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Soaking in a swirl of warm, bubbling water, muscles melting away under the caress of jets – a hot tub promises instant serenity. But navigating the market can feel like diving into a whirlpool of promises and jargon. Worry not, weary wanderers! This guide to the best hot tubs will eliminate confusion, revealing the essential factors to consider before claiming your backyard oasis. From size and budget to features and functionality, prepare to unlock the secrets of finding the perfect hot tub, your personal portal to blissful relaxation.

Is the beach house calling? What about the campsite? It might be time to take an inflatable hot tub and venture beyond the boundaries of your local park. Why not swim in the sparkling ocean, wander down a peaceful country road, or explore a breathtaking national park? According to research conducted by a team from several esteemed British universities, immersing yourself in the wonders of nature is beneficial for your mental well-being. To truly maximize your joy and rejuvenation, all it takes is a half-hour in the great outdoors. 

If you’re planning to just use a public hot tub, you might want to think again! A study found when it comes to public hot tubs in hotels, gyms or spas, things can get pretty sketchy. That’s because people tend to skip basic hygiene practices and maintenance, turning those bubbles into a breeding ground for germs. We’re talking E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumoniae a real who’s who of bacterial bad boys. And if that wasn’t enough to make you squirm, these pathogens can cause everything from gut infections to respiratory infections. So, you may want to stick to your own hot tub.

How to properly maintain a hot tub:

To ensure your backyard tub isn’t a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, they do come with some maintenance and care. To keep your bubbly haven safe and sparkling, remember these key maintenance tips:

  • Balancing Act: Maintaining proper pH levels (typically 7.2-7.8) ensures both comfort and cleanliness. Easy-to-use test strips and adjustments with pH increaser or decreaser keep your water happy.
  • Sanitation Station: Chlorine, bromine, or alternative sanitizers (follow manufacturer’s instructions) keep nasty microorganisms at bay. Regular testing and maintaining appropriate sanitation levels prevent cloudy water and potential health risks.
  • Filter Frenzy: Clean filters are vital for crystal-clear water and optimal jet performance. Rinse them weekly and replace them according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Cover Care: Protect your investment! A well-fitting, secure cover keeps dirt, leaves, and critters out, reducing cleaning frequency and protecting your hot tub from the elements.
  • Chemical Check-In: Store chemicals responsibly, out of reach of children and pets, and follow all safety instructions on their labels.
  • Safety First: Always supervise children and non-swimmers near the hot tub. Establish clear rules about entry and avoid exceeding recommended temperature limits.
  • Routine Rejuvenation: Schedule a professional deep clean and inspection periodically to ensure everything is functioning optimally and address any potential issues early on.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your hot tub delivers sparkling clean water, safe soaks, and years of blissful hydrotherapy. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your backyard oasis bubbling with pure enjoyment!

With all the different hot tubs out there, it can be tough to choose the right one for you. So, let’s dive in and see which are the best hot tubs that were most recommended across 10 expert reviews! From inflatables to plug and play models to traditional hot tubs, there’s something for everyone. We hope you find the perfect outdoor spa to help you relax and unwind — whether it’s in your own backyard or on the go. Did we miss one? Let us know your favorite model in the comments below!

Man in a hot tub during winter
Man in a hot tub during winter (Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash)

The List: Best Hot Tubs, According to Experts


1. AquaRest DayDream 6-Person Plug and Play Hot Tub

The Aquarest DayDream 6-Person Hot Tub is a top-of-the-line model, offering 45 stainless steel hydrotherapeutic jets that provide a gentle massage to soothe your aching muscles.

AquaRest DayDream 6-Person Plug and Play Hot Tub
AquaRest DayDream 6-Person Plug and Play Hot Tub

ZDNET talks up the jets: “There are 45 stainless steel hydrotherapeutic jets to gently soothe your weary bones, plus dual side air controls so you can enjoy your best massage. Relax with the hydrotherapy jets and lumbar arch support, plus take in the DayGlow waterfall with LED backlighting and nine color settings.” 

And Popular Mechanics picks this as number one, too: “We chose this plug-and-play hot tub as our top pick because it offers an excellent lineup of features for the price. The six-person hot tub is made of durable, 100 percent recycled polyethylene, with a high water capacity for its size … and a two-speed pump, plus water filtration and ozone purification systems. There are dual side air controls, five open seats and one lounge seat, and special features.” 

2. LifeSmart Coronado 7-Person Spa 

If you’re looking for a massage, this model has 65 jets! Better Homes & Gardens raves, “Featuring 65 powerful jets from 14 separate strategically placed nozzles, a waterfall feature, and underwater lights, the LifeSmart Spa with Turbo Blaster is our top pick for the best hot tub. The adjustable jets provide a strong and relaxing back massage, and there are also four jets specifically for foot massage. This hot tub is roomy and has a capacity of up to seven people.” 

“For something larger, consider the LifeSmart Coronado. While the price is steep, it’s not entirely unreasonable for a high-quality hot tub of this size. This seven-person tub has 65 jets, including 14 with turbo-blaster nozzles and four foot massagers. The energy-efficient design features full-foam insulation, and a thermal locking cover that keeps the heat in. The Coronado also has a waterfall, a multi-colored underwater LED, a built-in filter, and an ozonator that cleans the water with minimal chlorine,” The Spruce writes.

