Best Field Hockey Shoes: Top 5 Field Hockey Shoes Most Recommended By Experts

Every fall, field hockey season swings into full force as players grab their sticks and hit the field. And that means it’s time for parents to buy field hockey accessories for their kids, including shoes. StudyFinds did the legwork for parents looking to see what the best field hockey shoes are for children with the list below.

When it comes to finding the right footwear, several key factors should be considered. First and foremost, durability is crucial, as kids can be quite tough on their gear during intense matches and practices. Look for shoes constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of the game. Additionally, comfort is paramount to ensure that young players can focus on their performance. Seek out shoes with ample cushioning and support to protect their feet from impact and injury.

Traction is another essential aspect to consider. The best field hockey shoes for kids should have a sole designed to provide excellent grip on both grass and turf surfaces, helping them maintain their balance and agility. A snug and secure fit is vital for foot stability and overall performance. Breathable materials will keep their feet cool and dry, even during prolonged matches on hot days. Finally, style can be a fun bonus, as kids may be more motivated and confident when wearing shoes that they find visually appealing.

Taking all these factors into account make for the best field hockey shoes for kids, allowing athletes to play their best while staying comfortable and protected. That’s why StudyFinds has revealed below the top five pairs on the market. Did we miss one? Share in our comment section!

A girl playing field hockey
A girl playing field hockey (Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash)

The List: Best Field Hockey Shoes, According to Experts


1. ASICS Gel-Lethal

The ASICS Gel-Lethal were the most popular among field hockey shoe experts. Hockey Ever says these particular shoes were best for comfort. “It focuses on the comforts compared to the other shoes for field hockey. Also, beginner hockey players feel good wearing it as they are not used to wearing shin guards and rash guards and often find the shoes uncomfortable, the normal hockey shoes are uncomfortable in custom soles.”

ASIC Gel-Lethal Women's Field Shoes
ASIC Gel-Lethal Women’s Field Shoes (

“The LETHAL MP 7 turf shoe is made of synthetic leather with a pivot point on the bottom of the sole. This design is built for excellent traction on artificial surfaces and features GEL cushioning for exceptional comfort,” writes Best Hockey Products. “It’s an ideal choice for any woman who is looking for a great training shoe for her next training session.”

Hockey Castle notes that that the ASICS Gel-Lethal are particularly well-suited for field hockey. “They feature a gel cushioning system for added comfort and support and a durable outsole for traction on turf surfaces. The shoes also have a breathable mesh upper for ventilation during intense gameplay.”

2. Mizuno Wave

If you’re playing on grass, the Mizuno Wave field hockey shoe might be perfect. Buy and Slay says their line is “designed with a unique wave plate design that provides exceptional traction on soft ground surfaces while also allowing you to cut quickly with minimal effort.”

However, the Mizuno Wave has a model that works well on turf as well. “These shoes offer incredible comfort and support while still being lightweight enough for fast movements on synthetic turf,” notes Hockey Castle. “The Wave Lightning Z4 has great traction and stability, making it ideal for slippery or uneven surfaces. Plus, the Mizuno DynaShield technology protects your feet from impact injuries while playing.”

Total Hockey gave Mizuno the highest compliment, calling it a “brand trusted worldwide.” “Mizuno Hockey Shoes are designed with the newest technologies to provide optimum grip and stability on all hockey surfaces. The trendy Hockey Shoes have been developed to provide the ultimate cushioning and protection for you when training and playing matches. The Mizuno Hockey Shoes have been made in Adult and Kids sizes so that all players can experience the best grip on any hockey surface possible.”

3. Gryphon Aero

The Gryphon Aero G6 is lightweight, durable and offers great protection. “The Gryphon- Aero G6 field hockey shoe is one of the best hockey shoes. It is an advanced version of the popular Gryphon- Aero G5 shoe. It comes in different sizes taking care of players with wide and big feet. The grip sole is configured in a multi stud that allows defined traction on the pitch while turning or stopping, or even when accelerating,” writes Hockey Defense. “The shoe is designed using Forefoot Flex Pro technology. This gives it easy turning when in sharp and difficult movements. It also helps a player remain stable when making sprints and even cuts while playing. It also has a great inner cushioning that makes it comfortable and perfect fitting. The upper part is made of mesh-like material for good aeration. Its lightweight nature helps the player maintain a natural performance throughout the game.”

