Best Platform Sneakers For Women: Top 5 Kicks, According To Experts

Whether you love or hate them, few items marry comfort with style, like platform sneakers. They’ve evolved into a symbol of both nostalgia and forward-thinking fashion. Making notable appearances in the spotlight of the ’90s and experiencing a resurgence in the 2020s, these heightened kicks offer wearers the chance to rise above the crowd. They have firmly entrenched themselves as a footwear staple for the bold and the fashionable, so we have researched high and low to find the best platform sneakers for women.

What you wear is a form of self-expression. In fact, a recent study finds that more than half of people agree a person’s choice of clothing suggests a lot about their personality. Every piece of your outfit tells a tiny piece of the story you tell each day, shoes included.

But, in order to find high-quality items that won’t just sit in your closet, shopping takes careful research. Whether you are striving to keep up with the trends or pave your own way in fashion, we are here to help.

So, which platforms reign supreme? Dive into our top five list of the best platform sneakers for women to discover! And, if your favorite sneaker is missing, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Nike sneakers
Nike sneakers (Photo by Warren Jones on Unsplash)

The List: Best Platform Sneakers for Women, Per Style Experts


1. Converse Run Star Hike Platform

This is the cult favorite and tops InStyle’s list. “Looks aside, these platform sneakers are so incredibly comfortable. They’re designed with a smartFOAM sock liner that makes the footbed, as well as the ankle cuff, feel cozy. As someone with sensitive feet, I cannot sing enough praise for just how wonderful these platform sneakers are. I’ve worn them on endless errand runs, out to football games and bars, and have walked miles in them.” These sneakers come in five classic colors, but you can also create a custom design and personalize the laces, heel tab, and tongue.

Converse Run Star Hike Platform
Converse Run Star Hike Platform (

“An eye-catching twist on a classic sneaker, this budget-friendly high-top shoe from Converse delivers a futuristic vibe in a modern style without sacrificing its remarkable comfort, states RunRepeat. “This sneaker provides great comfort for the foot, and a good number of critics agree.”

Essence loves that “These high-tops remain faithful to the original design, but the molded platform, smart foam cushioning, and two-tone outsole give them a comfy and chic twist.”

2. Keds Triple Kick Mule Leather Slip-On

Keds has been making canvas shoes with rubber soles since 1916, and even this shoemaker has joined the platform shoe train. NYC-based fashion stylist Audree Kate López told InStyle these sneakers are “easy to walk in while still really elevating the overall look of the shoe. While the lining is made of the brand’s classic canvas, the outer is formed of leather.” She adds, “The leather upper material stays clean and the rubber sole is easy to wipe down.”

Keds Triple Kick Mule Leather Slip-On
Keds Triple Kick Mule Leather Slip-On (

According to one Amazon review on Travel and Leisure, “I bought these shoes for my 10-day trip to Spain with hopes they’d be comfy enough to walk around a lot. Little did I know, I’d be walking 6-plus miles a day. These held up great, were so easy to clean since they’re leather, and matched literally every outfit I put on. My feet could’ve been way more sore with how much walking, but no complaints about these shoes. They were lifesavers.”

Byrdie says, “You’ll want to add these to your shoe collection ASAP. When it comes to platform sneakers, we couldn’t forget the classic, best-selling pair of white Keds. Keds are known for their simple white sneakers that go with any look. The inside sole is cushioned for additional comfort, and the leather exterior allows for easy cleaning if they happen to get dirty.”

3. Superga 2790 Platform Fashion Sneaker

This sneaker gets the “Best Canvas” nod from InStyle, saying, “They’re casual, cute, and sold in a bunch of colors. They’re minimalistic and offer a classic style that can be paired with just about everything.”

Superga 2790 Platform Fashion Sneaker
Superga 2790 Platform Fashion Sneaker

Stylecraze writes, “This platform sneaker from Superga is a good choice for women looking for comfort and fashion. The 100% natural rubber outsole provides a superior grip, while the 1.5-inch high platform heel gives you the leverage that you desire. The comfortable and breathable upper is made of 100% cotton that allows superior airflow, so you can be up on your feet all day long. This classic kick has a low-top shaft around the ankle arch and features a chunky rubber platform and unlined cotton upper. They go with everything – from jeans to a flowy summer dress.”

This platform version adds a bit of height to the timeless style that’s known for its versatility and comfort, according to Byrdie. “Plus, these sneakers come in literally dozens of colors, so you have lots of choices to pair with your style’s aesthetic.”

4. Adidas Nizza Platform

These sneakers get the thumbs up from podiatrists interviewed by Travel and Leisure. “As soon as you sink your feet in and feel the memory foam sock liner, you know these are going to be your everyday travel shoes.”

Adidas Nizza Platform
Adidas Nizza Mid Platform (

InStyle writes, “The only downside (if you’d even call it that) of these shoes is that they’re so beloved, they regularly sell out. As such, if you see a pair you love but aren’t quite sure of, your best bet is to buy them on the spot. If you end up changing your mind, you can rest easy knowing that Adidas has a great return policy.”

“A wider toe area makes it suitable for all types of feet and provides the needed comfort,” says Pinkvilla. “These are the best platform shoes for people who are less oriented to fast fashion but believe in sustainability with class.”

5. Vans Old Skool Stackforms

“You can never go wrong with classic Vans, but if you’re looking to add a little height, trading in your Old Skools for the Old Skool Stackforms is a great choice,” says InStyle. “[The platform] adds a feminine touch to the sneaker,” says NYC fashion designer Audree Kate López. “Similar to the original shoe, the Stackform features the brand’s iconic wave logo and thick laces. Plus, they also have a padded ankle collar, which is like a teeny pillow to prevent blisters from forming.”

Vans Old Skool Stackforms
Vans Old Skool Stackforms (

A reviewer at Footwear News writes, “I love these shoes! They’re probably one of my favorites! The platform is comfy and not heavy. I got so many compliments as they look amazing. The fit is perfect. I ordered my usual size and they were great.”

Essence likes the new twist on a classic shoe. “These platform shoes featuring Vans’ iconic side stripe and rubber waffle outsoles, will make a timeless and eye-catching addition to your sneaker collection.”

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