Best Golden Goose Dupes: Top 5 Sneakers Most Recommended By Experts

Golden Goose, renowned for its distinctive distressed sneakers, has carved out a unique space in the luxury streetwear market. While many crave the coolness exuded by their famous “Superstar” line, not all are prepared or able to shell out the substantial sum for a pair. Fortunately, the fashion world has recognized this gap, leading to the rise of the best Golden Goose dupes — alternative options that channel the brand’s iconic aesthetic without the high-end price tag.

What justifies the steep prices for GG sneakers? They are handcrafted in Italy, and each pair has a unique, distressed appearance (something you can achieve yourself with some medium to coarse grit sandpaper.) Unlike mass-produced sneakers, Golden Goose produces limited quantities, creating an air of exclusivity.

Additionally, Golden Goose sneakers have been embraced by celebrities and fashion influencers, further solidifying their status as a coveted brand. Stars like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber have been spotted wearing Golden Goose sneakers, which has helped to elevate the brand’s visibility and desirability.

If your heart is set on the unmistakable look of Golden Goose Sneakers without the jaw-dropping price tag, we have your back. StudyFinds has scoured the market to bring you the best Golden Goose dupes that come close to the real deal. Our top five list is below, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

Golden Goose sneakers
Golden Goose sneakers (Photo by Bene Hermann on Unsplash)

The List: Best Golden Goose Sneaker Dupes, According to Experts


1. Vintage Havana Gadol

Some dupes look nothing like the original product, and some are spot on. According to Stylecaster, these Vintage Havana Gadol sneakers get the job done. “You can choose so many different color combinations for this sneaker style, and they’re a spitting image of the OGs. If you’re a fan of all things glitter and sparkle, these are the ones to ‘add to the cart.'”

Vintage Havana Gadol
Vintage Havana Gadol (

Teen Vogue says, “Opt for a cool pair like this pick that’s made from 100% leather. It also has a cushioned insole for extra comfort and a distressed rubber outsole.”

“Vintage Havana is the best place for sneakers that fit the same style preference as Golden Goose,” writes Amanda, creator of The Gray Details. “In my opinion, these shoes are the best bang for your buck because they are of high quality and give the same vibe as any Golden Goose sneaker.”

2. Steve Madden Rezza White Star 

This is the first Golden Goose dupe from Steve Madden. It features a stitched star detail and distressing. Style Your Occasion writes, “A minimal and classic take, this sneaker is perfect if you love the more subtle vibe. Made from leather these sneakers come at a great price point. And, they are also guaranteed to go with any outfit as they are super versatile.”

Steve Madden Rezza White Star
Steve Madden Rezza White Star (

For a more sleek, monochromatic look, What The Fab says reach for the Rezza Sneakers. “These Steve Madden Golden Goose lookalikes feature a smooth leather upper and hints of distressing that gives them a worn-in appearance. The Rezza Slip-On Sneaker is comfortable yet sturdy, offering a fashionable twist on the luxury originals. I also love the low-heel platform sole—it (literally) elevates these White Sneakers from ordinary to chic!”

“Steve Madden has multiple pairs of star sneakers for women, including perforated stars, patch stars, glitter sneakers, and colorful animal prints,” writes Rosey Kate. “You are sure to find a great Golden Goose knockoff with an option like the Rezza.”

3. Vintage Havana Grande

“If I saw someone out and about wearing Vintage Havana’s Grande Sneakers, I’d 100% think they were name-brand,” exclaims What The Fab! “The pebbled leather material on the side of the Grande Slip-On is trendy and eye-catching—you can’t beat a comfy everyday shoe that’s also fashion-forward. The Grande Women’s Sneaker is equally stylish and versatile, with a neutral color palette and bold graphic details.”

Vintage Havana Grande
Vintage Havana Grande (

If you love a good knock-off Adultist asks the question, “Instead of spending $545 on a pair of white sneakers and another $250 on laces with lettering, wouldn’t you rather spend less than $100 on these dupes?”

Shoe-Tease says you can’t go wrong with these GG dupes. “Vintage Havana sneakers have leather uppers, manmade linings, and a rubber outsole. Customer satisfaction ratings are high both for look, comfort, and durability.”

4. P448 John

If you want the GG vibe but are not ready for a full-on dupe? The P448 is also a luxury brand from Italy with slightly distressed sneakers made from Italian leather and suede. Lake Shore Lady points out, “They are more expensive than these other dupes, but they are still way less expensive than Golden Goose.”

P448 John Peakary Sneakers
P448 John Peakary Sneakers (

“What differentiates the P448 Golden Goose dupes from the rest, is their high quality,” states Shoe-Tease. “This includes high-grade materials and Italian craftsmanship. This makes their price much higher than that of other brands listed in this post. However, they are still approximately half the price of the original GGs.”

Fashionably Late Mom writes she’s never put on a more comfortable sneaker. “The P448 sneakers don’t need time to break in. The leather is naturally soft and forms to your foot rather quickly.”

5. A New Day Candace Lace-ups

These are probably the most affordable GG dupes out there according to Lake Shore Lady. “They don’t look distressed at all, but otherwise, they’re pretty similar!”

A New Day Candace Lace-ups
A New Day Candace Lace-ups (

“These casual Lace-Up Shoes are a great dupe for the Golden Goose Purestar Sneakers—there’s even a lookalike leopard print version,” according to What The Fab! “For a fraction of what you’d pay for authentic Golden Goose shoes, these Women’s Slip-Ons will have everyone doing a double take.”

This dupe, only found at Target, gets high markets on the company website. Rosey Kate adds that they are “Super cute and stylish. Very comfortable. There is not one thing I didn’t like.”

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