3. Intex PureSpa Plus Inflatable Hot Tub

If portability and ease-of-setup are top of your list, the Intex PureSpa Plus is a great choice. According to Archute, “The Intex PureSpa is a great, easy-to-set-up, portable hot tub that comes with an inflation hose. It inflates ready for water in a quick 20 minutes and deflates just as fast.” 

Intex PureSpa Plus Inflatable Hot Tub
Intex PureSpa Plus Inflatable Hot Tub

“Even though it’s significantly more expensive than the other inflatable options on our list, the bells and whistles of this Intex tub could be worth the price. Our favorite feature of this model is the color-changing LEDs which can rotate through four different colors as you soak. The inflatable headrests are also a nice perk, and combined with this model’s 170 bubble jets, make for an extremely relaxing experience,” Runner’s World says. 

Money writes: “Like other inflatable models, the PureSpa features an easy-to-use panel that controls the temperature, timer, bubble jets, and filtration system altogether. The panel is wireless for added convenience, and it can be charged directly on the tub by placing it on a built-in holding slot.”

4. Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

This affordable option offers a stimulating soak at a great price without compromising on durability. MindBodyGreen recommends it, and here’s why: “For a basic and budget-friendly option, this hot tub gets a lot of love from Amazon reviewers. It’s easy to inflate, comes with a cover, and even includes a timer system to pre-schedule your heating. It has 120 bubble jets, but they all come from the bottom of the tub.” 

BestWay SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub
Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

“Holding up to 177 gallons of water (and four humans), the Miami model is one of the best inflatable hot tubs. It has 120 bubble jets, plenty for a tub this size, allowing for just the right amount of water pressure. Like other SaluSpa models, the water heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature can be adjusted via the LED control panel,” Tom’s Guide reviews.

Archute also mentions, “Bestway SaluSpa features an extra durable construction that houses up to four adults and has I-beam support for side walls. This means that with this hot tub, you won’t have to worry about it losing shape even when not set up or getting used.”

5. AquaRest Spas Premium 300 2-person Plug and Play 

Looking for something more intimate? This brand also has a two-person model that Better Homes & Gardens likes because “the unique triangular shape means it can fit in a small garden corner, taking up minimal space.”

AquaRest Spas Premium 300 2-person Plug and Play
AquaRest Spas Premium 300 2-person Plug and Play

Gardeningetc writes, “Don’t worry if you only have a small outdoor space, as with this AquaRest Spa your backyard jacuzzi dreams can still come true. This two-person hot tub comes with foam insulation and a cover, designed to retain heat so you use less energy to save on your electricity bill. This also means it can be used year-round, which is impressive on a standard 110v plug. This hard-shell oval design creates the perfect intimate hot tub experience for you and your partner, or a friend.”

“The Premium 300 from AquaRest Spas is designed for two people, making it suitable for small decks or backyards. Yet the tub’s tiny size doesn’t mean it’s bare bones. This hot tub has 20 hydrotherapy jets, which can be adjusted to provide a gentle or deep massage. The jets are placed strategically to target back pain, and the seats also have a lumbar arch to provide additional support. To create a more soothing atmosphere, the Premium 300 features a small waterfall with a multi-color LED backlight. The Premium 300 is a plug-and-play (120v) hot tub that requires no professional installation,” summarizes.

That completes the list of the top five most popular hot tubs with experts. Are you ready to get your bubbles on?

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  1. Micah Perfetto says:

    You literally chose 5 of the worst hot tubs on the market. What study did you use? Not a single one of those brands would be in the top 10 brands. Is this a scam or incompetence?

    1. Angrybastard says:

      It’s neither. Everyone knows you blow.

      1. Tubs 2 Go says:

        I have been servicing hot tubs since 1987. Unless you have hands on experience there is no way to give an answer to that question. One important thing about a hot tub my belief is there should be airspace between the cabinet and the Shell of the hot tub with at least 1′ styrofoam foil back insulation on the cabinet panels which gives adequate breathing space for all the plumbing. Applying foam to plumbing and joints from what I’ve seen over the years cause service problems and make leaks very difficult to repair. A big tip ! When purchasing a hot tub look inside make sure you can see all the plumbing makes repairs a lot less expensive.

  2. Sizzlenasty says:

    You should change title to best throwaway Spas! Because every spa you mention is junk!

  3. Doug says:

    This list is appallingly wrong. But as a guy that owns a hot tub service company that makes me very happy. Anyone who follows this list is going to need me sooner rather than later. And they’re going to need me all the time. And that’s not even to mention the pseudomonas folliculitis that you get from inflatables. This truly made me lol

  4. Bob Davis says:

    As a dealer and service company continously since 1985, I’d consider myself qualified to speak. We service all brands of hot Tubs.
    This is nothing more than a company doing a good job marketing their product. Shoppers, still need to find a reliable dealer with a great product and after the purchase service. Not those suggest here

  5. Frederickl says:

    Who are these EXPERTS who did the study?????