Best Deodorants For Men: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

During summer, products like deodorants are a lifesaver. They control the odors by blocking the skin’s pores temporarily. Like other skin-care items, knowing your skin type is essential before choosing the right product. There are options suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive skin. For men concerned about eco-friendly and ethically sourced products, there are natural alternatives as well. Above all, the best deodorants for men successfully fight body odor and leave them smelling fresh and clean all day.

Of course, how you smell is often the first thing someone notices about you and can make or break their first impression. In fact, a recent study commissioned by upscale dating site Seeking and conducted by OnePoll, finds that simply smelling bad is the top “ick” when dating, selected by 24 percent of those surveyed. This was followed by pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than you really are and being rude to a waiter (both 21%). Having the right deodorant can save you from losing a shot at a second date.

Between men and women, some might think of women as being stereotypically more hygienic. In fact, a survey of 1,000 men and 1,000 women looking at the differences in how the genders care for their hygiene reveals that on average, women put one more hour a week into caring for their hygiene. In all, the average woman spends 10 hours showering, shaving, moisturizing, etc., while men spend 9 hours doing the same. That isn’t a huge a difference, but to men out there looking to step up your game, we’ve done the research for you on what deodorant to add to your routine.

StudyFinds selected the five best deodorants for men after going through 11 expert websites and customer reviews. Our list is comprised of the five most frequently recommended products across the reviews. Do let us know in the comment section which one you use every day that you recommend! 

The List: Best Deodorants For Men, According To Experts

1. Blu Atlas Deodorant

Men’s Journal claims their number one pick “is everything you want in a basic deodorant that does what it’s supposed to do. The aluminum-free formula uses 99% naturally-sourced ingredients to neutralize odor and absorb sweat, which is why you can use it on the underarms and any other areas on the body that tend to get sweaty or musky throughout the day. Deodorant by Blu Atlas has an invigorating fragrance profile of bergamot, clary sage, and patchouli, so you’ll smell masculine, clean, and oh-so-fresh.”

“At the top of our list is this no-nonsense, supremely effective deodorant stick from Blu Atlas, a premium men’s grooming company that has been shaking up the industry with its clean, high-performance formulas,” writes The Dallas Morning News. “Of course, what made this formula stand out was that it outperformed the rest, leaving us feeling just as fresh in the afternoon as we did when we first applied it in the morning. However, in addition to the odor-preventing power (and the accessible price), we’re big fans of the high-quality formula.”

“Taking good care of those underarms requires more than just a little soap in the shower and some nauseatingly fragrant deodorant. We love Blu Atlas’ deodorant because they treat underarms with the same care and attention that most other men’s grooming brands give only to moisturizers or scrubs. Their all-natural deodorant uses coco-caprylate to help your skin fend off smelly bacteria and microorganisms, while the volcanic ash soaks up any other unwanted guests. A citrus fruit extract then uses antioxidant powers to cleanse the last of dirt and toxins away. Blu Atlas’ all-natural deodorant doesn’t just cover up bad smells, it attacks and removes their root causes. For this, Blu Atlas has earned my #1 spot,” raves Forbes

2. Bravo Sierra Deodorant

According to Yahoo, “When it comes to choosing a good deodorant, go for the one that works just as hard as you. Bravo Sierra’s coveted Deodorant uses innovative plant technology to provide long-lasting sweat and odor protection. You’ll also find nourishing plant extracts like aloe vera leaf juice, algae extract, and Panax ginseng root extract to ensure skin stays healthy and moisturized with continued use. This reliable deodorant for men comes in a variety of scents: Original, Citrus & Cedarwood, Sandalwood & Fig, Tonka Bean & Lemon, and Unscented, so pick the one that feels most like you.”

“Sure, tons of brands offer long-lasting deodorants, but when a deodorant has been put to the test by over 1,000 U.S. Special Forces soldiers, you know it’s the real deal to combat odor. BRAVO SIERRA is a new grooming line created with the military to provide eco-friendly essentials for men at a low price that can’t be beat,” points out Men’s Health. “The whole line is genius and worthy of your hard-earned dollars, but if you’re going to try one item, we’d have to say this deodorant is just the must-have men have been looking for.”

