Best Softball Gloves: Top 5 Softball Gloves Most Recommended By Experts

Three strikes, two teams, one winner. That’s what the game of softball boils down to. Are you seeking ways to enhance your gameday performance? One of the best softball gloves is an essential you’ll need. From helmets to gloves, the proper equipment can safeguard you from any possible injuries.

Of the equipment that needs to be high quality, helmets are just as important. Head injuries are highly dangerous and can lead to many complications beyond a bad headache. A recent study reveals a single head injury increases a person’s risk of dementia, particularly in women. That being said, women on the field are even more susceptible to those long term effects if they experience trauma to the head.

It might not seem dangerous, but softball players face risks of injury the minute they step onto the field. A study found that female softball players suffered a higher concussion rate than male baseball players. Ouch. And among all sports, female ice hockey players suffered the highest rates – even higher than male football players.

What about gloves? It not only safeguards your hand but also facilitates important catches and throws. So how can you choose the right pair when many brands are available? StudyFinds did the research for you, visiting 10 expert sites to list the top five best softball gloves around. Let us know in the comments if you’re go-to pair wasn’t listed.  

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The List: Best Softball Gloves, According to Experts


1. Rawling’s Liberty Advanced

Baseball Monkey says fastpitch softball players will love these. “Liberty Advanced gloves feature full-grain leather to enhance the glove’s durability, while still providing players with a quick break-in time. Pull-strap closures on the wrist give the player a custom fit and enhance comfortability so the ball player can focus on making plays.”

Rawling’s Liberty Advanced
Rawling’s Liberty Advanced

“Recommended for pitchers and infielders, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced 12-inch glove will help you control ground balls or snag line drives. Softball players love this glove because of the game-ready feel for a quick and easy break-in process,” adds Scheels. “The closed web conceals which pitch is being gripped, and the adjustable straps help you secure the perfect fit.”

“Liberty’s Advanced Series gloves have just the right pattern balance.  This fastpitch softball glove is specifically designed with female hands in mind.  Put your hand into this beauty and you will find it is comfortable, providing more ball control than other gloves.  Made with finger back adjustments and hand opening adjustments to help players achieve the optimal level of comfort, this Rawlings glove is hands-down one of the best youth fastpitch softball gloves on the market.  The glove’s dynamic pattern technology is brand new for this year,” writes Anytime Baseball Supply. 

2. Wilson A2000

All About Fastpitch describes these as legendary: “The new series has some great features: Fastpitch patterns which are designed for female athletes, Drawstring Wrist Closure for better comfort and immediate adjustment, and Pro Stock Leather.”

WILSON 2022 A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove
WILSON 2022 A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove

“If it’s time to upgrade your glove and you primarily play second base, third base, or shortstop, the Wilson A2000 H125SS 12-inch Fastpitch Glove is one of our best infield gloves for softball players,” adds Scheels. “With the extra length, H-Web, and shallow pocket, this softball glove gives players the versatility to make speedy transfers, while the drawstring closure system offers a more custom fit.”

“The Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Series, offers a range of ideal sizes for fastpitch softball: from 11.75 up to 12.5 inches. It’s on the spendier side, which also means that it’s made from Pro Stock Leather combined with a material they’ve dubbed ‘Superskin.’ It’s available for both right and left-handed throwers,” mentions Dug Out Debate

3. Mizuno MVP Prime

All About Fastpitch says these “are professional-level gloves for players on a smaller budget so they can take your game to the next level. The gloves have good padding and are an easy and snug fit for a female hand since they are designed for a female’s hand. One of the things that we didn’t like is the stiffness of the leather, it was too stiff and that makes the break-in time longer. After you do that, it performs amazingly, definitely exceeding our initial expectations.”

Mizuno Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove
Mizuno Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove

“The Mizuno MVP Prime is crisp and professional quality upon arrival, right out of the box. This glove is designed with a distinct white colour scheme with a black lace outline and gold stitching. But more important than this glove’s elegant aesthetic is the design features that make it a force to reckon with on the softball diamond,” adds Bases Loaded Softball. “The Mizuno MVP Prime is crafted with V-cut technology that allows the glove to easily fold completely over the ball, so you never have to worry about the ball dropping out of your glove after impact. This glove also has a center pocket design that’s perfect for softball’s larger ball size.”

“Softball players across the land rave about this elite fastpitch softball glove.  Mizuno has been one of the top names in both the softball and traditional baseball leagues for several decades. Try on the MVP Prime SE and you will find this fastpitch softball glove really does make it that much easier to improve your game. Youth softball players are partial to this fastpitch softball glove as it has quite the visually striking colorful design,” points out Anytime Baseball Supply. 

4. Rawlings Heart of the Hide

According to Baseball Monkey, “Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves are some of the best quality you will see on the diamond. Heart of the Hide gloves feature full-grain leather to enhance durability and a padded thumb sleeve for added comfort. For a custom fit, Rawlings has added pull-strap closures on the wrist to give the player a custom fit and make quick adjustments.”

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Fastpitch Softball Glove
Rawlings Heart of The Hide Fastpitch Softball Glove

“Rawlings is definitely putting in the time to make sure that their fastpitch athletes get the gloves they need to perform,” says Just Gloves. “Rawlings has built these fastpitch gloves and mitts for players all across the diamond. No matter your position on a fastpitch field, you should be able to find a Heart of the Hide to meet your needs!”

“The full-grain leather has incredible feel and performance with the perfect pocket for outfield players. This glove is truly built for comfort with a padded thumb, improved fit, and pull-strap closures. From the first time you put the glove on, you will feel like it was made special for you,” writes Scheels

5. Franklin Sports

Baseball Hover writes, “After the Wilson A2000, I took a long walk down the budget lane. And you can see that from the gloves I’ve listed here. So, I wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes before I have to call it quits and find out a threshold beyond which no man looking for a quality glove can venture. The Franklin Sports Field Master is that threshold. If there’s one thing that this glove beats everybody (even Wilson and Rawlings) at, it’s the price point. However, the fat cats may look down on this glove. Trust me- I’ve had a couple of games with this, and it can go toe to toe with the other big-boy gloves.”

Franklin Sports Softball and Baseball Glove
Franklin Sports Softball and Baseball Glove

“This fastpitch softball glove is the perfect choice for young players who want a high-performance, comfortable glove. With a lightweight, adjustable fit, this glove has a responsive dynamic feel that fielders will love,” says “The soft palm material makes for a quick, easy break-in, and the adjustable wrist strap ensures a comfortable fit for players of all ages. Plus, it is stylish with its contrasting bright pink color touches on the black glove.”

“It will be suitable for players with small hands. Whether you are a professional player or want a glove to practice, this stylish glove should be the way to go. It is made from a lightweight technical mesh with improved durability and breathability. So, your hand will not trench even if you play with it for hours. This softball glove is easy to break in, and it will feel bent when receiving a catch. It features an open-type web, allowing you to see the ball coming. Moreover, the gap between the web is small,  helping you hide the ball with ease,” adds Baseball Wow

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