Gryphon Aero G8 Turf Shoes
Gryphon Aero G8 Turf Shoes

“Comfort and stability are the main features of this pair of field hockey shoes. The forefoot flex pro design allows you to break into a sudden sprint and turn and cuts while keeping your stance stable. Its outer sole comes with studs that provide a firm grip so you can move without losing balance,” notes Mom Junction. “It comes with a padded collar and padded sole to keep your feet safe and protected. Made of breathable materials, its mesh upper and mesh inlays ensure smooth ventilation, so your feet remain dry and comfortable.”

Hockey Castle says the Gryphon Aero shoes are for the players “who want lightweight and flexible shoes.” “They feature a low-to-the-ground profile for quick movements and a durable outsole for traction on turf surfaces. The shoes also have a breathable mesh upper for ventilation during intense gameplay.”

4. Adidas Fabela

For those playing in all sorts of weather conditions, the Adidas Fabela might be the field hockey shoes for you. “As the shoes are widely popular for their breathability and grip, soon it came out that Adidas Fabela rise is absolutely fine for various weather and seasons,” writes Hockey Ever. “So, for players who agree to spend a few more bucks but want support in all weather, only Fabela Rise is here to make them happy.”

Adidas Fabela Rise Field Hockey Shoes
Adidas Fabela Rise Field Hockey Shoes

“The Fabela X Hockey Shoe comes with excellent cushioning in the midsole for a high-energy return. The upper part of the shoe is equipped with synthetic layers that protect the feet from water and take on impact from the ball,” notes Mom Junction. “The stretchable inner sock gives you a snug fit so you can perform comfortably. Its molded TPU outsole comes with lugs to provide you with unmatched on-field grip.”

Hockey Hooked calls the Adidas Fabela an “excellent value-for-money option.” “Featuring an exposed two-tone upper mesh that allows your foot to breathe, while still enabling plenty of flex through your foot. In addition to this, the Insoles are made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate thus also assisting in keeping your feet cool. For added peace of mind, EcoOrtholite is an environmentally friendly product. For grip, the synthetic lugs on the molded rubber outsole provide great traction. Topped off by foil-covered synthetic layers which offer decent impact protection while assisting to strengthen the midfoot area.”

5. OSAKA Hockey Shoes

Rounding out the top five are OSAKA Hockey Shoes. “Some leading experts in footwear design and manufacture have developed OSAKA Hockey Shoes,” writes Total Hockey. “This means that OSAKA has ensured that their Hockey Shoes are the most technologically advanced Hockey Shoe on the hockey pitch.”

OSAKA Hockey Shoes
OSAKA Hockey Shoes

Hockey Hooked calls the OSAKA Hockey KAI Mk1 the best value option. “First, you will notice how lightweight the shoe is—engineered to stay light by not absorbing water while you play. This is achieved through a water-repelling upper combined with a thin tongue that won’t suck in water. Moving down to the sole, build around the form of a foot – the midsole is very comfortable, providing great absorption. While a rounded outsole provides full contact protection, bringing extra confidence to your game. Underneath the shoe, I found the multi-directional cleat sole works on pretty much any surface, from astro to grass and even indoors. I love that I could wear the KAI Mk1 shoe from home to the gym, as well as on the pitch – so versatile!”

Hockey Hooked also recommends another type of OSAKA Hockey Shoes — the Osaka IDO Mk1. “The process of creating this masterpiece took over 2 years! The design was a collaboration of many top athletes and an ex Nike Shoe Engineer. What stood out the most when I first put on these shoes was how light they were. Along with the unique sole, are what makes these worth the money.”

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