playing? No worries, studies find that those who attend golf in-person are more likely to be healthier, as they exceed daily recommended step counts.

All that said, for those who do enjoy getting in a round from time to time, having the best golf gloves is important. Your gloves can help you with your club grip, offer wrist support, and are breathable to keep you comfortable for nine or 18 holes! StudyFinds is here to help you find the best golf gloves to enhance your game. We visited ten of the leading expert websites to figure out the top five most recommended pairs of gloves. If you’ve got your own recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below!

man playing golf during daytime
Man golfing (Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash)

The List: Best Golf Gloves, According to Experts


1. Titleist Players

The Titleist Players golf glove was the most consistently recommended glove on the market. It’s easy to see why. With an ultra-thin layer of leather to maximize the grip of the Titleist Players Glove, the Titleist Players gloves offer “cabretta leather engineered to the thinnest specification offering the best feel and precise fit,” notes Todays Golfer.

Titleist Players
Titleist Players

Don’t let the thin layer of cabretta leather give you the idea that this is a cheaper glove. The Players glove features “top-quality craftsmanship and soft, supple, high-end leather that provides excellent grip and feel,” mentions Tech Gear Lab. Tech Gear Lab also noted that this Titleist gloves featured smaller elastic inserts (vs. traditional golf gloves) which further enhanced the custom fit that the Players glove offers.

Finally, Active notes that though the Players golf glove is on the pricey side, it offers “satin reinforcement at the cuff and thumb to aid in strength and durability.”

2. TaylorMade Tour Preferred

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred gloves were also often recommended among the experts. Highly regarded for the quality construction and features offered, the Tour Preferred gloves received high marks from National Golfer’s Club for being “constructed with the finest quality Cabretta soft tech leather.”

TaylorMade Tour Preferred
TaylorMade Tour Preferred

While some other gloves received low marks for their leather, the Tour Preferred routinely was praised for the comfort and feel of their leather. This leather was noted for both increasing the grip of the club and for giving the Tour Preferred a higher-end feel. Gear Hungry writes that the Tour Preferred gloves “Ensure a locked-in fit and also deliver exceptional comfort, thanks to its four-way stretch nylon insert.”  As mentioned, the gloves also received high praise for their grip.

Tech Gear Lab gave high grades to the Tour Preferred for leather that had “Just the right thickness and tackiness to enhance grip with the club without compromising feel or finesse.”

3. Footjoy Weathersof

With a low price point, but quality construction, the Footjoy Weathersof was another top choice among the experts. Comfort was king for the Weathersof, which had numerous reviews praising the Weathersof for its comfort.

Footjoy Weathersof
Footjoy Weathersof

Insider raves about the said comfort of the Weathersof, mentioning that the gloves are “incredibly comfortable to wear all day in all kinds of weather conditions, thanks to a breathable design.” What difference does the increase in comfort make? A lot. These gloves feature “hybrid materials to increase durability, grip, and breathability,” reviewed Golf Span.

Don’t let the bargain price fool you – the Weathersof gloves are designed to last. Golf Week notes that the “Reinforced leather on the palm and thumb allows for more wear without tearing.”

4. Bionics StableGrip

Quality was the separator mentioned the most about the Bionics StableGrip. Gear Hungry notes that the StableGrip gloves are “made from premium and genuine leather and come with different ergonomic features which set it apart from their competition. This unit offers double strength where many gloves falter, and this has caused them to gain massive popularity amongst different golfers worldwide.”

Bionics StableGrip
Bionics StableGrip

The StableGrip combines high quality with the durability and comfort needed by golfers looking to maximize their gameInsider writes that the StableGrip gloves features “fingers (that) are pre-curled, ensuring an easier fit. The glove wicks away moisture on your hands with a terry cloth interior.”

For those who may have a hard time gripping the club, the StableGrip might be the perfect solution. The StableGrip features “strategically placed padded inserts to help enhance grip pressure, the Bionic StableGrip is a go-to for players with hand ailments such as arthritis.”

5. Footjoy Pure Touch

The Pure Touch is designed to help improve the grip for golfers worldwide. Golf Digest praised the Pure Touch for its “lightweight cabretta leather to enhance feel and conform to the hand.”

Footjoy Pure Touch
Footjoy Pure Touch

If the feel and conformity to the hand were not enough, the Pure Touch also features “tailored construction and precise placement of moisture-wicking elastics (to) help improve the fit and overall comfort,” regards Todays Golfer.

The feel, comfort, and tailored feel of the Pure Touch were not just noted by Golf Digest and Todays Golfer. Tech Gear Lab vehemently agreed with their analysis, noting that the glove “provides a nice balance of softness, tackiness, and just the right thickness to give you a comfortable, ergonomic fit and a confident grip. We found this glove to contour to the hand and fingers without any extra bulk or bunched-up material, and the soft leather has a well-shaped fit and high-end feel.”

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