7 Most Popular Haircuts For Men, Ranked

A man’s haircut strongly reflects his style and can communicate a lot about his personality and preferences. The choice of hairstyle can be influenced by various factors, including lifestyle, career, fashion sense, and even attitudes toward grooming and self-expression. Professional cuts, like a neat side parting or a short quiff, reflect seriousness and commitment, while trendy styles, like textured fades and pompadours, showcase fashion-forwardness and a willingness to experiment. Casual, tousled looks suggest a relaxed, easygoing attitude, bold styles express creativity and confidence, and classic cuts denote a preference for simplicity and timelessness. With so many choices, StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best men’s hairstyles most recommended by stylists.

Your hair not only tells a lot about your style but can reveal whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore. A study from the University of Utah finds that the compounds that make up your food create the hair on your head. Researchers believe the amino acids that build hair are so strong they show whether you prefer veggie burgers or cheeseburgers for lunch.

Speaking of hair and food, a separate study from Tokyo Medical and Dental University shows eating too much fat can lead to hair loss. Research on mice found obesity introduces certain inflammatory signals to the body, blocking hair follicle regeneration and eventually leading to the loss of the follicles. Essentially, you should watch what you eat if you want a good head of hair!

While you still have hair on your head, a fresh haircut can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Also, getting the right cut is essential and should complement your hair type and length, face shape, and lifestyle. Thanks to the recommendations of nine stylists, StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best hairstyles men should consider. What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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man haircut
A man getting a haircut (Credit: Engin Akyurt from Pexels)

The List: Best Hairstyles for Men, According to Stylists

1. Quiff

Quiff haircut
Quiff haircut (Photo by Luke Jones on Unsplash)

This cut is popular with younger men, since it’s a youthful play on more polished haircuts. Byrdie writes, “The quiff offers more excitement than a regular haircut, which adds to its popularity.”

The cut is popular because there are a number of styles associated with the quiff, including the side part, the hard part, and the floppy quiff. The hairstyle comes across as clean, professional, and polished. “It starts with a classic shortcut around the ears and in the back of the head, but it’s the longer hair on top that is brushed upward for volume and backward that gives it its personality,” notes Pete and Pedro.

If you do get a quiff haircut, just be aware styling your hair can require more time and patience. “That’s not to say it needs to look super preened and proper, as the quiff haircut benefits from looking a little messy, but you will still need to spend some time in front of the mirror to achieve the desired look,” explains DMARGE.

2. Classic Pompadour

man in black suit jacket
The Pompadour (Photo by Bojan Dubov)

The classic pompadour style has been popular since Vanilla Ice sported the look back in the 1990s. The pomp refers to the large volume of hair, which gradually recedes towards the back. The look sports longer hair on top and shorter on the sides. “The additional length on top provides hair styling options with a product, while the sides and back are easy to manage with or without the product,” writes Real Men Real Style.

The classic pompadour haircut is versatile and fashionable. DMARGE notes this style goes well with many different fade haircut styles and lengths on top.

This haircut suits men of all ages. It works best for those who have thick hair, medium-length hair, and longer hair. Boss Hunting does not recommend it for men with fine or thin hair, though.

3. French Crop

Someone getting a French crop haircut
Someone getting a French crop haircut (Photo by bodnar.photo on Shutterstock)

The French crop is a stylish and timeless haircut for men who want to look elegant, but don’t have the time to maintain it. DMARGE loves this style’s versatility, especially because it works for any face shape.

Men are able to create many looks for work and play with this simple trim. “If you want a trending haircut, the French crop can be a low-maintenance style that works as a game-changer for some guys,” writes Pete and Pedro.

If you want your French crop to look tousled, you just need a scoop of hair product to spread over your hair. “Not to mention the fact that a formal French crop begs for a mere run of a comb, no more nor less,” notes Glaminati.

4. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut
Buzz cut (Photo by Altin Ferreira on Unsplash)

The military popularized the buzz cut, which is associated with toughness and authority and is achieved with electric clippers. Men with thinning hair can benefit from the buzz cut and having a light stubble can complement it. Real Men Real Style suggests spicing it up with a fade on the sides or back.

This hairstyle is low-maintenance and suitable for all faces. The buzz cut features short hair under one inch, and to maintain the style, just trim the hair down whenever it gets longer. “However, men with patchy and thin hair must keep the haircut short for a better look,” recommends The Family Nation.

The buzz cut is one of the most masculine hairstyles out there. And, as Pete and Pedro notes, “the simplest version of this cut can be achieved and maintained at home.”

5. Crew Cut

Crew cut
Crew cut (Photo by Nenad Protic on Unsplash)

The crew cut is the perfect style if you don’t want to spend much time on your hair. It’s a versatile hairstyle — can be worn at work during an important meeting or going out to the club with friends. Try adding a slight side part or a taper fade starting at the top of the forehead for a different look. “The traditional crew cut is a quarter inch in length at the top, but you can experiment with different lengths to find your own unique style,” writes Pete and Pedro.

With the crew cut, there’s not much hair to wash and condition. To add volume, just brush your hair forward or sideways. People with crew cuts are said to look smarter as well. “Sometimes crew cuts are referred to as Ivy League cuts,” notes Real Men Real Style.

The crew cut is similar to the buzz cut but it’s slightly longer at the crown. This particular hairstyle is low-maintenance and looks suitable for square, diamond, oval, heart and round face shapes. “The hair must be trimmed at least once a week to maintain the style,” says The Family Nation.

6. Faux Hawk

Faux hawk
Faux hawk (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

The faux hawk gives off a slightly rebellious look, but the hairstyle is easy to tone down if you need to go into work or a meeting. It’s short and usually paired with tapered sides. It’s also the perfect alternative to the mohawk. “It has that bad boy edge without being too loud, which makes it a phenomenal transition cut for men who want to look professional without giving up the punk rock vibe,” writes Pete and Pedro.

The best faux hawk look is medium length for those with thick and voluminous hair. The Family Nation says it works for both formal and informal settings. It’s a win-win!

The faux hawk is the best option “for the fashion-forward man who wants to play up the punk weekends and look professional in the office,” according to DMARGE.

7. High and Tight

High and tight haircut
High and tight haircut (Photo by John Arano on Unsplash)

The high and tight hairstyle is a very comfortable haircut. It can easily go from messy to sleek with careful styling and hair paste. “The high and tight hairstyle requires shaving or closely cutting the sides and back of the hair while keeping the top a little bit longer,” notes FashionBeans.

The high and tight is inspired by the military and looks rugged, masculine and powerful. According to Pete and Pedro, it works for a CEO at work or happy hour. Sounds like the best of both worlds.

If you get a high and tight with faded sides and just a bit of length on top, it comes across very sophisticated. “Will Smith‘s version is accompanied by a well-groomed goatee, to balance the look,” adds Byrdie.


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