“This eco-friendly, vegan deodorant is made without aluminum, baking soda, or parabens. Its top-rated effectiveness comes in part from cassava plant extract. It’ll leave you smelling like vetiver and cedarwood all day. Plus, a portion of proceeds are donated in support of servicemen and women,” states Town and Country Magazine

3. Native Deodorant

Town and Country Magazine says you may recognize this brand from ads on your favorite podcast: “the brand seems to be everywhere at the moment. But their cruelty-free, all-natural deodorants do live up to the hype. They’re highly effective and contain natural moisturizers and probiotics that help ward off bad, odor-causing bacteria. Customers especially love their fragrance options, which include novelty seasonal scents, but the unscented stick is a great pick for those with sensitive skin.”

“Many deodorants are made of artificial chemicals and compounds. And while not all men care about this in their deodorant, more and more men do, and as the public is becoming more and more aware of the dangers of artificial chemicals, we get products like this – a natural deodorant known as Native,” says Miami Herald. “It’s a great product that comes in many different natural scents. Made with no aluminum, this neutral deodorant is great for both men and women to use daily.”

“If you like an aluminum-based underarm treatment, chances are a lot of that is the good grip it gives while you swipe — it’s almost like you know it’s getting to work. If you want that solid antiperspirant feel without an aluminum result, Native fits the bill nicely. With over 40,000 reviews and 85% percent of them five-star, we’re not the only ones that think it’s a good aluminum alternative. Tapioca starch, baking soda, and magnesium hydroxide work together to absorb wetness all day. Other key natural ingredient include coconut oil, shea butter, essential oil, and probiotics,” adds Ask Men

4. Baxter of California Deodorant

Observer ranks it at number three among 47 deodorants. “Deodorant residue haters, rejoice! We’re not fans of residue-leaving deodorants, and we don’t like to sacrifice our favorite tees to those deodorants that leave marks. Luckily for us, Baxter of California Aluminum-Free Deodorant is alcohol-free. This deodorant also contains tea-tree and witch-hazel extracts to tone and disinfect the skin. So say goodbye to odor-causing bacteria and powdery residue.”

“Baxter of California never disappoints when it comes to its grooming and body-care products, and this deodorant lives up to the company’s reputation. It comes in the signature Baxter of California scent, which features notes of citrus and musk,” writes The Dallas Morning News. “Additionally, the formula features ingredients that condition, moisturize and calm the skin, including chamomile leaf extract, allantoin and plum oil. This sensitive-skin-friendly deodorant comes in two sizes, the smaller of which is great for keeping in your gym bag.”

“Strategist writer Erin Schwartz likes the deodorant from Baxter of California, which has a gel formula that dries clear and doesn’t stain clothing. Previously they stuck to Tom’s of Maine, but after using this one for about a year, they’ve switched over to the Baxter of California full time. ‘The best thing about it is that I don’t really notice it,’ they say. ‘And it smells nice.’ The brand describes the scent as a citrusy, herbal musk, which Schwartz says is accurate,” mentions The Strategist

5. Harry’s Odor Control Deodorant

The Salt Lake Tribune loves its natural ingredients, as is expected from the brand. “Stone is an invigorating scent that brings together cool minerals and fresh citrus. Charcoal absorbs excess moisture and fights bacteria. Bergamot and yuzu elevate the complex fragrance. The deodorant is formulated without parabens or other chemical additives and is ideal if you have sensitive skin.”

“The Odor Control Deodorant from Harry’s will give you the best bang for your buck. It’s sold at a super-affordable price, making it one of the finest budget-friendly options on the list. Even better, you can easily find this deodorant (and other products in the Harry’s range) at your local drugstore,” writes The Dallas Morning News. “This clear deodorant stick glides on smoothly. It contains antimicrobial grapefruit-seed extract, which works alongside other odor neutralizers to kill bacteria on the skin. At the same time, ingredients like ginger root extract, bisabolol, vitamin E and glycerin moisturize the skin and calm irritation.”

“The best deodorant for men is one that keeps odors away all day long. Which is exactly what Harry’s delivers in their Odor Control Deodorant. For $5, you get a clear, solid stick formula that goes on smoothly and doesn’t irritate the skin. In addition to getting 24 hours of uninterrupted odor control, this best-selling deodorant utilizes plant extracts to provide natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and skin-softening properties. The deodorant comes in four signature scents: Shiso (bright, herbal, earthy), Fig (rich, warm, and juicy), Stone (cool, fresh, citrusy), and Redwood (brisk, sharp, woodsy). So go for the one that best suits your personality, or switch it up each day to match,” mentions Yahoo.

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