Best Body Washes For Men: Top 5 Lathers Most Recommended By Experts

In today’s busy world, taking good care of the skin is an essential task. One must understand that men and women are designed with different bodies and skin types. Body washes for men might have different scents or might not be as sensitive as women’s. There are a lot of options on the market that target everyone’s specific needs. The best body washes for men leave you smelling fresh and clean for whatever your day holds.

But first, here’s an interesting study that says 54 percent of Americans often go to bed without washing up. Waking up with a pimple is never fun, yet for some reason, more than half of Americans admit they often hit the sack without washing their face. Hopefully you wash up at some point at least.

Choosing your body wash’s scent is important for first impressions and you overall image. In fact, one study reveals that simply smelling bad is the top “ick” on first dates, selected by 24 percent of those surveyed. Your smell could automatically make or break your chance at a second date. If you keep getting rejected, it might be time for a new body wash.

To ensure you’re not making people pinch their noses, we reviewed 10 expert websites and chose the five best body washes for men. You may completely disagree with this, but let us know which body wash you use that does wonders for your skin. 

The List: Best Body Washes For Men, According To Experts

1. Jack Black All-Over Wash for Face, Hair & Body

Forbes ranks this at the top of its list and states, “We get it. Most days, a shower is just part of the routine rather than an invigorating experience. On days you just want to clean and go, this pick from Jack Black saves you time and effort. Infused with wheat protein and panthenol, this creamy wash foams into a rich lather. Plus, it gets bonus points for being thick enough to use as a shaving cream. How’s that for a multi-tasker!”

“Are you a member of the Jack Black fan club yet? Well you will be as soon as you try this all-over wash. Use it on both your skin and hair for a thorough clean that leaves you feeling your best. Plus, this means you can skip buying a shampoo and face wash next time you run out. Score! You have a few natural ingredients to thank for this clean and calm sensation. One which ensures that your skin and hair stay moisturized, even in the coldest, driest months of the year,” writes Men’s Journal. “Another is for softening power that will also give your hair a thicker appearance. Then there’s coconut-surfactants for a reliable clean, sea kelp for important nutrients, and shea butter for ultimate hydration.”

According to Undershirt Guy, this sulfate-free wash “effectively eliminates dirt and sweat without stripping the skin or hair of the oil barrier, and it moisturizes the skin with sea kelp. And, it’s infused with citrus, mint and oak moss, which smell amazing and naturally balance the skin’s pH.”

2. KIEHL’S “Made for All” Gentle Body Cleanser

The Salt Lake Tribune describes this as a gentle cleanser the whole family can share. “Kiehl’s ‘Made for All’ Gentle Body Wash is indeed ‘made for all’—it’s safe for all skin types and all people ages three and up. Tested by dermatologists, pediatricians, and ophthalmologists to ensure tolerance and safety, this body wash won’t irritate even the gentlest skin. It gets bonus points for being eco-friendly. Cleanse with a conscience knowing that you’re washing up with a product that’s good for your skin and the environment at the same time.”

“Kiehl’s Made for All Gentle Body Wash is a product you can use safely on your skin, hair and face, so throw this into your suitcase whenever you travel,” writes The Dallas Morning News. “A surprising benefit to this product is that it’s 100% biodegradable and comes in a bottle made from post-consumer recycled materials, so eco-conscious men can proudly make this their go-to body wash.”

 Men’s Journal says you can trust anything from Kiehl’s. “95% naturally derived ingredients make up this formula which cleanses skin while diminishing redness and leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth, not tight like so many products do. Sustainably sourced aloe vera is behind the anti-inflammatory properties of this wash, which will help get rid of those red, aggravated spots that crop up from time to time. Citric acid then steps in to help protect skin while exfoliating to get rid of those dry patches.”

3. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Observer holds this lather at number one. “Their no-nonsense body wash is made with high-quality ingredients, giving your skin a boost every time you shower. The scent is aromatic and earthy, with notes of bergamot, clary sage and patchouli. Blu Atlas body wash uses only natural, vegan ingredients, with no sulfates or parabens. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying their products.”

Yahoo notes this product’s ingredients are 99 percent natural. “Treat your skin to the calming effect of aloe, and the antioxidants of green tea each time you lather on this product…Did we mention this comes with an addictive scent? Think bold outdoor adventure, with woodsy notes and inviting patchouli and bergamot.”

“Fellas, it’s time to stop washing your body with some overly-fragrant wash that just dries your skin out. That’s where Blu Atlas’ all-natural body wash comes in. The product includes ingredients like shea butter to not only rehydrate your skin, but to actually restore damaged cells. Your body wash should leave your torso feeling as good as your face after a cleanse. Use the Blu Atlas Body Wash daily to ensure happy, healthy skin,” mentions Forbes

4. Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Body Wash 

Insider says one of this wash’s founders was Kobe Bryant. “Art of Sport is a unisex body and skincare line. All of the brand’s products have been tested firsthand at all levels to ensure quality and effectiveness for everyone from top-level pros to everyday people. They’re made without sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Plus, they’re vegan and cruelty-free. In line with the sporty theme, Art of Sports’ different scents come are named Compete (Engergizing Citrus), Victory (Cool Eyucalptus), and James Harden’s Defy (Deep Sandalwood).”

The Dallas Morning News writes that this product was designed for athletes and laborers. They advise, “Men with sensitive or dry skin may want to avoid charcoal’s powerful purifying properties, but those who are prone to breakouts or who struggle with greasy skin and excessive sweating will find this ingredient to be their savior. Along with charcoal, this wash contains aloe to soothe, tea tree to bust acne and fight inflammation, and citric acid to act as a natural exfoliant.”

“If you’re looking for an alternative to salicylic acid to mop up excess sweat and oil from your skin, charcoal body washes are a great way to go, and chief among them is the wash from Art of Sport. Featuring activated charcoal to help absorb excess oil and harmful bacteria from the skin, this dermatologist-tested blend of aloe, tea tree oil and glycerin leaves your skin feeling both clean and deeply hydrated,” mentions Byrdie

5. MANSCAPED UltraPremium Body Wash

Undershirt Guy raves about how it will leave you smelling: “If you’re a man who appreciates a good cologne, you’ll love the MANSCAPED UltraPremium Refined Body Wash. This stuff smells fantastic, and it will leave you feeling fresh all day long. While many fragranced body washes are harmful to sensitive skin, this product is scented with all-natural ingredients (like bergamot and lavender).”

“Aloe leaf juice and sea salt are the hero ingredients in this formula. They work together, with sea salt exfoliating and aloe hydrating and soothing for a deep cleanse and penetrative moisture,” says The Dallas Morning News. “The body wash also features a fragrance, with energizing citrus and sensual jasmine, vetiver and woods, so you can smell fresh all day long.”

Men’s Health says this brand brought manscaping to center-stage and loves the packaging. “The bottle is made of metal, so it stays put in your shower instead of sliding everywhere like plastic does. The pump is well-made too, which helps deploy appropriate amounts of wash without over-cleansing.”

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